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Photo Moment - March 06, 2019

Now that the Panasonic LUMIX S Series (S1 and S1R) are almost with us, how do they compare to the G series (GH5, GH5S and G9)? Let's find out!

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Now that the Panasonic LUMIX S Series (S1 and S1R) are almost with us, how do they compare to the G series (GH5, GH5S and G9)? What do you think of the lineup now?
I feel like my g9 is virtually worthless in lowlight scenarios
Dear Joseph,

Would you please make another video comparasion including GH6 and S5ii

That’s a damn fine idea
Great video, thanks man!
You’re welcome!
Great unit them S series but the one id want the S1R is soooo expensive at the moment, i did so wish they would bring it in-line with the A7R3 and Nikon etc, i can but wait... Are you buying one Jo ?
In your option, what's the best camera for slow motion and out door videos to use with gimbal.
GH5S does highest frame rate at 240fps at 1080p. Also a very good option for gimbal.
Thanks for the video! What do you think about combine G and S series at video production? I love G-series but there are many old lenses with designed for FF and works better on FF. Do you think S1 better for "film-look" and G for "digital-look"? I'm thinking for stop selling my manual lenses and by S1 and use it with my G85 till GH6 release.. or just invest in some micro4/3 good lenses
@@photojoseph thank you!
Mixing cameras in production will be no problem. You see that all the time. I think the most important thing to keep it not looking like you shot with different cameras is to keep a camera to a type of shot. Like, all your indoor scenes are shot with XX or all close-ups are with YY. And of course the color grade will be super important to keep the look consistent. I think that more than the native look of a camera or lens, it’s the colors, black levels, stuff like that that will make shots look like they belong together.
The G series cannot keep up. Also the price point does not justify the G series to the S. Cine lens are going full frame because cine sensors are going full frame. You have to jump on the technology train and go with the S1 or S1R or Z6 or Z7
More stupid comments from the general public as usual....You were told in the title what this video contained! I enjoyed it and I’m sticking with my G9 and four lenses....... The S1 is a very expensive system for what the majority of people will use it for.
On the video to photography scale, where does the g85 stand to you?
Right in the middle. It’s like a baby brother to the Gh5.
I think it's finally time to hang up my GH4's and continue to use my G9 with an S1 to compliment it, or vice versa. I shoot a lot more low-light stuff now that I expected to, like conferences and gala's, and that bigger sensor will help in those situations.

Honestly, if I could just magically upgrade the sensor in my G9 for a $1,000 upgrade fee, I'd be all over that fire sale.
It’s early days for the S1 and it’s not really fair to compare a tiny sensor with a full frame. The GH5 specs are of limited value when camera fails most professional technical specifications because of its sensor. With the firmware update the S1 could technically acquire for Netflix or any broadcaster.
Remember, this was not a “which is better” comparison. This is simply a comparison of the feature specs of the two cameras lines.
They Are Going To Make a / Come Out With a Video Specific Camera i Bet Soon After LUMIX S Line A full Frame GH6 Or Whatever They Call It i Will Wait For The Video Version Thanks
I'm hoping that the S1-EVA or S1-S video-focussed camera has an integrated grip (i.e. no holds barred thermal regulation, battery etc), high data rate codecs, SSD external recording, and the new BlackMagic RAW.

I'm planning to get the S1 in the next year (probably timed with cashbacks etc), and I'm hoping that the XQD update to CFexpress also comes with data rate improvements and perhaps BlackMagicRAW via f/w. Do you have any educated guesses about this? Are they realistic expectations?

I think Panasonic would be smart to bundle a choice of adaptor (EF, M, SA, R, PL) with the cameras so that Canon/vintage/etc photographers have a good starting point.

P.S. I understand that there is a difference between the V-LOG light of the G series and the full V-LOG of the S series and EVA. Can you explain the differences?
I can’t answer any of the first questions (your guess is as good as mine), but in regards to V-Log… the Panasonic cinema cameras use V-Log vs the G-series using “V-Log Lite”. The difference is dynamic range, based on the sensor of the camera.
Useful video, thanks :)
MC-21, Sigma's first-party autofocus adaptor, provides access to Sigma's zooms and EF lenses. That's 18 lenses additional to the 11 ART primes, as well as non-guaranteed use of Canon-branded lenses (the MC-11 is widely reported to work with them). Sigma upgraded the L mount protocols specifically to optimise adapted lens performance. As a first-party to the L Mount Alliance we can expect the MC-21 to provide higher performance than the MC-11, and for it to improve.

Leica also have first-party manual focus adaptors for PL cine, M rangefinder, and R reflex lenses. Novoflex (and perhaps Kipon and others) have the M adaptor, too, for those don't want to spend as much.

