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GH5S Low Light Part 2 ► Set up FCPX 10.4 for HDR editing, LUTs & V-Log

Photo Moment - February 23, 2018

In part 2, we learn how to set up a Final Cut Pro X 10.4 library for HDR editing, discuss how to know what you're looking at on a non-HDR screen, and run into the problem that we'll explore in part 3.


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Is there a way to track how long you have worked on a FCPX edit session?
Hey, thanks for this! At 8:37 at the right corner it says that your recorded footage is Rec 709?! Doesnt it have to say BT2020?? Because in my Atomos Ninja V I only have the Option to Record with SONY HLG BT2020 .. All other profiles (I have a Fuji XTx) I can only choose a LOG and F.Gamut for example. Appreciate your help and infos here!
Where did you get the vlog to v709 lut?
This is probably 6 months too late but here is the link to the official LUT from Panasonic--
Don’t recall which I used here but probably from Leeming LUT
Would this be any different for Sony Slog??
If it’s 10-bit footage, then it should be the same.
Очень круто
Hey - I thought that to get HDR footage (whether internal or external) you NEED 10 bit (ie Pro Res HQ)?
There’s definitely confusion and Apple’s own info is vague. My understanding is that’s it’s always 10-bit though.
Well after 15 years delivering stuff for broadcast this is news to me! I was always told Pro Res HQ is 10 bit, 422 and 422LT is 8 bit
I don’t believe that’s accurate. I recently did some digging into this and here’s a few links I read.
(Look at the comment by hanumang)

Then from Apple’s page:

(Just search the page for “bit”)

And finally the Wikipedia page:
Not all Pro Res is 10 bit - only HQ and 4444 (this is in fact 12 bit), 422 LT and 422 are 8 bit.
No, but you’ll get much better results. V-Log is gradeable to HDR, and V-Log can be 8 or 10 bit (talking LUMIX here of course). And HDR timeline is 10-bit, but you can throw anything on it and stretch however you like. With 10-bit footage though (1024 shades vs 256 shades) you’ll get much cleaner results. And while all ProRes is 10-bit, you can still put 8-bit data in it.
Hello Joseph, would it give you any advantage for color & resolution to edit in HDR rec 2020 and then output to rec 709 for uploading to Youtube. Can you use the HDR editing for better quality putting out to Youtube is the more direct question. Thanks!
Thanks Joseph! 

 I've been having an issue that has been driving me crazy. When shooting VLOG I've noticed the V-LOG - REC709 Monitor LUT (Switched ON) is definitely applying but it's far from what the final product looks like in my editing software with the same LUT. Also the same thing when using my SmallHD Focus. If I enable the SmallHD V-LOG - REC709 LUT it applies it and makes it look similar to the Standard Profile and isn't flat anymore (same as if I added the LUT in Premiere or Resolve).

 BUT with the camera monitor LUT turned on it is still somewhat flat looking somewhere in between VLOG and the proper LUT on my SmallHD or editing software. Any idea why this is happening? It seems like I'm not the only person but most people don't seem to have this issue. I want to monitor my LUT so its the same as it would be in my editing software after applying the LUT but mine still looks flat in camera.

Thanks for the help
In part 1, we learn how to set up a Final Cut Pro X 10.4 library for HDR editing, discuss how to know what you're looking at on a non-HDR screen, and run into the problem that we'll explore in part 3.
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