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a new phase for LUMIX… the LUMIX S5II

Photo Moment - January 04, 2023

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After years of development, Panasonic has finally released their new camera – the LUMIX S5II! This camera is a game changer – it has an incredible autofocus system that makes shooting photos and videos a lot easier and more fun. In this video, we'll take a look at the new features of the LUMIX S5II and see just how feature packed it is. If you're looking to upgrade your camera or if you're just curious about this new camera – this is the video for you!

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LUMIX S5 vs S5II vs S5IIX Chart


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Comments from YouTube

I watch so many of your videos and can’t believe I haven’t subscribed. You’re wife is right 😅
Haha thank you, I’ll be sure to tell her!
Great video per usual. I'd love to see you dedicate an entire video to Real-Time LUTs.
Awesome. It’s on the list!
J, do you think PDAF will be offered in a firmware update to current S1H owners, or is this just new (old) "tech" baked in to new cameras?
it's hardware, sorry
Yes to still photo workflow
It’s in progress!
An off-topic comment: I really liked the camera zoom/move effect when you were sitting on the chair and leaning forwards and backwards. I think I'm going to steal this idea. I guess you did it in the post, right?
Thanks! And yes, in post. An advantage of shooting 6K for a 4K delivery!
Oh wait… maybe this was 4K to start… I don’t remember. But anyway 6K start is best and yes it’s done in post ☺️
Hello, I have purchased Lumix S5 october 2022, and now you released a new S5II camera, why did Panasonic sell Lumix s5 camera with autofocus issue. all time S5 have a problem with autofocus. At least they have should recall application for all Lumix S5 cameras . They sell defective camera on 2 years. Now they corrected auto focus defect issue and call it Lumix S5II. This is not fair. I am felling like a donkey.

Thank you Panasonic.
I’m sorry you feel this way but it was not a defective camera. LUMIX cameras have had a contrast based auto focus system since forever. This is the first camera of a whole new generation of AF for LUMIX called PDAF. Your AF isn’t defective — PDAF is just better.
Does this camera take in the same lenses as a gh5
No, this is the full frame LUMIX line, with the L-Mount lenses. GH5 is Micro Four Thirds.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks pal
Great explain, full details explain wow, 😊
Glad it was helpful!
amazing. bye bye Fuji. bake your own LUT as you shoot, stills or video? WOW. AF is of course the big story, but the ability to grade in camera? awesome. MARTY SENDER YOU TUBE
That's awesome!
Hello I need to decide between S5 ii and S5 Ii x and thought you could help, I have questions about the X :
- can you record internally while Livestream? If so, can you record 4k and stream hd via wifi hotspot?
- does it have timecode freerun ?

Thanks a lot, I couldnt find these info anywhere, and since you are familiar with all the Lumix cameras I thought you could help.
We don't know yet if the S5IIX will record while live streaming. The GH5II does not offer that capability however. And it does have freerun timecode, yes. There's just no timecode input/output on the S5II or S5IIX. The GH6, GH5II, S1H, BGH1 and BS1H support timecode in and out.
@PhotoJoseph thank you for your reply. Since I have your attention there's one basic feature I'd love to see on the gh6 via firmware update but I have no idea where to submit it : video in 50P 4:3 no crop (they decide the resolution based on what it can do). In this day and age where everything goes on Instagram as well, it'd be super useful for many content creators... Some slow -mo here and there gives much flexibility on the editing.
I love Panasonic. Now more than ever. I might have to get a ff now.
You will love it! I use both MFT and FF depending on the needs.
when you adapted EF lenses you only used primes , did you try telephoto zoom too ? are they incompatible with the s5ii ?
I only tested primes because that’s most of what I own and what I’m most interested in. I have an old 24-70/2.8 and 70-200/4 and those work too, but those lenses exist from Panasonic in L Mount so I was less interested to try.
@PhotoJoseph did the new autofocus worked too on the telephoto ?
@solarion33 yes. Some lenses work better than others. I didnt stress test the 70-200 since I have that same lens in native L Mount though.
As a GH6 owner, this is very useful 5:57 , however i may wait for the S5iix to release for the additional features it has over the S5ii. Thanks for the review 👍
The GH6 has Synchro Scan too!
So nice to finally see you in focus after all these years @PhotoJoseph 😅
Bring on a successor to my G9 at around $1299 with this fantastic PDAF, dual UHS-2 SD card slots, with unlimited 4K60 uncropped and I'll bite 😆😆
Next gen livestreaming stuff a la Gh5mark2'd be nice too 🤠
This S5mark2 is the best full frame on the market yet, for sure (A7S3 4K60 crop/IBIS was unusable and too expensive imo). But I won't spend $3K+ upgrading to FF with new lenses etc if there isn't FF 4K60 uncropped that comes with it..
If S1Hmark2 comes at $2.5k, with uncropped 4K60 (even 8K?), we'll see 🤗
Great video bro!
Thanks man! Yours too. Great hanging in Japan-land!
Great video Joseph, So So glad the auto focus has been nailed and long awaited....Panasonic have always been fantastic along with all the embedded little goodies that come along with them' I love the live comp mode... Anyhow great review and the best to you for 2023....Take care from the u. k....
Thank you!
great video as always.
I'm really curious about the software\app control on the s5ii as you covered it on the past on other lumix cameras.

