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  • Released: 2015/04/11
    5:09 hr

    Photos for OS X Basic Training

    Everything you need to know to get started with Photos

    Intrigued by the new Photos app for OS X, and how it interacts with Photos on iOS? This basic training video will take you through everything there is to know about Photos from Apple.

  • Released: 2015/04/06

    There's No Excuse for Bad Photography!

    An ebook for the beginning or hobbyist photographer

    If you love taking pictures, but can't seem to get past making photos that look just like everyone else's bad photos on Facebook, then this eBook is for you. It covers basics in lighting, perspective, composition and more.

  • Released: 2014/11/26
    39:07 hr

    Live Training Super Bundle

    001+101 collection; 39+ hours, 50% off

    This is the complete original *and* newer ApertureExpert Live Training series, sessions 001 to 025 and 101 to 118. It contains over 39 hours of training, and in this bundle is 50% off.

  • Released: 2014/11/26
    17:38 hr

    Live Training Complete (101-119)

    101 collection… 17+ hours of video, 33% off

    This is the complete *newer* ApertureExpert Live Training series, dubbed 101, which started with Session 101 “Importing your Photos”, through Session 119 “Books”, all recorded in 2014 in Aperture 3.5 and 3.6.

  • Released: 2014/11/06
    This script does something very simple, yet very powerful—it allows you to export versions of photos to multiple export presets at once. Need to export full size and half size and 1024 pixel JPEGs, or any other combination, over and over again? Then your’e...
  • Released: 2014/11/06
    1:15 hr


    Live Training Session 119

    Printed media may be on the decline, but there's still nothing like viewing your photos in a printed book. Whether you're making books to deliver to clients, to commemorate a family vacation, or just as a showcase of your own favorite photos, Aperture is an easy and affordable way to...

  • Released: 2014/10/27
    1:19 hr


    Live Training Session 118

    At some point, you have to export your photos from Aperture. Easy enough, right? And it is… but there are so many options that can make your exporting easier and more consistent — if you set them up.

  • Released: 2014/10/10
    0:56 hr

    Photography 101

    Shooting in Low Light

    An introduction to the creative options and challenges involved in low-light shooting: indoors, outdoors, and under the stars.

  • Released: 2014/10/07
    0:58 hr


    Live Training Session 117

    I love Places! It’s one of my favorite features to play with in Aperture. Sure it has nothing to do with actually editing your photos, but there’s something about seeing them scattered around the globe as pins on a map that I just adore.

  • Released: 2014/09/24
    0:50 hr

    Open Q&A: Ask Anything!

    Live Training Session 116

    We hadn't done one of these in a while, so it was time… Adjustments are wrapped (at least all the main ones), so before moving on we got many outstanding questions answered.

  • Released: 2014/09/03
    0:51 hr

    Edge Sharpening, Chromatic Aberration control, and the Color Monochrome. Totally unrelated topics, but the next three adjustments we'll tackle in this Live Training session!

  • Released: 2014/08/29
    1:14 hr

    Photography 101

    Shooting Macros and Close-Ups

    Discover the world of close-up and macro shooting with this concise, approachable introduction.


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