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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

This is a collection of all PhotoJoseph LIVE shows, from the PhotoJoseph YouTube channel. Additional episodes are listed below!

ATEM Mini Pro ISO featuring LIVE Music by Emily Turner

Photo Moment - September 16, 2020

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The Music of Emily Turner

🎵 Emily's solo music
🎵 Emily's band Free Creatures
🎵 Follow Emily on Instagram at and

Products Mentioned and Seen

Time Stamps

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 3:44 Live performance setup
  • 6:14 Emily Tuner live performance
  • 9:37 Editing in DaVinci Resolve
  • 12:41 Editing in Final Cut Pro X
  • 16:00 Edited Emily Tuner performance

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See how to swap in B-RAW

(start at 40:15)


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Hey there! There were some questions about what gear we used to capture the audio, and in case I missed some, here’s more info:

For vocals, a Shure BETA 87A Microphone directly into a Roland AC-40 Amp. The beat you can hear was made by Marv Ellis, and is a pre-recorded loop playing on a Boss RC-300 Loop machine, which also runs to the Roland Amp. We then ran the Roland amp stereo output to one of his cameras. Meanwhile, the electric upright bass was run into a MarkBass Amp, which was run into a separate camera. (@PhotoJoseph correct me if I missed something!) We kept it simple intentionally to abide by Covid distancing rules and I think that helped us get such a clean, full mix with minimal equipment! I also love performing through the Roland AC-40; I use a little bit of the built-in reverb and it always goes down smooth. Thanks for the love!
Thanks Emily and Joseph, that was going to be my question. Lovely music btw. Next step for me will be running a full band live stream. Probably still best to run desk to camera.
great vocals. How was the reverb added to the vocals into the ATEM? Thanks
Thanks for posting that Emily; now I can point every one who asks, here!
8:11 what’s the moveable 4th camera arm called? Didn’t see that in the description
@@photojoseph thank you
That’s a jib. It’s a relatively cheap one from Neewer, bought on Amazon. This is the one; it doesn’t seem to be available anymore but search around for something similar:
What a beautiful piece of art…the performance and the presentation.
I’ll let her know! And thank you ☺️
ridiculous question but pertinent from my perspective. What do you consider to be the title of your role in this video outside of presenting it as a tutorial, but more accurately, from the perspective of the performer, Facilitator, Engineer, Producer, On line Editor, DOP, etc.? From the clients perspective I understand what you do, but have a difficult time putting a label on it.
Great answer! Great video, great performance! I forgot in this case... Casting Director, Director, 2nd Unit Director, Best boy, Gaffer, Grip, LD, Recordist, Craft Svc, Pa, Accountant, Etc. Oh, and CREW.
I like "content creator"
Ha… in no real world environment would on person perform every role I did — plus record a YouTube video of it! Every title you used is appropriate. It’s why we just call ourselves “content creators”. It basically means “You do it all”. From the performer’s perspective, there is no single title.
Hi Joseph, for example, If I am happy the already switched (MPEG- 4 Movie) clip. Can I import the switched clip and audio file to Grass Valley Edius, add some Lower Third title, or some additional sound then export the timeline as normal MPEG 2 file??? Then I can upload to my youtube channel
XML export from Resolve and the rest is up to you.
I concur 😊
Great video! Thanks!
Glad you liked it!
How are you recording on the SSD drive AND watching the control software since the Mini Pro ISO only has one USB-C plug?
Watching the multiview you mean? That’s over HDMI — it’s the only way. Multiview doesn’t go out USB-C.
i know this is probably late - just clap in the beginning of the program to better line footage up in post
I will be performing while have all cameras recording. So I will NOT be able to do any switching while performing. My question is , will I be able to edit angle changes after recording using the ATEM ISO ? Also be able to add text, fX, etc. after the recording is done ? Thanks.
Not using the ATEM, no. That only works live. If you want to edit and add transitions and titles, you do that in an editor like Resolve, Premiere or Final Cut Pro.
Hello, this is beautiful, i'm about to buy Atem Mini Pro to record my Live Concerts. Have you got links to vidéos directly recorded by the Atem straight to a hard disk? I'd like to see the Quality since here your video is Awesome ! Thanks
Legend! This is how I work. One man band to the extreme! 😂😂
Yes, I need a new one because the carpet guys damaged mine 😡🤬🙄
Best reviews most intelligently made with no BS for people actually about to make a purchase not bs-ers. Best kind of reviewer on the planet to watch when you aren’t into wasting your time.
I’m confused. The Atem will only let you record in 1080p. So how are you getting 4K? A buddy showed me how he uses the ATEM mini pro iso video switcher as a switcher & use his Ninja5 as a recorder. So he could record in 4K. I shoot with Sony A7111. VZ-E10 & now the Sony A71V. I also have a Sony 900 camcorder. I step away from the ATEM for about a year. I had to get the M1 laptop due to my old laptop not being seen by OBS. I also have a stream deck. Don’t have the funds right now. Yet was looking at the new stream deck by Black Magic.
