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Feature wish: Same lens with more than one name #1
Joe Geiszler's picture
by Joe Geiszler
January 5, 2013 - 5:27pm

Dear whoever is (?) still developing aperture-inspector

first of all, thanks for the handy statistics helper for Aperture-stored pictures (I bought it twice now, because there seemed to be no advance in the “unable to update from 1.11” issue - oh, well)!

I would greatly appreciate following addition to functionality: To be able to tell aperture-inspector that two (or more) lenses that are included with different names are actually the same. For some reason, quite a few of my lenses have more than one name in the Aperture library (e.g. “70-200”, “EF70-200 IS” and “Canon EF70-200” or similar variations) and therefore are counted as separate entities which of course makes the statistics about these lenses nonsense.


Stig Bordsenius's picture
by Stig Bordsenius
January 10, 2013 - 9:01pm

Hi Joe
First of all, the app is still being developed. A version 1.5 is ready. I’m waiting for Joseph, the man behing Apertureexpert, to get out of “holliday mode”. When this happens It will be avilable online. But as we all enjoy our hollidays I have not wanted to be the one to drag him out of his :-)

The issue with the lens names is a known issue. It is there as a result of aperture itself. Aperture Inspector does not have any lens-data, all are taken from aperture. And it seems the older versions of aperture read exif-data in a slightly different way. So an early version have read a lens as a 70-200, anda new version has it as a Canon EF70-200.

I am planning to fix this in a future update, but first I need to get a good listing of all of these lens names. As per now I do not have more than a few of these names.

I was initally planning to make it possible for the users to combine the lenses themselves, as you suggest. But it is better to have a built-in list of names, and remove the need for a messy interface for this that each and every user will have to use.

So please - everyone with this issue, post your lens-names in this thread:

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