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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

This is a collection of all PhotoJoseph LIVE shows, now featured on the PhotoJoseph LIVE YouTube channel. Additional episodes are listed below!

ATEM Master Class — FOUR+ HOURS!!

Photo Moment - June 10, 2021

I recently hosted a four hour (++!) long webinar for Blackmagic on the ATEM. Consider this a Master Class of sorts… there is a TON of information in here. This is a very lightly edited version of the live event.

Need an ATEM Mini?


Chapter markers are embedded in the video, but here's the list, too:

0:00:00 - Introduction & Agenda
0:12:26 - Introduction to the ATEM
1:09:38 - Setup & Switching Basics
2:10:51 - Multi-screen Options
2:26:28 - Macros
2:50:40 - Chroma Key (green / blue screen)
3:39:08 - Camera Control
3:47:45 - Recording ISOs (including bRAW)
4:01:04 - HyperDecks
4:12:51 - Streaming Bridge
4:19:23 - Web Presenter HD
4:21:58 - bitfocus Companion and Stream Deck
4:31:22 - iOS ATEM controllers

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Comments from YouTube

I have one question, though, related to network. I have my Atem Extreme, Hyperdeck and Mini-PC connected to a switch, all of them have a static IP-address in the 192.168.10.XX range. This all works great at home, and when using mobile hotspot on the road, but at some locations they have internet available through a LAN-cable, and most of the time they use a different IP-range. Is it possible to get internet through their cable without changing the IP-address of all my devices to match their range? :)
Hello Joseph, is there any option in companion app to trigger turning on Super Source? do you know what may be causing the problem that Super Source doesn't automatically turn on when I select presets? I just have to confirm by clicking the physical button on Atem. Is there in Companion option to activate SuperSource? Thanks for help
@PhotoJosephLive I had to watch it on my spare time. It took me 4-5 days...Thanks for your incredibile effort! One last question though: while live you promised to talk about Mimolive but you didn't(I know, too many things to talk about..). You should do something on this great software..Please! I really wanna know how it's performing with M1 Mac!! Have you already tested it out?Does it perform well?
Thanks so much for bearing through it all! Yeah, mimo got dropped at the end, sorry. I do want to do some dedicated videos about it. I talk about it a lot in my live shows but yes I need to do something more. M1; I don't know. I'm running on a Mac Pro because I use the UltraStudio for the dual SDI output.
@PhotoJoseph LIVE thanks!. Hope you do that soon. And you partially answered t my question regarding M1. It's a little premature.
so good man....thanks
Thank you
A little info on the HDMI to Fiber boxes. We used those for a live racing-event we did, and it worked perfectly. Boxes cost us about 150$ each end, + a 100 for the fiber cable. Think we had length of about 500 meters, but should be able to go up to atleast 3 kilometers :)

Edit: Actually up to 20km, though I haven't tested that :) Also, the price has gone down alot since we bought them. They cost about 100 dollars for the pair (transmitter and receiver). That's insanely cheap!
That’s incredible. Thanks for the testimonial? Do you recall the brand you used?
@PhotoJoseph LIVE We used this brand, but others should work just as fine :)
Thanks. I just ordered this $113 300ft fiber HDMI cable from Amazon to test it, because that's just incredible
1st off, great videos, 2nd, the only thing I dissliked about the whole (ISO) parts was that you and others failed to mention at the time of discussion of ISO recording was 'That you had to use BM cameras".. so its useless unless you have BM cams..
That is not accurate. The ISO recording works with any camera. It’s the in-camera bRAW master simultaneous recording that only works with BMPCC cameras. But the ISO recording and Resolve project file recording works with ANY input into the HDMI.
I watched this all at once... slight problem. I can’t remember everything when it’s coming at me so fast. Wish I could’ve seen it live but perhaps next time. Thanks from Australia
fortunately you can go back and re-watch anything at any time ;-) Thanks for watching!
@PhotoJoseph LIVE thank you for all the hard work you put into each and every video. YouTube is very lucky to have you
thank you for saying so, I appreciate that.
I'm only up to the lunch break and am finding this show great. But I'll need to get some sleep now and come back for the second part tomorrow. Wish I'd seen this live.
haha well I'm very glad you are able to catch it now. Feel free to pop into any of my live shows to ask any questions you don't get answered here!
Was about to ask .. if u got hyperdeck do u still need stream deck
Those could not be more different devices… are you sure you're asking about the right things?
is that your estimate of how long it'll take to watch this? hahahah just kidding… thanks!
Is the on-camera mics that bad on the BM’s? Sounded almost as you where picking up the sound from a source more far away @photojoseph
I hadn't configured them at all, basically just assuming they would work fine. I'm sure you can increase the gain on them though. Sorry, that was a pretty unprepared part of the demo!
I need to book an afternoon off. I can tell already this is going to be good.
haha thanks, yeah it's a TON of stuff!!
Can't wait to get into the meat of this...
Much appreciated!
Over 4 hours..... this might take a few session to watch. Looking forward to picking up new tips
I know, I know… it was a long day, and this was all delivered live! haha you can totally tell I'm losing my voice at the end 😂
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