Oh you didn’t mention HyperDeck in your original comment, you said “stream deck” which is a different product. In this video I recorded in-camera. Lumix cameras can record 4K while outputting HD over HDMI, which is what I did here. There is no ATEM “ISO” model that records in 4K, so if you want to use an ATEM mini to stream in HD, you can record in 4K either internally in the camera, or using a Ninja to capture 4K and output HD. There are many models of HyperDecks, some of which can record in 4K. Some (maybe all?) of those can also output in HD. Make sure you build a solution that scales to HD for streaming. Or, get a 4K ATEM like the 2 ME or 8K Constellation and stream in 4K. If you want to build something that big, hire me first. It’ll save you a ton of money in the long run.
@@photojoseph Thank you for replying! I was speaking about the new Hyper deck which I don’t think is out yet?
If I set my cameras at 4K not using a Ninja5 or the hyper deck. The ATEM mini pro iso video switcher won’t record.
As I said my buddy was telling me to just use the ATEM mini pro iso video switcher, as a switcher & record in the Ninja5.
I didn’t notice in your music video . You commenting on recording into a Ninja5 or the Hyper deck. I guess I missed that?
Just like your buddy does. Record 4K internally in the camera or using an external recorder like the Ninja or a HyperDeck. This video does explain that workflow.
I have always been a Premiere Pro editor, and some of the features here make me want to learn much more about Resolve...powerful tools in there for post!
I’ll be there! (COVID-pox-23 not-withstanding)
@@photojoseph I was talking about da Vinci, I knew that you had switched. Anyway I love your work man, keep it Comin. Maybe I’ll see you at NAB be in 2023 if you’re there
Oh LOL I just realized the video this comment is on you must have been talking about FCP? Hehe well yeah… I’d put Premiere in third place 😁
Yeah it’s an awesome app for sure. I moved from FCP about a year ago. It wasn’t easy and I miss certain things but overall it was the right choice for me!
I am here in Oregon near the coast, and recently got into the industry. Your videos have helped me immensely. Want to keep growing and learning. Thank you for all the well explained videos
Haha got it. I didnt grow up here but it’s definitely is one of the best places to be!
@@photojoseph I am new to the industry but I grew up in Oregon, love the Pacific Northwest. Tried to go elsewhere, like everyone else that grew up here I ended up back home.
That’s wonderful to hear! Welcome to the state, and the industry!
broo.... why the music so louddd
You are awesome 👌
Wah this is the best video on atemi pro. I have been searching for so many videos but I could not get what I was looking for until this came about . Thank you so much
I have a question for audio, do you use the actual audio voice during recording or do you create another audio track and use final cut to match it properly? I read from another website the audio recording is not so good and it’s best to do a separate recording for audio .
Thank you so much for your efforts 😊👍👍👍👍👍
Great demo and what a way to encourage us to use your workflow. Thanks
Great video. Can I edit the project file in Premiere or Do I have to have DaVinci? Thanks
Wow 👍🙏 Thank you 🙏
Thank you for such helpful tutorials, and live musician, Emily wow.
Does the Atem Mini Pro ISO or Extreme allow one HDMI output to act as a 'live view' on a separate screen also? For example in a live concert, could I use an HDMI output for a live room feed while using the other HDMI output as the multiview monitor?
@@photojoseph Thanks so much!
The Extreme models do, yes. They are the only ones with two HDMI outputs.
Thanks so much Joseph! it was an amazing one man production. I like it a lot!! I have 2 question. you mentioned in the video about 4k and LOG file. does the ATEM Mini ISO record 4K Log? appreciate your help!!
@@photojoseph Thank you so much for the quick response.
Thanks! And no. 4K Log is recorded in the LUMIX cameras, which are simultaneously outputting 1080p with a LUT embedded.
so dope!!! song is perfect! thanks for showing your talents! Im jumping on board.
She rocked this for sure!
Thank you Joseph for the video. I just ordered the Atem mini pro ISO through the link provided above from B&H
Thanks for such a great breakdown
I was the 1k like on this video :)
That’s a good like!
My question is how were you able to view the ATEM Software Control window and also record an ISO file? Great work btw.
@@photojoseph thank you! I’ll check it out now :)
Great question! Because the ATEM is on the network. I did a video on that recently:
I don't understand the connections: 1. the HDMI output is multi view, 2. The flash recorder is USB. 3. The data port out goes to the computer for ATEM control. All that is clear. By what connection (cable) or other do you use to go to the internet live connection?
@@wildride6349 ahh — are you connecting your ATEM directly to your computer over Ethernet? Plug the Ethernet into your hub instead! Then it can be accessed by ANY computer on the local network! And, this gives your ATEM internet access so it can stream.
@@photojoseph but I’m using the Ethernet ports for control software! Don’t get it
Ethernet! The ATEM has a built-in encoder and streaming capability. So just add it to your network, and you can stream directly from the ATEM!
Hi Joseph, thanks for the great video!

