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Setting Up Touch Screen Autofocus on LUMIX Cameras ► Helpful Tool or Too Much Trouble?

Photo Moment - January 22, 2018

LUMIX cameras can turn the touch screen into a “trackpad” so you can touch-to-focus and control the Autofocus point while looking through the viewfinder. PhotoJoseph is going to show you how to set it up and how it works!

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Lost focus icon disappeared. Do you know how to get it back on the touch screen?
is god sent u from heaven for me?
Great stuff , thank you :)
my pleasure
I can't find the settings to turn on the touch screen. How do I find it?
please watch the video again. I’m quite sure in this video I showed that, since that’s what this video is about.
This would be great to use when you are trying to use touch autofocus while using an external monitor. Would there be a better solution?
I’m not sure what the question is? You can touch to AF (on the camera screen) when using an external monitor.
PhotoJoseph I originally wanted a way to use touch AF while having the camera display off so I can simply use my external monitor. Your video gave me the solution, which was to switch to LVF. But is there a way to have both LVF and camera display off but still have touch AF?
I don’t think I so, sorry. But the if the LVF is on, even if you’re not using it, it doesn’t matter, does it?
Hi Joseph, I luckily watched this video straight after I bought my GH5s last year and have used and loved this setting ever since. I have a shoot pending that will need AFC 1-Area so I have disabled touch settings, set camera to AFC and lens to AF but when I point the camera at my subject it doesn't focus, so I tried moving to face detection and the boxes appear but the subject stays blurry - can you help!
Assuming you're not in a VFR mode, it sounds like you also disabled constant AF. Does it focus when you half-press the shutter?
Everytime I am recording video in MP4 LPCM the touch focus is not working... only in MOV. Am I doing something wrong?
Very interesting. Never heard that but I also always shoot in MOV. And you’re sure the touch settings aren’t changing with the mode? What camera?
@PhotoJoseph GH5, I will look more deeply into the menus to see if I need to activate something for that specific recording format...
@PhotoJoseph just learned that when VFR is on, touch focus does not work
That is correct. WHen in VFR, AF doesn't work at all so hence touch focus won't work either.
I did what you said but when i tap on the screen, i get the large grid with small white boxes. when i tap on the screen, i get the yellow boxes that show what is in focus. i'd rather have the small yellow box like what you have. do you know how i get that? thanks!
Sounds like you’re in the custom AF area designer. Not sure how you would have gotten there following the directions. Power cycle the camera and start over, following my steps precisely; that’s the best advice I can give now.
Had the same issue, just figured it out. You're set to 225-Area focus mode. Press the Fn1 button and choose 1-Area focus. It'll get rid of the grid and give you the box.
great video as usual! i needed this! couldn't figure it out on my GH5
Even Offset or Exact they do exact the same thing both ;) gh5
Bill Politis just occurred to me… you have the 12-35/2.8 lens right? You didn’t say “Mark II” so I’ll assume it’s the original. That lens, I’m 90% sure, has a firmware update too. It probably needs it.
@PhotoJoseph No its the mkii
Bill Politis dang. Well, still check for updates. Barring that, you may have to call Panasonic. Without seeing it it’s very hard for me to troubleshoot
@PhotoJoseph So i informed that with 16-35 2.8 II or the 35-100 2.8 II ...when you turn on the switch the DUAL 2 is working ...when its switch is off NO Dual IS working...thats all! It's also mentioned in the manual, here is what it says:
• When using an interchangeable lens with O.I.S. switch (such as H-ES12060), stabilizer function is activated if the O.I.S. switch of the lens is set to [ON]. ([ ] is set at the time of purchase).
To be honest there's no reason to use lens OIS without's pointless!!! I think this is the new update philosophy.....Stabilizer or Not Stabilizer!!hahah!!
I own a gh5 this helped me tremedously! Thanks!
is this gx9 camera sufficient to take videos of a toddler, running across the camera and towards it using this technique? much appreciated
Been doing this for years on my gx85. Essential for wildlife photography. You dont have time to waste manually moving it with 40 button presses.
how to remove [AF] icon in MF mode on gh5?
I don't know what you mean… can you explain more please?
@PhotoJoseph there's an af icon at the bottom right of my screen. If i switch to manual mode it is appearing on the screen but if i switch on autofocus mode it will disappear. Just wanto to get rid of that icon in manual mode because i want to put my waveform at the bottom right of my screen. Thank you😊
