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GH5S Low Light Part 1 ► Camera Setup, ISO 400 vs 2500, & V-Log Grading

Photo Moment - February 23, 2018

In part 1, I show off the GH5S ISO settings, discuss the difference between auto/low/high ISO settings, compare in-studio shots of ISO 400 vs 2500, then show test shots from the blacksmith shop shot in V-Log on an Atomos Ninja Inferno in Final Cut Pro X!

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So your lut removes grain? That is insane.
I'm confused. Why does the paper manual say that you can go to ISO 204,800? The camera only seems to go to 51,200. GH5S.
enable extended ISO
Another, small point. If you are shooting for quality and 'pixel peeping' then why are you using a Canon lens on an adapter as opposed to a native. The new Meike Cine lenses are amazing, native, primes and their glass quality is, although some might argue, not as good as Canon's rather organic look, they are, none the less, a few pieces of glass less. And as they say, "the less glass the best glass" result. Well, that's me that said that, actually, from experience going through about 100 lenses. But for MFT, I'd opt for the Meike. Why not you? Or a Leica? be interested to hear.
You may have noticed this video is two years old. Meike lenses are new, and I have three of them now. They’re great.
I understood that you can adjust the LOWER and the UPPER - AUTO Sensitivity setting (max and min amount) by accessing the "ISO Sensitivity (video)" menu option which is on the 2nd option down (Camera Icon on Menu)? or is this me not understanding? Whatever way it goes this is an excellent technical reference. Bravo!
You got it right. Not all cameras have that but yes that's correct. And thanks!
That is all that anyone needs to know about this topic. Perfect. Thank you!
SO far in CINI D I get the cleanest shots at 3200 - so one above the native 2500.. V=LOG im scared to use in LOW light and from what others have told me V log isn't the best for dark as you're not trying to capture as much colour science. So I have stayed away but will test.

To be honest, I felt your black smith shots were way over saturated and didn't look as clean or "shot on a higher range camera" But I do prefer a less saturated look so maybe it's just my perception. Good video, thanks for taking time to make it.. your knowledge is good - I feel you can cut down these videos a lot and get more to the point of the content... it'll help your channel grow... most of these videos we want info fast as we are busy. Not here for comedy or a vlog :) all in all Weldon though Greetings from Melbourne
Really wish these videos were shorter/wish you put timestamp links to times where you address certain topics
I just bought a GH5S and a Smallrig and the cage doesn't completely tighten like the camera body shifts a tiny bit is this normal ??
Mine is snug. Sounds like a question for Smallrig.
@PhotoJoseph Gosh I sent them an email almost a week ago and have heard nothing. Do you think it might be because of the Metabones speed booster? it doesn't seem to be obstructing anything
Sorry I don’t know. But can you rig it? Put something in there to keep it from shifting?
@PhotoJoseph I put more elbow grease into it last night and used a coin for the screws and got it to fit snuggly. Thank you for your time :D
GH5s when I have it set to manual ISO i.e iso 6400 and when I start filming the display shows ISO A (Auto). Why is this?
FINALLY! Dual native ISO explained clearly and concisely! You have no idea how much doubletalk I had to sft through before I found your video. Thank you!
My pleasure
hey there.... I've recently experienced some horrible noise on my gh5s, i was shooting in a lite yoga studio on v log/1000 iso/96fps HD .
on inspection (not even pixel peeped) the noise was really bad that i had horizontal lines appearing on the screen.
now i was sold this camera as a low light beast and am really disappointed with its performance, any suggestions???thx
So 60p up to 6400 is fine? That’s good to know. What shutter angle (or speed) are you shooting at? If 180d, then that’s 1/192s at 96fps which is pretty dang fast; you must have a lot of light in the low light environment? I believe the problem isn’t GH5S or even Panasonic specific. Shooting high frame rate and high ISO together is a tough combo. If you’re ever able to test against other cameras I’d love to hear the results. And I’ll be sure to share your findings with Panasonic, thanks for doing the tests.
Oh also — I missed earlier that you said you were shooting V-Log. Native V-Log ISOs are 800 and 5000, so crank it to 5000, set a 180d shutter angle and if that’s too much light, use an ND to darken the scene. Are you experienced shooting V-Log? You generally need to overexposed by about 2 stops to get the best result. Live off the waveform and don’t clip highlights but definitely overexpose. Try shooting the same scene in non-Log at 2500 ISO and see what you get, too.
PhotoJoseph my shutter speed at 60fps was 60 ( sorry didn’t have it set to angle )
PhotoJoseph ah that makes sense - yes I’m new to v log and just super excited to use the Gh5s having had the gh4 for years .
Haven’t got my head around the angle/speed yet ha !
Many thanks for your response
So that’s really only a problem for motion blur. It’s not ideal but is probably fine.
great work joseph !! Tell me ...when shooting at 96fps i get lots of noise in low light with the GH5S ....was actually hoping it wouldn't be so bad. the focus highlight thing pretty much sets the screen (red in this case) in a haze...? how can i overcome this ? also does the iso jump over after 3200? appreciate if too difficult to explain as you would have to see my screen at the time of shooting. keep up the great work!!
VFR is definitely different than standard. I’d do some experimenting at various frame rated and ISOs and find thresholds you’re comfortable with.
PhotoJoseph great thanks - come to Jaipur next Feb - very colourful place - I hold 3 nights of music at diggi palace where you’ll be welcome to join
Awesome! We aren’t doing Jarpur on this trip but I think I’ll be there for a day in November on a scouting trip.
PhotoJoseph cool 😎I lived there for many years and built a recording studio there for the folk artists - of you need any fixing I can help you out no sweat
morchangstudios wow great offer! Email me please? No way I’ll find this comment thread in two months. Joseph at PhotoJoseph dot com
Great video Joseph! I'm curious what lav microphone you are using, the audio is really clean.
Thanks Joseph. Having fun with my gh5s so far! How far do you over-expose for VLOG to optimize noise levels?
Is your mannequin doing anything this weekend? ;-)
to much talk about other product ,not enough on the camera it self inner working of the GH5S CB
many thanks for this. inter alia, i was deeply puzzled as to why i could not find 2500 ISO! now i can. do you have a suggestion for a LUT to use in Premiere Pro to grade V-Log correctly? btw, i am studying your gh5 course - it's very helpful.
What camera do you use to shoot your episodes? Great Video with some exclusive info about the GH5S. Thanks.
+Arthur Abramov Here’s a video about my live broadcast setup: “How I LIVE Stream: Hardware in a Professional YouTube LIVE Streaming Studio”
Excellent description of the ISO cross-over. Nobody else has talked about that. They mostly winge about the IBIS and AF. Thanks :)
Thanks! If you’re tired of the winging about IBIS, you’ll like this video “GH5 vs GH5S Car Mounted Stabilization Test ► Why the GH5S has no IBIS!”
Can you suggest a card for GH5S that can record at the best video format?
Thanks a lot. Early in your video you suggested a relatively low price solution as for EF-s lenses. I am looking for an adapter that enables me to work Fully-manual with EF lenses. Any suggestions, greatly appreciated. *
Yeah… I’ll do a video this week. The manufacturer is PIXCO so watch for that soon.
How do you get the panasonic Lut?
I always assumed it was installed by FCPX but now I wonder. Are you running FCPX 10.4 and don’t see the LUT?
PhotoJoseph i use Adobe and trying to get into using Davinci. Ive never really shot Vlog so im expermimenting to color grade.
Oh I see. No idea on the other apps, sorry. Google it? See if you can find a download. Although… I’m pretty sure it’s installed in Resolve automatically.
@Dustin Young Have you found a LUT you like? The Lut PhotoJoseph uses is amazing. It makes the blacks way less grainy.
Great video, thanks for the info! I've got a Lynda subscription already and went looking for your GH5 training course. I'm loving it! But! When do you think you'll have the GH5S specific additions included in the Lynda offering? I don't see them as of this comment. Thanks!
It’ll be April before I can record those. I’m fully booked right now. And once I do it there’s no guarantee that Lynda will add it to the Library (although I’m sure they will)
Question For A Different Show - By getting rid of IBIS the GH5S apparently removes jitters that occurs in certain situations, would using an optically stabilized lens in those same situations reintroduce the jitters?