my thinking is that if I could choose the focus point remotely on the computer\app for live streaming and it will stick dependently that would definitely encourage me to get a few s5ii..
So, you can change focus modes but I don’t believe you can attach the tracking target to a subject remotely, if that’s what you’re asking. But I wouldn’t rely on that for a live stream. Face detection works great and that’s what I’d use.
Recent subscriber (today - kudos to your wife). I am still sporting the Canon 5D Mark III, and the S5 II is really interesting (especially allowing me to adopt my EF lenses), but I use Godox AD200's. Would this S5 II use the Olympus Xpro-O 4/3 Godox controller, or is this more a Leica flash system. I've been thinking about going with the Canon EOS R6 II, but this has really captured my attention, especially at this price.
I work for Panasonic and can confirm we use the Olympus flash protocol. We even have 2 Godox flashes in our cabinet at the booth to Demo and many of our ambassadors use the Godox Oly transmitter.
All my flashes are Godox Olympus/Panasonic. They work great!
The Canon lenses AF test helped me a ton!!! Thanks!!!

I was hoping to see the 24-70mm f/2.8 L and 70-200mm f/2.8 tested too. But, you did test the 85mm and 100mm that I have too.
Awesome! I don’t own the 70-200/2.8. I do have the original 24-70 but didn’t put that one on as it isn’t “special” like the others — especially that 85!! 🤤
@PhotoJoseph bokeh-lishous!!! I love my 85mm f/1.2
The sigma 18-35 1.8 EF lens is very popular. We use it a lot on our productions... The S5 II is a great APSC camera aswell: 4k50, good rolling shutter performance... And unlike the first S5 you can shoot hd@100fps in APSC mode too.
Lumix is king how I can become an ambassador I use 2 Lumix G9 and a gh5mkii ... @photojoseph let me know!!!!!!🙏👍👍
Be an ambassador on social, YouTube, etc and get noticed. No one applies. We are invited.
@PhotoJoseph thank you and keep up the amazing and detailed work you do🙏👍
I really hope we get a G9 Mk 2 with PDAF.
Joseph, great review.

Which would you recommend the 5ii or the X?
That’s why I listed all the features here; so you can make your own decision!
@PhotoJoseph I’m going for the X, even though I am not that patient 😅
Rather happy with this release, in lieu of trying it. My S5 is awesome and this is a big deal especially for a mkii
Very slick, Joseph!
Thanks Bob!
Best S5ii review hands down. Straightforward no nonsense and useful info. Thank you. - had a question maybe you can answer… waveforms… can you make them go away after you hit record in the S5ii? On my s5 I can’t seem to make them go away after hitting record. Also can you resize them like I believe you can I the Gh6?
Thank you! Yes you can resize and reposition the waveform monitor. To hide it after you start recording, press the Disp. button, but it doesn’t automatically hide while recording.
Getting it next year!
Seriously, I've binge-watched about 20 reviews on this thing and your review hits all thr important bits. Best review. Well done. I feel like this SiiX will be the perfect camera at that price point. Happy days! Panasonic finally came through with AF. I imagine it will only get better as firmware improves.
Wow, thanks! I really appreciate that.
Your wife is right. Subscribed. Thanks for the great content.
Thanks for the sub! ☺️ (and I’ll let her know hehe)
Is it useful for action sports please ?
Of course! At 30fps stills… heck yeah!
Yes please,adding luts to my photos, but what about video ,is that possible??
I don’t understand the question. The entire discussion of real-time LUT was for video, except my mention of what I’m most excited about. Yes I’ll do a follow up video on stills.
Also, you are by far one of the best Reps that knows how to deliver information. Well done sir! Great review.
I appreciate that!
Anytime, looking forward to the S5 IIX I just pre-ordered. This review really stepped me up to order the S5 IIX as an existing owner of an S5. Wife has one too. Brilliant. Thanks.
Damn, I have the S5. I may have to add the S5iiX.
Good choice ;-)
Great video as ever Joseph! Would definitely love to hear more about Real Time LUTs for photography/jpegs. I agree, really exciting feature!! Incidentally, does this mean this could mimic say Fujifilm's film simulation recipe feature (well, kind of!)? Keep up the work! Cheers 👍
Thanks! And yes, that's the idea!
@PhotoJoseph wow so cool, this could open up so many possibilities, well played Panasonic! Appreciate your super quick response too, thank you.
Let me applaud you for hanging onto and testing the 1.)Canon 85mm f/1.2 and 2.)Canon 100mm Macro. Two kick-ass lenses which NOW will work with this Lumix SLR type body and continuously autofocus. Well worth waiting for, and high performance on any camera body (finally). 👍
yeah I'm stoked I still have those. The only lens I sold from that collection was the 400mm f/4 as it was worth a lot and sadly at the time I needed the money!
Wait, I need the link to those gloves!
Right? They're awesome!
@PhotoJoseph What are they called?? Where can I get some??
@Kyle Lowe “vallerret”, just like it shows on the label! They’re great.
Ah! it was too small on my screen. thanks!
I would definetely buy the S5 II X "TODAY" , but as it will be released by the end of May, I'm quite sure the cuncurrency will come up with quite a good stuff till there..
I get it!
Badazz!Thank you. Cant wait for the gh6 on steroids.Thanks again
You and me both!
Panasonic please, please, PLEASE show some love to Micro Four Thirds (GH series)

