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How to adapt almost ANY lens to full-frame LUMIX L-Mount!

Photo Moment - June 01, 2019

Interested in a LUMIX S Series camera (the S1, S1R or S1H) but concerned that there aren't enough lenses for you? I have great news — there are more lenses than you think, and you probably already own many of them. You can adapt Canon, Nikon, PL, Mamiya, Hasselblad, Leica and a whole lot more to the L-Mount system.

Products Mentioned

Sample Photos

These photos are all taken with adapted lenses!

Mamiya 80mm ƒ/1.9 medium format, adapted with KIPON Bayeves 0.7x

Model Jasmine Soliz photographed on LUMIX S1 and Mamiya 80mm f/1.9 lensModel Jasmine Soliz photographed on LUMIX S1 and Mamiya 80mm f/1.9 lens
Model Angela Daugherty photographed on LUMIX S1 and Mamiya 80mm f/1.9 lensModel Angela Daugherty photographed on LUMIX S1 and Mamiya 80mm f/1.9 lens
Model Kenna Van Etten photographed on LUMIX S1 and Mamiya 80mm f/1.9 lensModel Kenna Van Etten photographed on LUMIX S1 and Mamiya 80mm f/1.9 lens

Canon EF 85mm ƒ/1.2, adapted with Sigma MC-21

Model Samantha Sinclaire photographed on LUMIX S1 and Canon 85mm f/1.2 lensModel Samantha Sinclaire photographed on LUMIX S1 and Canon 85mm f/1.2 lens
Model Matt East photographed on LUMIX S1 and Canon 85mm f/1.2 lensModel Matt East photographed on LUMIX S1 and Canon 85mm f/1.2 lens
Model Matt East photographed on LUMIX S1 and Canon 85mm f/1.2 lensModel Matt East photographed on LUMIX S1 and Canon 85mm f/1.2 lens

Nikon 24mm ƒ/2, adapted w/ KIPON F-Mount

Model Teresa Lopez photographed on LUMIX S1 and Nikon 24mm f/2 lensModel Teresa Lopez photographed on LUMIX S1 and Nikon 24mm f/2 lens
Model Teresa Lopez photographed on LUMIX S1 and Nikon 24mm f/2 lensModel Teresa Lopez photographed on LUMIX S1 and Nikon 24mm f/2 lens

LUMIX S1H and S1 V-Log Filmmakers Upgrade Announced!