Thanks Joseph!
Homework noted… I will explore!!
Hi Joseph. Just watching now can’t wait to learn. Interesting note is the native iso points on the Gh5s is 400/2500 but for HLG and V Log are native 800/5000. Testes have also revealed that despite these iso settings. The cleanest iso so far are 320/3200 so far
Arnold Pollock try Crftsho guys
but first subscribe to @PhotoJoseph
Hi Mike, Photojoseph... just looking around for others thought on optimum ISO too and came across this... I just ran through a test on mine in Vlog with lens cap on, stepping through iso in auto mode and boosting curves in post at 200% to clearly see grain structure - I too see it being cleanest noise at 320, 1600, then 3200 (4000 & 5000 are only fractionally more noise but it then becomes clearly noisier above 5000). I think what might be happening is that noise reduction is making it cleaner at 1600 & 3200 so the trade off could be sharpness and dynamic range. At the said native of 800/5000 for Vlog it's perhaps the optimum balance of dynamic range and noise... so it's noisier because it's not applying NR but also provides better sharpness and dynamic range. That's my theory so far at least ;)
Awesome tests! Thanks for sharing.
Hi Joseph - I thought native iso for v-log were 800 and 5000 on the GH5S? Maybe you mentioned that - if you did I missed it. Great episode by the way!
I'm surprised that the camera's manuals don't seem to mention different native ISOs for HLG and V-Log, but the spec sheet from Panasonic does
DAMNIT… you’d think as an Ambassador I’d get this info in advance. I just asked the right person and YES YOU’RE RIGHT. Apparently this is relatively new info. (Can’t comment on the test results showing different ISO giving better results though; will have to explore that too)
CORRECTION: Apparently the native ISOs when shooting V-Log is actually 800 and 5000!!

In part 1, I show off the GH5S ISO settings, discuss the difference between auto/low/high ISO settings, compare in-studio shots of ISO 400 vs 2500, then show test shots from the blacksmith shop shot in V-Log on an Atomos Ninja Inferno in Final Cut Pro X!
Sorry Joseph - you need to correct your correction! :-) its 800 and 5000. Feel free to delete this comment when you tidy up
LOL thanks… that’s what I get for responding to comments pre-coffee!!!
You get the same amount of dynamic range at every ISO setting but you get lower a lower noise level with a lower ISO setting (at least when using Vlog-L that is for sure) so it is best to use 320-1600 when you can. 3200 and 5000 are also clean but they have stronger noise reduction resulting in a sligthly less detailed image.
Thank, put the correction on video !
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