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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

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How to Live Stream with ATEM Mini and Webcaster X2

Photo Moment - January 18, 2020

The Blackmagic ATEM Mini is an amazing little switcher, but it doesn't get you to the internet — for that, you need a streaming solution. Enter the Epiphan Webcaster X2!


(March 24, 2020) Epiphan told me that the X2 is EOL (end of life) and they aren't manufacturing it any more. They did not expect the last manufacturing run of these to sell out so quickly — I'm sure the current health crisis has something to do with that. They wouldn't give me a time frame of when to expect anything to replace it, but I've know the company for a long time and while they have NOT said this to me (just making it clear that this is pure speculation), I am personally confident that they will replace it ASAP. The X2 was an excellent product with clear opportunity for improvement, and I don't see them ignoring this market. 

Timestamps (Chapters) for the Video

  • 0:56 Blackmagic ATEM Mini Recap
  • 2:21 Software vs Hardware; Advantages & Disadvantages of each
  • 4:10 Introducing the Epiphan Webcaster X2
  • 5:19 How to (and How Not to) Connect the Webcaster to the ATEM Mini
  • 7:02 Recording your Live Show
  • 7:44 Tabletop Gear Tour
  • 11:40 Configuring the ATEM Mini
  • 12:32 Configuring the Epiphan Webcaster X2
  • 17:02 A LIVE Broadcast Test!
  • 18:18 OBS Configuration Tips
  • 20:14 Measuring Audio Latency for OBS Programmable Delay

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Comments from YouTube

Webcaster X2 has been discontinued
Yes. This is an old video.
Great, you got me hyped for some great hardware, but it's now discontinued.... argh!
Sorry! But the ATEM Mini Pro is $499 and includes the encoder.
ok, so why did I read that horrible powerpoint slide 😀
LOL this is so old I don’t even remember what hidden message I put on this one
@PhotoJoseph so what did I win ;-) still a very informative video, thanks!
Haha whatever you won, someone else won ages ago 😂 Awesome that you read it though!
Can the X2 stream to YouTube and Facebook simultaneously
No, but also the X2 has been discontinued since this video. However also since this video, every ATEM from the ATEM Mini Pro up has the ability to stream built into it.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks!! do you know how to stream to multiple locations other than through the USB-C and tricking Facebook into thinking Blackmagic is a webcam?
@Gabriel Shaw you can use a service like but the hardware can’t stream to multiple destinations itself simultaneously
Awesome Video, much great info !
Thanks for the information
Hey PhotoJoseph I’m so disgusted and disappointed, I just saw your video on the Epiphan Webcaster X2 and got so exited about it that as soon as your video finished I logged in online to buy a unit and found out the Webcaster X2 has been dumped, No más baby 😡🤯😤
Yeah it’s really a bummer. Was a great little product. There are other similar products on the market now though, fortunately.
Which do you recommend similar the Webcaster X2
Welcome to India..🎉🎉🎉🎉
Nice video. How u can use the atem mini when u use manycam for backrounds
Same as with any webcam. The computer thinks the ATEM is a webcam.
My cross fade transitions are looking very bad when streamed out using the x2 and TV studio HD with a 40mb upload speed
And that’s why I always recommend against using dissolves in live streaming. Every single frame has to change during a dissolve.
Thank you. very informative.
Excellent video. Thank you
My pleasure! This video is pretty old now and there’s been two more models released. Search “PhotoJoseph ATEM mini” here on YouTube to be sure you see them all!
@PhotoJoseph I actually commented on another video of yours. I suspect YouTube auto-played to the next video and it added the comment there. But you make great content, so I am happy to comment positive things on any of your work
Thank you you again ;-)
Can I use it for 360 VR live streaming to my website without using laptop or mobile ? Do you recommend any compatible 4k VR camera ?
There goes going to India.
how do you connect them, does the webcaster 2x has to be connect to the atem mini hdmi output or just a hdmi? Thanks.
ATEM HDMI out into X2
Seeing that the X2 is no longer available.. What's the next closest device you'll recommend?
That’s a great question without a great answer. I’ve seen ONE low cost streaming product hit Amazon (search for it) but have not reviewed it so can’t recommend it. Everything else is $$$. What you really want is to get the ATEM Mini Pro, which has live streaming hardware built into it. Sorry, the demise of the X2 has been painful.
Hi Joseph,
In one of the Video, you have shown the demo of giving the ATEM Mini output as webcam to the system and integrated with Skype. Wont the same apply to Youtube Live directly.
Will there be any problem in going this way instead of additionally using OBS ?
That will work as well, yes.
@PhotoJoseph thanks for replying. I know this video covers my request but it ll be great if you can share a video on detailed comparison on this.

