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  • Released: 2017/03/17
    0:53 hr

    ON1 Photo RAW: Develop

    Live Training Session 702

    This is our first of two (or three?) dives into the Develop modules in ON1 Photo RAW. I took a slightly different approach than normal to this one…

  • Released: 2017/03/10
    0:42 hr

    ON1 Photo RAW: Browse

    Live Training Session 701

    You asked me to take another look at ON1 Photo RAW, and to give it a fair shake… so I did! Let's deep dive into this app, starting with the Browse module. 

  • Released: 2017/03/08
    1:04 hr

    Macphun Luminar, Editing Techniques

    Live Training Session 608

    Now that we know our way around Luminar reasonably well, let's have some editing fun! I selected a few archival photos to see what I could do with them.

  • Released: 2017/02/28
    0:48 hr

    Aurora HDR 2017 Luminosity Masking

    Live Training Session 403

    Macphun's Aurora HDR 2017 includes a powerful tool called the Luminosity Mask. It's an advanced way to work, but once you understand it, it's very powerful.

  • Released: 2017/02/13
    0:44 hr

    Do you know how Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile integrate, and how to best travel with just a mobile device? This Live Training shows you how.

  • Released: 2017/02/08
    0:31 hr

    PLŌTAGRAPH Pro, Basics

    Live Training Session 800

    Want to make your photos come to life? PLŌTAGRAPH Pro is an incredible app that does something crazy… it animates your still photos into movies!

  • Released: 2017/02/06
    1:00 hr

    ON1 Photo RAW; First Look

    Live Training Session 700

    Watch for free! ON1 has released it's long-awaited RAW processor, ON1 Photo RAW. In this “first look” video, we approach it with fresh eyes—but is it ready...

  • Released: 2017/02/01
    1:00 hr

    Lightroom for Aperture Users: Live Edit

    Live Training Session 216

    How any photographer photo edits is a very personal thing… the look, emotion, and experience very much depends on you. Join me as I edit photos from Oaxaca!

  • Released: 2017/01/30
    0:57 hr

    Capture One Pro, Color Tab

    Live Training Session 504

    Capture One Pro has an extensive Color Tab and is one of the reasons people who love Capture One, do. Check out what's here, and what you may be missing!

  • Released: 2017/01/26
    0:48 hr

    Macphun Luminar; Layers Masks

    Live Training Session 607

    Layers masks in Macphun Luminar are quite impressive, with layer and adjustment masks, linear, radial and brush tools, and automatic luminosity masks!

  • Released: 2017/01/11
    0:53 hr

    Macphun Luminar; Adjustments 4

    Live Training Session 606

    It's finally time to wrap up the last of the adjustments in Luminar; the surprisingly capable and robust image editor from Macphun!

  • Released: 2016/12/20
    0:44 hr

    Macphun Luminar; Pluto Update

    Live Training Session 605

    Macphun just updated their Luminar app with a “Pluto” designation… why? I don't know… is it out of this world? Let's find out!



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