The S5iix will be the only camera to possibly make me move to full frame but I love the capabilities of my MFT camera.
You do know the GH6 just came out, right?
@PhotoJoseph Maybe you could show me where the Phased autofocus button is on my Gh6?
does the s5II have livecompose for long exposure photos? That was missing from the GH6, but was on S5
it's NOT there! Dang… I wonder if this is left out of the latest OS for some reason. I will see what I can find out.
@PhotoJoseph Thanks, Joseph, I shoot quite a bit of night shots and that is an incredable feature.
We got finally autofocus but now I hear Lumix axed timecode 😪
Timecode wasn’t in the S5 either. Timecode is on the H cameras… GH5II, GH5S, GH6, BGH1, S1H.
Sorry wife, I'm already subscribed.
😂 I’ll let her know!
Nice video! Did they tell you when the RAW over HDMI license would be available for purchase? I just pre-ordered the S5-II and I'm selling my S1H but I want to get RAW over HDMI ASAP
Not that I've heard. I would assume though it may not be until the S5IIX is out, but that's an assumption and hopefully incorrect! I'd like to see it sooner.
Hi Joseph, the previous S line models are gonna get this new AF by firmware update?
I doubt it… they’ll need a whole new sensor… hardware issue and not a software one…
This is an entire new sensor, not something that can be upgraded by software.
waitin vlog to arrid log 709 lut
Can’t wait to try one.
That ending thought is the exact same thought I had
Oh sweet! Now I just need someone with an Arri to test it 😄
I am a canon shooter and also a lumix shooter, I kept my FZ2500 when I sold my other lumix camera as it had much better auto focus and better image quality than my g7.
I always said if Panasonic would just put phase detect af in their cameras they would have a killer of a camera.
No one puts all the features that Panasonic does at this price point.
My FZ 2500 is the same the features in that camera are just insane.
My canons are outstanding and do a excellent job, but I can always make room for a S5 mkii x
Outstanding job Panasonic!
That is awesome to hear!
That FZ2000 camera somehow is still in use on my productions too... Every year I'm thinking it's the last season and every year it proves useful again for outdoor sports Livestream. Like all Panasonic gear, it's feature packed, rock solid, but how it uses so little power in HD rec+ clean HDMI out remains a mystery.
@McRon FPV so true, it’s still a excellent camera in 2023 which is amazing if you think about it.
Plus it has built in nd filters which is crazy for a camera under a thousand dollars.
good hanging with you in japan!
Likewise my man… let's go back!
When you say HFR for the x version is that basically saying it will do 48p in 4K uncropped so a slightly slower alternative to no uncropped 60p? Or is there something different in calling it HFR versus just another 4K uncropped mode?
Check the chart at — HFR modes apply both cameras. It's the 10-bit S&Q that only applies to the S5IIX. The only difference between a "standard" frame rate and an HFR one is that HFR aren't common broadcast frame rates, so anything outside of 23.98, 29.97, 24, 25 and 59.94 qualify as HFR.
@PhotoJoseph I see, was confused because the fact some rates are only available in crop modes isn't shown under the HFR section. Hoping there might have been a FF 48p mode for lack of a 60. I realize it's hard to account for all the exceptions.
Lovely video as always!! I think the S52 is in line with the S5 in not getting the Optical Low Pass Filter (same as S1H) …what about the S52x in this respect? I use an S5 and S1H side by side a lot and it makes a big difference to the image on all focal lengths. I’ve wondered why this feature isn’t toggle-able??
Both S5II and S5IIX have the same sensor, both without LPF. It's not toggle-able because it's hardware. It's a physical filter on the sensor that blurs the image slightly to eliminate moire. By removing it (as LUMIX has done since the GX8), you get a sharper image at the expense of potential moire.
@PhotoJoseph ahhhh…ok. Interesting. Thanks mate. I think the S52x still sounds better on paper than the S1H for me, especially getting open gate at 25fps( for us citizens of the Commonwealth) so I’ll sell the S1H to buy the S52x and keep my Black Pro Mists handy!
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