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Global HUD changed #1
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by Mark Rosen
January 5, 2014 - 5:02pm


I just noticed that my adjustments  in the Inspector HUD change from image to image.

They use to be all the same - so i had the same workflow

my workflow is gone

Now  4 adjustments show up by default on an unedited image

I had about 10 adjustments

Also different adjustments show up on old images  - the ones  I used,

but not  the complete default set I had

Is there a way to save the HUD so it’s global?




Tried database maintenance, deleted from home/library/preferences. picked a list of adjustments, didn’t  work, only effected that image not global. went to backup and got  plist from sept.  No global Hud


Mark Rosen's picture
by Mark Rosen
January 5, 2014 - 5:45pm

sort  of figured it out,

some how my default set got blown away 

I  have to add each adjustment and then  click on the gear for that adjustment and add to the default set.

Still would like to find my old default set.  I’d love to find that file (if it exists)  If anyone knows where it is, let me know.  I have backups going back 6 months

Looks like I’ll have to find an edited file that has the majority of my workflow and re add defaults from there. Pain in the butt

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