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So no Sony eh?
No, lenses designed for mirrorless can’t adapt because there’s no room to insert an adapter between the lens and the sensor. This works on lenses designed for film cameras mostly.
Hello, what adapter can i use for my E-mount lens to Lumix L mount???? I. Wanna switch to panasonic
Unfortunately, as explained in this video, Sony E can’t be adapted. The distance between mount and sensor isn’t enough to fit an adapter in between.
Hi Photo Joesph, I have a question. Is there a mft43 to L mount adapter for GH6 users? I rather use this for Cinema lens. Thank in advance long time subscriber.😊
@@photojoseph Got it! Time to add the S5iix. Any news on the new S1H M2, you think Panasonic will upgrade that anytime soon.
No, the physics don’t work. Small lens, designed to be close to the sensor. Sorry!
Hello Joseph, thanks for this very informative video. Needed your opinion on which adapter should work for using nikon 19mm to lens on lumix s1? Please advise, thanks once again.
All the adapters I used are at this link in the description
E-Mount to L Mount Adapter ?
Sony E is the only mount with a shorter flange than L, sorry.
Hi Joseph, great video but I am still confused - can I use adaptor on my lumix g100 (mft) with L mount (50 mm) ?
If yes what is your recommendation for portraits?
No. This video is about adapting non L-Mount full frame lenses to L-mount cameras. AFAIK no one makes an L-Mount lens to MFT camera adapter. This would have to be an active focal reducer “speed booster” type adapter, and would be quite expensive, and isn’t a logical adapter to develop.
can someone suggest a E to L mount adapter for a full frame BMPCC 6k ?
Oh dang, he said E, and I was thinking EF. Sony E mount is the only Mount that can’t be adapted; it’s already designed for a super low flange distance so there isn’t space for an adapter. Sorry for the confusion.
That doesn't allow you to adapt an E mount to L mount though does it?
I showed the MC21 here. It’s the best I’ve used so far, although it may need an update for the BMPCC.
The woman in the black coat must be European😁
@@photojoseph I know it seems odd to say, but I've had three years in the Americas, and seven in the EU, and I've seen these traits in the EU. It'll be so funny to be wrong. One thought is that she is a French Canadian.
Haha what makes you say that? 😊
I have Panasonic g9 and 50mm s L mount… what is the best adapter to use it?
I have a Panasonic GH5 with is L mount, can I attach a 50mm sigma 1.4f lens that’s A mount to it? And what do I need?
GH5 is MFT (micro four thirds) mount, not L-Mount. A-mount is the discontinued Sony mount. Is that what you have? If so, there are a few “Sony A to MFT” adapters. Just search for that.
I have sony lenses. And I want go to S5ii. But there isnt an adapter for this.
@@photojoseph Not only E-mount, none of the mirrorless lenses of the mounts of other brands can be adapted to L-mount. Neither Canon RF, Fuji X, Nikon Z, or Sony E can be adapted. I guess you should change the title of your video to "how to adapt almost any VINTAGE lens to L mount". Came here hoping you had figured out some new way of adapting other mirrorless lenses på L-mount, perhaps by exchanging the mounts themselves, as all mirrorless flange distances are around 20mm-18mm.
@@arthurlbn the only way an adapter can work is if there’s physical space to put one. There isn’t between Sony and L.
@@photojoseph There is an adapter for nikon z mount to sony e-mount.
Yeah, that’s because there’s no space. The Sony lenses are already designed to be super close to the sensor. It’s, AFAIK, the only lenses that can’t be adapted to L-Mount.
LUMIX PANASONIC PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CAN YOU MAKE MORE LENSES??? LIKE OMG IM SSO FED UP WITH THE lIMITED LINEUP >>>> WE on behalf of all wedding photographers/videographers who use Lumix cameras WE NEED A 35-150m f2 or f2.8 lens ASAP please please PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTORMERS OTHERWISE YOU WILL LOSE US TO SONY SERIOSULY I am so considering switching and selling all my LUMIX gear right I'm waiting for LUMIX to produce more lenses covering various vocal ranges but nope they're either not doing anything or too slow I am fed up
Hey there. Thanks for the passion 😊 35-150mm is an unusual focal length but I see Tamron and Samyang make one, but both only for Sony. Curious. Anyway, Panasonic is releasing new lenses fast and furious, presumably based on market demand, and I’d guess since the lens you mention is only made by two companies and only for one camera mount it must not be very demanded? That said, check out the roadmap. There is an unnamed “wide to telephoto” zoom on the map. Hopefully that’s what you’re looking for!
I’m confused why is there cropping from the sensor to the lens? Is this because it’s adapted and not tight on the sensor or is it because of the settings you used to shoot with?
@@photojoseph ahh ok now I see what I missed 🤣😂 they are ASP-C lenses.
This is a long video; you’re gonna have to be specific what part you’re asking about. If you mean when shooting APS-C lenses, then yes there’s a crop because the lens isn’t big enough to cover the full frame sensor.
Is there a adapter for MFT lens to L mount body?
@@photojosephfor the reply. i love my G9 but really WANT an S5II but can't see yet to purchase it. A G9II is in the future with the same type of sensor. One could hope!
No; you can’t put a small lens on a big sensor.