Atem direct webcam stream vs atem + obs vs atem + webcast + obs.

To be honest, yours is the only video I loved to see even if it's lengthy.

More love from India ❤️
There is nice device from magwell called ultrastream. Also have web interface and app.
With the amount of money you are spending on the extra hardware you might as well just buy the atem mini pro
You do realize that when I made this video, the ATEM Mini Pro didn’t exist, right?
Took me a minute to figure out your affiliate links are on your website and not YouTube. Anyway, your link to the AGPtEK media player is for a discontinued item. However I think I figured out how to add your Amazon tag to the replacement item. Hopefully you get your 35 cents... ;-)

QUESTION: Just purchased the ATEM Mini PRO and am trying to figure out all the other pieces I need. The link for recording devices you have on this (non-Mini Pro) video, would those be the same recording devices I'd want for a Pro? Or do I want a USB C device? Have you done a video on the ATMOS recorders that you use?
Thanks for the effort on affiliate links :-) If you’re using the Pro, it has recording to USB built into it. So you don’t need a dedicated recorder; just connect a small USB drive to the Pro. I recommend you watch this video, which covers all the differences between the ATEM Mini original and Pro:  — and then for ATOMOS videos, this link will show you all videos I’ve done involving ATOMOS recorders:
First of all thank you for your very informative presentations, I would like to know if you could provide link to stream that use the X2 or the ATEM mini PRO , One thing that is hard to judge is the actual quality of the hardware encoding. Cheers
The X2 is discontinued so it’s not worth trying to find one of those. I’ve done several live shows with the ATEM Mini Pro though. Replays are only available to channel or members — Oh actually, here’s a good one to watch. I did a live show for Adorama a few weeks ago and that was through the ATEM Mini Pro:
@PhotoJoseph , I just saw you rply, I ended up getting 2 Capture card. looking at your video I can see that with good light and your experience it can deliver, but for the average joe, mastering those low variable bit rate seems disapointing. Having said that there is much more to a content than just the IQ, and may be I've done the wrong choice we will see. Anyway
Thank you again for pointing to the video, have nice day / be safe.
Hey, what's up. I met you at VidSummit with Channa. I've been wanting to buy an ATEM Mini, but the prices are nuts right now. If you know anyone selling one, I'm interested.
That video you showed for sync is a game-changer for me. Thanks!
Also, FYI, I think if you add 0:00 to your timestamp, it will give you the new looking timestamps on the timeline.
Hey Joe, thanks, you were right (0:00)! Funny I’d done that on another video and it didn’t work, but it did immediately on this one. Thanks! As for buying an ATEM, place an order (even multiple orders) at regular stores like B&H or Amazon or Adorama for the regular price, and you’ll be in line and get it as soon as possible. Then you can cancel additional orders, or return if multiple ship at once. Good luck, and thanks again!
Epiphan has discontinued the Webcaster X2. Any suggestions for an alternative?
yeah… get the ATEM Mini Pro that has the encoder built in. Unfortunately there;s nothing else I’ve seen on the market to replace the X2
You are a genius Joseph! Thank God for making you so smart! :)
Do you have a video about doing multi (moving) camera green screen and the program is used directly for live streaming to internet?
Not sure what you mean by "moving green screen"… green screens can't move because the lights would have to move with it.
@PhotoJoseph Sorry. I mean the camera is moving around. E.g. in a studio with people doing exercise/ballet and the cameras are moving following their movement.
That would be a HUGE green screen. You’re talking Hollywood level. I certainly have not done that ;-)
India...tell me more!
Full info at — reservations on hold due to the global situation, but I'm still hopeful that things clear up by November
What about using hardware from Elgato and Epiphan for switching and recording?
Hey Joseph, Great info here. I use Atem mini with AJA Helo (hardware encoder) and I want to see if you have any suggestions for on the fly graphics solutions, i.e. creating lower thirds in the middle of a live show. I’ve tried using Photoshop, but it’s a very lengthy process, and I’m also experimenting with ecamm live hdmi out, but I feel like maybe there’s a better option out there.
Static lower thirds? Actually the photoshop option with the ATEM plugin is pretty amazing. You can push graphics from photoshop directly to air. I haven't done it with the Mini, but I'm 99% sure it works just like on the big ATEMs. I've never done a demo on that, but it'd be a good one. ecamm out then keying out the green has a lot of potential. I just played with that (trial version only) on my last live show and it worked pretty well. Probably could be awesome with some more tweaking.
@PhotoJoseph I've done ecamm hdmi out with luma key and it works great to the downstream keyer, however I have been encountering transparency issues when routing it to the upstream keyer, which I would prefer to use for the flying keys. I would love to see you explore these options! thanks for all the great content