I'm also a FCPX user, and I produce podcasts (in case the username didn't give it away)
We're looking at getting the Atem Mini Pro ISO to do the camera cuts for podcasts, but there's quite a lot that we do in post with some of our clients, so having the functionality to go back and edit shots is very useful.

You touched on this briefly towards the end that you may have figured out a way to work around the 'editing from scratch'. .Is there a way to create a multi-cam with all of the edits pre-made based on the file exported from Resolve? Our podcasts are usually over an hour, so re-doing the whole edit isn't something i would like to do.

Many Thanks
I never nailed that workflow perfectly and didn't come back to it, sorry. I should try to do that again one day.
Joseph - With the Mini Pro ISO, can you record the ISO + program file via the USB-C port and somehow provide a web cam output? Maybe send the program video the HDMI out via some type of converter into a USB port on the computer for zoom? If that is done, I guess you would lose the HDMI Multi-view, though. It is possible to send the program out via the Ethernet connection to zoom? I realize the extreme has two USB outs. But $500 more.
Hello Joseph, Is it hard to upload this into premiere Pro?
Hi Sir, how do you record and still use the one USB C port to communicate with the laptop as there is only one thing you can do with the the port
Is it possible to capture a band performance as a OMB producer with the ATEM ISO?
What a great performance too!! Great demo Joseph. thanks.
Thank you!
joseph is her mic and other audio inputs coming on mic 1 and 2 ? and also how did u sync the audio with all 4 cameras... thanks
The audio routing is discussed in the pinned comment from Emily. There was nothing to sync; all cameras are HDMI and audio came through one of the cameras.
Great review!! Thank you!!!
My pleasure!
So they have just caned the price of both the GH5 and G9 here in the UK, so when am I going to have to rob the bank for the GH6?
Dear Joseph, really great...may I ask you what do you think about to embedding or inject the sound with a HDMI injector/embedder directly in to the ATEM. I missing a SPDIF/Tos-Link Input to make the ATEM really round. My sound comes now out from a RME UFX+ over the ADAT/SPDIF Port. So would then mute on the ATEM out all Sounds except the one from the embedder...what me turns on is also about the video and sound syncing...will that be in is coming from Sony Alpha 5100 and 6300 and a iPhone X pro with filmic (cross converter) and iPhone 11 Pro over wired NDI in to a Apple TV which runs sienna NDI Monitor and should then go the the ATEM...
@@photojoseph Jew that helps...thank you...great work always
I don't honestly fully understand your question, but I think I do… you can input audio into the ATEM via the four HDMI inputs or the two mic/line-level 3.5mm inputs. You can turn any one of those audio inputs on or off. The two 3.5mm inputs can have a delay programmed in to bring them into sync. If your audio is digital run it through a DAC to get 3.5mm output. Or, run that into a camera so it's in sync with video on the HDMI input. Does that help?
Cool stuff I use Panasonic cameras as well. I gotta learn how to do this.
Thanks! I tried to explain it all pretty clearly in here… it’s a lot of moving parts, but overall not that complex. Good luck!
Great tutorial. Thanks for the going the extra mile.
I think you could convert the stream edit into compound clips in FCPX, then swap out the broadcast clips with the hi-res log files.
The power of compound clips in FCPX!
Don’t you find the color control frustrating in FCPX compared to Resolve? Also Resolve gives you fairlight, so no roundtripping to Logic etc to sweeten audio.
Compound clips… so let's see, if you separately make a compound clip with the offline/online versions of the video, and synced those… then manually replaced the Multicam clip with that… yeah that'd work, but you'd have to manually place it in sync. But yes, it should work. As to color control — I only know Resolve's color on a cursory level, and I find it very confusing, but that's only because I don't know it. I won't argue that it's amazing. It is! But also I find FCP does what I need. Fairlight is great too, no doubt. I also do all of my audio enhancement in FCP with the aid of a noise reduction plugin, and that works for me. I'm not willing to give up the editing style of FCP. I love it, and work fast in it. Resolve is great — but I know and love FCP.
This is the video I’ve been waiting for, thanks for actually showing how easy it is to produce a set, which can be modeled to be used over and over ..again. great job Joseph great song great artist... well done...1? what type of rig u were using for the camera movement
Thank you! The jib is a Neewer model. Not great but it gets the job done.
You didn't clap at the end of the performance!
Excellent demonstration!
Thank you! One of my favorite videos to make :-)
absolutey superb. Side note, I purchased an Atem Mini the other night. But beforehand I was frustratedly searching through YouTube to get an answer to a particular question I had about it. Then your video overview of it popped up, and I turned to my partner and said: "this guy will know the answer". And guess what? You did! Many thanks.
Lets talk timecode....Is there anyway to get timecode out of the ATEM to send to my GH5-S and external multitrack audio recorder? or Into the ATEM from an external source that they can all sync to?
Nope. The ATEM Mini generates time of day timecode but does not send it out. There’s a sync that happens with BMDPCC cameras, but nothing else seems to be able to access that.
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