I'm hoping this video is not too old for you to check comments/ questions on,,, But I need a small chunk of your knowledge. I have an S5 and have purchased several adapters because I'm a pack rat with a closet full of old glass. I bought both the Sigma EF-L mount adapter as well as the the one from Fotodiox that has built in variable ND filters... hoping to use Canon EF mount lenses. I have a Sigma AF 12-24mm F/4.5-5.6 EX DG HSM wide zoom ,,"DG" as I understand it signifies full-frame. Yet, when I mount this to the S5 using either of the adapters,, I get vignetting .. severe,,like loping the corners completely off.. totally black and almost a circle pattern in the middle. Can you give me any idea what my Idaho brain is not putting together and why this combo is not working?? Thanks in advance-- Any ideas will help
@@photojoseph thanks for getting back to me... I have resolved the problem and I am going to report myself to the proper authorities that keeps track of complete idiots. The lens has a built-in pedal type lens hood,,, but it is also supplied with an "outer collar" that slips over the petals that allows you to attach a regular snap-on lens cap or a filter at the 24 mm setting.. once that collar is removed..POOF!.. No vignetting. Thank you again.. but I must go and fill out my application for the idiot of the month award.
Very odd. DG does mean full frame. Have you tried other lenses; are the adapters introducing the vignette? Or is it just that one lens?
Does the Rokinon cine Ds lenses perform well with the sigma mc 21 adapter on the lumix s1h? 🙏🏾
Trying to find an adaptor from Helios 44-2 58mm to pana L mount
that is mostly likely an M42 screw mount (not to be confused with M43 aka micro four thirds). If it is, this is what you need:
Is there any way to combine .panasonica with Nikon lenses?
@@Amok3D Links are already there — head to for the collection
@@photojoseph thank you for the information . Would you be so good and give me a link to the shop where I can buy yo? I have a LUMIX SR1
Absolutely! There are multiple Nikon to L-Mount adapters.
Do you think it ever will be a S21 conv.with full outofocus as they have said before the launching ?
@@photojoseph Continously
@@magnusgotander7788 oh I see — the MC21 does AF but no adapted lens will ever be as fast as native glass. AF-C is the real challenge.
@@photojoseph Sigma MC-21
@@photojoseph MC-21
Sorry, an S21 converter? I’m not sure what you’re asking about.
Great video, but adapters are such a pain to work with! Coudn't Panasonic just make the MFT lenses compatible to the S series with an internal crop? These modern sensors are huge and packed with megapixels, I'm sure it could have been done if they wanted to. Otherwise, I can easily see MFT users moving to Fuji for lens choices. I'm talking about occasional shooters and intermediates... these won't pay a zoom lens more than what they paid for a camera body, and there is no way to find a budget option out there. Bummer as I love the brand, but after GH5 mk2 leak, maybe it's sadly time to depart.
It has been almost a year and there are no lenses still
Uh, there's LOTS of lenses out now. A search on B&H shows 80 lenses.
so much good information given in a fast cadence . I try to find you first on new product videos
I'm very sad about the Bayeyes adapter shouldn't be twice the cost of the lens . The setup has that cool Russian lens look
Yeah some adapters are really expensive. The good news is is that glassless adapters are CHEAP.
Great Video!
Thanks! I really enjoyed making this one.
500 number liker!!
Thank you! You just proved that the lens doesn't matter, when you've got the right model.
How can I adapted Samyang or Rokinon lenses to the panasonic s5?
There's an adapter for canon fd 50 1.8 lenses?
Joseph, great video as usually! Thank you! How was the Sigma 18-35 on FF? What focal length is useful (no vineting)?
I want to shoot with Canon FD lenses with my S1H. Do I need to use the Kipon FD - SL adaptor?
There are a variety of FD to L Mount adapters on the market now, but yes, that’s what you need. Enjoy!
I need a lens that does as low as 16MM FF when shooting in 4K/60 Super 35 crop.
Thanks for helpful demo.
You're welcome!
just landed yourself a sub
Thanks man!
Very informative, thank you for providing valuable information
My pleasure!
Thanks, I have a bag full of EF, and will buy the S1H 💪
@@photojoseph yes and it took me so long to get them and I am very happy that they can stay alive on the new system 😁😁🙏
Bags full of lenses… ahhh, music to my ears ;-)
Hi Joseph, I wanted to know how it could be possible that you used SIGMA 18-35 mm (which is APS-C lens for crop sensor) on FULL FRAME and not getting vignette..?
I was shooting 4K60 which is APS-C — it was actually an accident but it worked out. Jump to 5:10 where I talk about that.
Hi Joseph, I love your videos. As someone who owns 2 GH5 and 1GH5s for video interviews, I just got S1H, selling Sony A73 to be able to get some low-light capabilities. However, I am dissapointed to see that unlike GH5/s S1H can't pull focus by touching the screen in video mode. Even if I touch the screen the camera doesn't focus on the object. Is this NOT a feature on S1H or am I missing something? On GH5, you put it on MF mode and then it quickly pulls focus to the object that you touched on screen. Please clarify.
@@photojoseph I have created a video for you so you can see the problem. Thanks a lot IF you can help me out.
Funny how these things work… someone brought this up on twitter this morning too. I think this is a bug. I'll bring it up with Panasonic. Thanks for letting me know.
Also, I am using Sigma 35mm.
PhotoJoseph like with gh5, I left lens in AF mode - with lens switch- and then put S1H in MF mode.
That works the same. Hmm… the lens has to be in AF mode while the camera is in MF for this to work. How are you switching to MF? If using a switch in the lens, that’s the problem.






