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Epiphan Webcaster X2 Unboxing and Closing the Scammer Case…

Photo Moment - August 02, 2017

We'll be unboxing the Epiphan X2 and I'll share the final (?) notes on the scammer case with you.


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I have a Sony AX53 - Australian model 50i - so it only outputs at 25p an 50p. The specs on the streamer say only supports 30p and 60p. Does this mean the unit will not work on PAL video cameras, only NTSC cameras?
+musclecam Hi! I don't have a PAL camera handy to test with, unfortunately. I'm looking into it and will let you know when I hear back from our support team on this topic.
I have an update for you. We were able to test 1080p at 24 Hz, 25 Hz, and 50 Hz using a signal generator. These all worked. I suspect, but can't guarantee the same will hold true for your camera. Note that the input signal to Webcaster X2 must be progressive, not interlaced. Another option for you is to put the camera in NTSC mode. If all you're doing is using the camera to stream to YouTube or Facebook, there is no need to stay in PAL mode. I hope that helps!
+Epiphan Video +musclecam I will be doing a test broadcast on tomorrow's show. We'll start with setup then do a live stream. If you can be there live to remind me I can try a 25p broadcast
Interesting device, I'm considering adding live streaming to the TWiP GLAM! studio (We launched BTW!). The Epiphan 1080p_to_USB unit I use and had originally recommended to you has been a champ.
+Brian Fischer Sweet
Does it work with Twitch?
+j_Diggy _d I'm assuming no since it only lists Facebook and YouTube but I'll know more once I fire it up
You're correct @PhotoJoseph. Webcaster X2 streams to YouTube or to Facebook. That said, our product managers are always open to user feedback, so I will pass on the request for Twitch.
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