How would you use your ATEM Mini to stream to two or more platforms at the same time? YouTube, Facebook and Instagram
you'd use a restreamer, like
Thanks for all the info! How would you compare this setup vs the new Atem mini pro with built in live streaming capabilities?
Considering you can't get the X2 anymore, I'd say the ATEM Mini Pro is the favorable option ;-)
Are you going to do a tutorial video like this for the ATEM Mini Pro?
I am! It’s sitting on my desk right now.
This is fantastic! Thank you so much:) How do I run my audio from Logic Pro X to sync with this setup? We are a live duo and need the reverb, piano/guitar inputs etc. I don't just want to send dry signal. Does that make sense?
you could send audio straight from the Mac into the audio line input on the ATEM Mini, or thorugh a small mixer
Sent in a “suggestion” to the dev team to add audio delay on inputs 1/2, got a response that it was being “passed along”.... here is hoping! I understand the newest firmware has helped with this as well....
yeah, they've heard it from all sides ;-)
Can't find any ATEM mini's in stock very long wait times from blackmagic. Now that I'm teaching on-line from home (due to covid19) I need one of these to effectively deliver content to my students.
You and every other teacher, presenter, educator, etc. on the planet. Place your order now so you’re in line. Don’t wait for them to show up in stores to try to order one.
It looks like the new ATEM Mini Pro can now do all of these features internally.
That is correct! Amazing product:
@PhotoJoseph but not Wifi right? :)
@sonicultura Correct, the Atem Mini Pro needs a LAN connection. However, there's a cheap hack! Get a small wireless router from Amazon. The router can get wifi from your jetpack, and you can go LAN out of the router to the Atem Mini Pro.
Excellent video! Thanks for sharing :)
Thanks for watching!
I read your death by powerpoint slide! Great stuff.
haha thanks!
Hi Joseph! Still high quality stuff posted! Congrats! :)
Unfortunately our last event we failed with Zoom to live on fb, so we are looking for a hardware solution. The Webcaster X2 is not available.
Can You recommend any other hardware instead? It's been very hard time find any of it in the same price range.
Thank for Your help! Greetings from Hungary! ;)
There's nothing else in this price range. It's very frustrating… I really wish Epiphan had made a lot more of these!!
You just sold me on the AYEM Mini. Even though I saw your previous video about the ATEM Mini, now I completely realize how it can be integrated into a more powerful system. Thank you very much.
Right on! And now there's the ATEM Mini Pro… which is just incredible, and basically is the combination of this Mini and the X2, plus even more.
Can this stream to Vimeo Live or be configured to stream to a generic RTMP?
generic RTSP, yes. Vimeo Live, not directly but via RTSP, yes.
@PhotoJoseph So I own an atem mini and you can stream to any platform including fb live by selecting the camera option instead of doing a stream key. The disadvantage in fb live's case is that fb premiere partners are allowed to stream in 1080p. So with the atem mini you can only stream in 720p but if you added the webcaster x2 from what i'm gathering from fb and other companies is you can now stream in 1080p to fb live.
I'm a little confused… you can't stream from the ATEM Mini alone. You have to have either a computer running software like OBS or using YouTube's "webcam" feature (I don't know if Facebook has a webcam streaming feature as well), or hardware like the X2. If Facebook Partners have the ability to stream at 1080p then I don't know how that's accessed, but since you can definitely stream to FB using RTSP then I don't see why it'd matter what solution you used.
Thank you. I’ve ordered the ATEM mini thanks to this video, to use with my gh5. Not sure when it will arrive though, due to current world circumstances. In light of this, I’m looking at interim capture card solutions, and to complicate this, I’m looking to help a friend setup a live steam setup with my old Gh4. Trying to make it user friendly for him, giving him my 70d and beachtek, in the hope of capturing decent audio for the stream. Now comes the question...thanks for listening so far, and let me say that I’ve just watched and somewhat absorbed your thoughts on live-streaming with a YAGH. There’s a YAGH for sale for $600 AUD here, and I’m wondering if that would give the best audio, with more reliable hdmi output than the small gh4 hdmi jack, allowing me to power, along with the gh4, with ac power. Getting a bit complex, I guess I’m asking if the YAGH is much more solid as a steaming device as compared to the gh4/beachtek/mini hdmi setup. AC power seems king to me for this person...9v rechargeable don’t. Thanks for your time your work, I can sleep happy now that I’ve asked....who am I kidding, brain is buzzing! Andrew, Sydney
Hi Andrew. AUD$600 seems like a lot for a YAGH considering how old the camera is (I'm not looking at prices, just referencing what it seems like it should be worth). So you're trying to address three things; power, XLR and a bigger HDMI port, right? You're correct that you'll have all these things in the YAGH, but…

Power can be addressed with a very inexpensive dummy battery solution, like this:

HDMI is certainly nice to have a bigger more solid port, but since the camera won't be moving, I'd say a little gaff tape will hold it in place and you'll be fine.