Hm, it seems like the only way to do this is to turn off the touch screen entirely. Go to Custom (C-wrench) > Operation > Touch Settings and turn Touch Screen OFF. But of course this turns off the entire touch screen. Or if you have a manual lens, then this button doesn't appear. It's the button to force auto focus while in manual focus. There may be another way to turn that off but I didn't just find it, sorry.
@PhotoJoseph yeah I tried turning off the touch screen. But of course i want to stay that enabled. Anyway, Thank you so much for your response😊 more power🙏
PhotoJoseph my focus icon disappeared and I don’t see it anymore. Do you know how I can get it back?
Hi I'm not sure if you'll still get comments on this... I really appreciate your videos about the GH5. I've seen the ones too. Very helpful. A question please.. I'm sure it is possible to use this track pad type focus method when in manual focus mode and looking through the EVF. it works fine for me when looking at the screen but when I look through the EVF and move the focus point on the screen with my thumb the focus assist screen comes up wth magnification but it doesn't focus. Any ideas? I've tried everything. I'm fairly sure it was working like this at some stage.
As usual, a long drawn out video for a small technical tutorial which could have ended in about 4 minutes. Needless talk about your avatar and all that. Some people pompously assume everyone here is their subscriber/follower waiting to know what your doing in life and what you had for breakfast. Get to the point.
“As usual”… so you know my format, but keep coming back for more videos and to complain? 🙄
@PhotoJoseph> Nope Joseph. I saw just 2 videos today and when i knew its "your format" just gave them a thumbs down and exited stage left, to never be viewing any of 'your formats' again. LOL.
Awesome. Thanks for the constructive feedback; always welcome!
I use offset, but is there a way to tap on screen to instantly focus? You still need to half press the shutter or wait a few seconds for the focus to kick in. Tracking seems to be closer to this effect, but 1 area instant tap to focus would be nice.
Your have to tap and drag (which I admit is weird). Even a tap-wiggle is usually enough.
had my G85 a week now, that's such a cool option. Thanks
Is there anywhere I can download some GH5S video files to test.
I see you have a left master eye like me...makes operating the joystick and the other switches to the right of the EVF a little less convenient eh? Makes shooting a shotgun less convenient too, being right-handed! :-)
I do favor the left eye but I can switch it up. I have an upcoming show about that topic actually!
Hey, Photojoseph! This is random, but I was wondering what the reflector to the right of the screen you had was and where you got it? I have been meaning to get one of those for beauty work for a while now. Thanks!
You’re probably talking about the Westcott Eyelighter. Here’s my video on it:
the latest Olympus cameras also have this with one added benifit you can use only the right part of the rear LCD so your nose hitting the left side won't keep changing the focus point.
Is that how they do it? Clever!
Another great tip! BIG help, I can't handle 4k 24 at the moment but I see I can use AVCD 1080 24fps plus it get almost triple the record time. If I use 1080 30fps it get less than 1hr. Will you see a difference in quality of the two format? Final output will be for youtube. Thanks for all the help.
Definitely. AVCHD is much more compressed. But try it side by side and compare for yourself. The difference may be negligible. It all depends on what you’ll do to the file. If you are basically just uploading straight to YouTube then AVCHD will likely be perfectly fine. If you want to edit and color grade though, it won’t be as nice.
Great video about this awsome feature that made me switch from canon to panasonic when I first got my hands on the GX7.
M43 is just amazing !
GX8 has it but my nose does tend to move my focus point. Currently I use an fn button to turn off the touch screen. I think I just need to train myself to look through the viewfinder using my other eye to prevent moving the focus points.
Yep, switching eyes can definitely help!
I'm using the G85 and never knew about the function, thanks a lot! It's on page 8 and apparently you can focus without looking into the EVF
That's correct you don't have to look through the EVF you can just drag the focus point around the screen.
I find exact and offset work the same for me on the G85
Thanks for yours videos, I Prefer the A illustration, Ciao.
Just in case no-one else chimed in with this answer, even Lumix Bridge cameras with touch capability, such as my FZ-300, can do it.
Thanks for confirming!
G7 does have the touch screen autofocus. It is on page 8 of the wrench C screen. 11:49
Awesome, never knew about this. Thanks for the great info. And yes I got the Panasonic 45-150mm lens for my G7 at Amazon for $148. Amazon still had the sale price at 2am.
WOW that's a deal
Thanks for the video, please, does it works even on Atomos Inferno connected to the camera?
Yep, absolutely.
I was using EXACT and OFFSET is so much better for what I need :D. thanks
Happy to upgrade your knowledge! ;-)
What do you guys think? Can you see yourself using this feature or do you see it getting in the way?

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