60+ first-party autofocus lenses will be available for the L Mount Alliance by 2020. This includes some APS-C lenses, and excludes Sigma's new mirrourless-specific line of lenses (the first of which will be available in 2019 according to proprietor/CEO Yamaki-san @CP+) There are also 20+ manual lenses already available from Kipon and other non-AF lens brands.
Thanks for the update! That’s awesome.
great comparison video, clear lot of question that i have. thank you so much
I started taking photography classes after I made the decision to purchase a GH5s because I'm a video guy. I thought well I'll just use my t3i instead because of the 18mp. The images didn't hold a candle to the stills that I got off the GH5s. As a matter of fact in a class where we have 5diii's, an a7riii, and some Nikon's. When we all take the same picture the class almost always says my images look the best. I haven't run into a limit with having only 10mp. Even when printing. I think the GH5s is the most underrated stills camera.
Press the Disp. Button to cycle through the different views.
PhotoJoseph I'll let you know when it's out. There are a couple settings I can't find on my GH5s. When I look through the viewfinder I would like it to default to show the exposure (I'm used to video mode where what I see is what I get) and also after I take a photo I don't see it on the screen (it does make me look pro because I never look at the back of my camera after taking a shot).
That would be very cool no doubt. However as a Lumix Ambassador one thing I don’t do is comparisons to other brands. I’m not unbiased so there would always be doubt in viewers’ minds in anything I said disparaging against another brand. However if you did the video I’d be sure to promote it.
PhotoJoseph I would love to do a collab video pitting the GH5s up against the leading stills cameras in everything from portraits to sports to landscapes to street photography to astro while even outputting for large format printing. I bet a video like that would blow people's minds.
Wow that’s pretty awesome to hear! Thanks for sharing that.
Thx. I was waiting for such a comparison
My G9 from germany does have 60, 50, 30, 25 and 24p so I don't think the NTSC/PAL thing is correct? And wow, those inch dimensions hurt to look at and are not even accurate, how do you manage to live with that system xD
Turns out the PAL G9 version does have most of the NTSC framerates (except 1920 x 1080i at 59.94 fps) and just adds the PAL framerates (50p, 25p).
Got the photo, thanks. For anyone following, his camera does in fact show 60, 50 and 24. I will dig into this for sure. And got it on the metric system. Yeah that’s not how it sounded ;-) But YES I agree… I’m American and I hate our system. Metric FTW!
@@photojoseph Maybe europe has a different version than the US? Sent you a photo on twitter. And I was just bashing your inch system a little compared to our metric system, not you or your review, sorry if that sounded different.
I’d like to see this G9 system, as the G9 is not a multi region camera. Send me a photo of the menu showing this please via direct message on twitter @photojoseph? And the dimensions on the G side are a rough average of all three G cameras. I don’t know how I could have made this any more clear.
Very very interesting insights there.
Qjuestion: I'm in France, so I'm in PAL region I think: is the fps rate in firmware 4k60p @60fps or will I get 50fps?
I'm asking because in my 2 sony A-mount cameras (A77m2 and A99m2) I can set ntsc or pal in the menu. But according to the region I get 1080p@100 fps VS 1080p@120fps or 4K@30fps vs 4k@25fps.
So as I want 4K@60p if it's crippled I'm ready to go in Asia6to buy haha
Good question. In PAL region, yes 4K50 will be the max. The S Series can’t choose between NTSC and PAL (like the GH5 and GH5S can). On 1080p, hmm I‘m actually not sure what the max would be… perhaps 175fps? It has to be a factor of 25, so 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175. It certainly won’t be 200 as 180 is the max in NTSC.
You basically reminded me how awesome the GH5 is :-)
Glad I made a good decision by buying a GH5 as a hybrid camera.
G9 output on video 4 x x or what ! 8 bit or 10 bit, good comparison. All the Best.
Watch my G9 video to understand its full video specs. In this video I compared the best of the G series to the S series for its most intended purpose. Links below on other comparison videos.
Best обожаю ваши ролики
Why do you hotshot YouTube jocks insist on comparing Micro 43 cameras with Full Frame? When the answers are obviously in favor of FF cameras. I for one will stay with M43 because I am too poor to afford a new system every 6 months. The new Panny FF will take a year or two to be the best out there because of the lens situations and other tweaks. So knock it off already! We all know the obvious inferiority of M43 to FF! It is two different universes. M43 is more fun anyway.
It seemed to me that the author demonstrated that the G bodies are better in video than the S bodies.
For still well we already knew the physics yes.
LOL… if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, then it must be a… lion? ;-)
FF is only favoured if you value certain characteristics. A duck is better than a Lion at flying for example.
@@photojoseph Yes, you have arrived!
Are you being serious? I’m comparing two LUMIX cameras… not a full frame one-brand to a MFT other-brand. And not once did I say anything stupid like “oh wow FF is better, what a surprise!” I have to wonder; did you actually watch the video or just comment before watching? This is in no way shape or form a competitive comparison. This is a side-by-side spec, size/price, and feature comparison. And there are many places where MFT comes out ahead (like in FPS for still shooting, or video recording specifications).

I do, however, appreciate being called a “hotshot YouTube jock”… I guess I have arrived!! 😂😂😂
Great comparison! Out of all those cameras, as of now, my go to pick would be the G9, for I’m leaning more towards the photography side than the video side, although I do appreciate 4K60p video recording. I still prefer M4/3 for the size of lenses you get for the equivalent focal length (I DON’T CARE ABOUT DIFFERENCES IN APERATURE) which is perfect for taking wildlife shots while hiking.
I have to say I enjoyed the live show Joseph very much! And it wasn't the audio issue you had, just the intensity of your answers to all the questions. You did very well sir. :)
Lots of live experience on stage has paid off I guess, thanks!
No, you are a Pro, filming yourself is very tough, I tried it myself and its hard to keep everything in focus, lighting, sound and talking to the camera.
hehe thanks man. I really nailed the show at the end when I left it streaming the title card for another hour. Finally trimming all that off now. This is what happens when I leave town for so much… I forget how to run my own show!!!
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