XLR is the bigger one. What mic solution are you using? One of the reasons I went XLR was so I could have a mic that doesn't require a battery. (This is the one I have, by the way ). You can certainly get a good quality mic that plugs into the 3.5mm jack that'll work great for a webcam setup, but if you, like me, didn't want to have to worry about batteries, then XLR is a good way to go. So now even if you do go the Beachtek route, that's still only like USD$150 right, so still quite a lot cheaper.

The YAGH certainly adds convenience, but it may be a bit overpriced for what you're trying to achieve.

You didn't say how you're converting HDMI to USB, which is also a challenge to buy today. One other advantage of the YAGH is that it converts HDMI to SDI, and you may have an easier time finding SDI to USB converters.

Good luck!
PhotoJoseph Thanks so much for that detailed response mate, really appreciate that. I did in fact buy the YAGH- I made an offer of $400 on eBay and to my surprise they accepted. About $240 USD. I’m trying to gift a high quality studio setup to an old friend who will rely on live streaming multiple times a week for their business, but live-streaming from a small apartment, where the tripod will no doubt be moved back an forward. I had a beachtek to offer, but the battery exchanging was one more step I was trying to avoid. I probably could’ve/should’ve though, but it’s done now. Manage to find a nutty professor to wire me up an ac adapter, geez Panasonic. I liked the idea of the sd adapter too, but I wasn’t sure of the frame rate options for a pal region, particularly 1080p 25fps. I have a elgato, a Magewell, and an ATEM mini on order, the last one thanks to you. That looks exciting. Hopefully it all arrives shortly, and I can join the world of live streaming. I’m sure I’ll have some question then, but you’ve spoken so much about the yagh, I will be sure to revisit those. Love your work, thanks again! Andrew- Sydney
Good luck with it all!
You are a Genious!
LOL, I know many who'd disagree, but I'll take it!! 😂
Thank you!
you're welcome!
When you switch between different videos. Does it only provide the audio picked up that mic?
audio can follow video or it can be locked on any/all channels. Watch the main video if you want the full lowdown
If you wanted to set up two inputs with wireless HDMI is there a way to accommodate for the delay with the BM atem mini?
Unfortunately the audio can not be programmed to a specific delay. I would recommend using the Behringer Shark as it's the most affordable hardware I know of that'll do the programmable delay.
Great video as usual from Joseph. Too bad that there are no ATEM Minis for sale anywhere in the country, and Webcaster X2 is discontinued.
Yeah… the ATEMs sold out because of the current health crisis and the X2 was discontinued but also not supposed to sell out this quickly!
Webcaster X2 has been discontinued.
Yeah, this is a bummer. I just heard back from Epiphan about this. Basically the product is EOL (end of life) and they aren't manufacturing any more. They did not expect the last manufacturing run of these to sell out so quickly — I'm sure the COVID experience had something to do with that. They wouldn't give me a time frame of when to expect anything to replace it, but I've know the company for a long time and while they have NOT said this to me (just making it clear that this is pure speculation), I am personally confident that they will replace it ASAP. The X2 was an excellent product with clear opportunity for improvement, and I don't see them ignoring this market.
Thanks for putting this together.
my pleasure! This was a fun one.
So the X2 is totally discontinued, any further thoughts?
Yeah, this is a bummer. I just heard back from Epiphan about this. Basically the product is EOL (end of life) and they aren't manufacturing any more. They did not expect the last manufacturing run of these to sell out so quickly — I'm sure the COVID experience had something to do with that. They wouldn't give me a time frame of when to expect anything to replace it, but I've know the company for a long time and while they have NOT said this to me (just making it clear that this is pure speculation), I am personally confident that they will replace it ASAP. The X2 was an excellent product with clear opportunity for improvement, and I don't see them ignoring this market.
AJA Helo... which also add recording to usb or xd cards

Does the x2 allow you to stream through so that you can hit all three major platforms at the same time?

It sure does! You can stream to RTSP from the X2.

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