Thanks and always supporting your excelent channel from CHILE.
Shooting with strobe in burst mode only works in officially supported strobes, which are Panasonic and now certain Profoto strobes. It doesn’t work with third party TTL strobes. However there are workarounds for shooting manually that do work. As an ambassador I can’t sanction them but do some googling and you’ll find the solution.
Thanks for your video !



Then the aperture is only wide open and can’t be stopped down.
Isn't the 18-35 cine zoom only for S35 though? Does it vignette at 18mm on the S1's full frame sensor?
You are correct. At about 5 minutes into the video I explained that I inadvertently shot in APSC mode, which means I didn't catch any lenses that may have vignetted.
Great video. Would love another video where you test out the S1H with a range of cine lenses from Canon, Zeiss, Rokinon, etc.
Ahh this is the stuff, thanks man!
Very helpful... as I ordered my S1. thx a lot!
Does the continuos af works well on video with canon lenses?
No. I wouldn’t rely on AF when using adapted lenses.
Hello. I just bought Panasonic S1. The lens I get is 12-60mm; F2.8-4.0 Lumix G. which adapter I should use for this Lens on Panasonic S1. Thanks a lot if you know the answer about this.
@@photojoseph Alright, so I need to return the Lens and bought one that suit for the camera. Thanks.
You can’t put a micro four thirds lens on a full frame body
Hello! Joseph i got a question, I got s1 + sigma mc21 and dumb adapter to m42 and very time I'm trying shoot stills camera freaks out and after really really long open shutter like few seconds shows me the info that "lens attached failed please make sure the lens is attached correctly" Its like the body waits from response from lens, I know that in GH5 and even in small Gf5 I had something like "shooting w/o lens" mode. BuT I can't fins anything like that here in Lumix s1 ( I got firmware 1.2) Any idea ?
Johnny Bravo Great! You should check out that cheap adapter though. It works great and makes the whole package a lot smaller.
@@photojoseph thanks Joseph, I find out that my dump m42 to EF ring adapter was making shorts in EF pins and I just guled a piece of tape to prevent from contact and it's working like a charm cheers!
(also sorry for the very late reply… your comment got flagged as spam for some reason)
So you're going M42 lens --> M42 to EF --> MC21 EF to L-Mount, right? Interesting. It sounds more like the MC21 is waiting for some communication from the lens , and passing bad info to the camera. I don't have an M42 to EF to test myself though. I would ask Sigma, and also check if there's a firmware update for the MC21 (I don't know if there is or not). Or, do what I did, and buy this cheap M42 to L-Mount adapter on amazon (only $16 and works great)
I would like to do exactly what you have done in this video minute 6:50... adapt my mamiya 645 lenses to S1h via Kipon baveyes in order to achieve MEDIUM FORMAT 3d look and atmosphere .... but this result with the mamiya 80 1.9 (i already own) is very unpleasant to me (compared to the other lenses test shown here in the rest of the video) .... it seems very soft, very flat image (i know this is flat, but the others lenses are way better!)... i don't like it... (look at the "ghost" effect on the table objects...)
--- ....BUT Look at this MAVO FOOTAGE for example here : : that's what i 'd like to obtain ....(same mamiya 645 lenses... ok is a mavo not a s1h...but...) and look at this beautiful RED MONSTRO footage (pentax 67 lens and kipon .OK is a red monstro.. and it is graded.... sure ..but however....) or here also (same lens, full open! BUT NO KIPON) what do you think about that ?
Is it because of the lens is full open 1.9 ? or is it is due to a distortion/degradation effect caused by the glass element inside the kipon baveyes ? OR is it due to the sensor/file produced by the panasonic ? maybe is a post-production/grading absence ? maybe all these together ?
P.S. Now i am reading that you have shot in "CROP MODE" so not using the full frame area of the s1sensor... so i have to take that in consideration also.
Im actually thinking to switch from A7III to Pana S1H for video. What keeps me off is lens options. I want Batis 25 in Super 35 mode equivalent with similar AF and optical performance. I need to use it on gimbal. Does Pana or other brand offer anything coming close to it?
Here’s an updated list of Sigma L-Mount lenses available now or announced. You can adapt just about anything as you saw from this video; but for AF performance you’ll want native L-Mount for sure. Don’t have an equivalent list of Panasonic lenses but just google that.
I hope some manufactures will release OM to L mount or M42 to L mount very soon
@@photojoseph I'll probably do that or just wait 😂
Thanks a lot for the video and the replies!
Romain Brant oh I see, sorry. I guess we’ll have to wait and see! Contact companies that make adapters for L and ask if they’re planning the one you want!
@@photojoseph I'm talking about the vintage Olympus OM mount ! Also the old M42. The A7III already got all those piece-of-metal adaptaters, but there's nothing for the L mount yet :(
The M43 lenses are too small. The projected image from an MFT lens is for a much smaller sensor. It can’t happen. If it were done, you wouldn’t be able to shoot full frame, and even the Super35 crop would have heavy vignetting.
WRONG ??? Don't forget that you loose AFC... Many users are concerned. That's why I say RIGHT and WRONG
your arguments are correct. But I'm on the S1 for one month now (came from G9). If I am really happy with the gain in quality in terms of video and photo, I am not satisfied with the number of lenses. And when I see that the native 70-200 F4 (yes F4) is more expensive than the legendary Canon 70-200 F2.8, I feel I am taken hostage. I own the MC-21 adapter that I use with my Canon 16-35 for landscape and portraits but I won't buy a canon for action when I can't have AFC, and I won't buy a panasonic at this price. Now when I am talking about moving subjects, I am not always thinking of a fast mobing subject, in many cases, a "slow" AFC can do the job. (sorry for my english, I am french !)
PS : you make a great job !
Pretty sure I discussed that in the video. If you want AFC then you want native lenses. Even if AFC was supported on these, it'd be slower, and by definition if you're looking for AFC you want it to be fast, right?
The sigma 50/1.4 , 35/1.2, 45/2.8, 14-24/2.8 is available now @ B&H
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