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  • Released: 2022/11/02

    This photography tour is sure to be one of the most incredible travel and photo education experiences you've ever had. Just seven guests maximum for 13 days and nights, from Nov 17 to Nov 30, 2023 will tour vibrant, colorful India on an adventure...

  • Released: 2019/04/06
    0:40 hr

    RAW Power: Wrap-up + Q&A

    Live Training Session 2105

    In this final session on RAW Power, we looked more closely at batch processing on both macOS and iOS, and checked out the Camera-specific preset.

  • Released: 2019/03/30
    0:40 hr

    RAW Power: Editing Tools pt 2

    Live Training Session 2104

    In the previous session, we learned all about the editing tools. In this session, we saw them in use! Watch my editing decisions, made in realtime.

  • Released: 2019/03/23
    0:50 hr

    RAW Power: Editing Tools pt 1

    Live Training Session 2103

    In this session, we see every adjustment RAW Power has to offer, such as White Balance, Curves, Definition, Chromatic Aberration, Perspective and more!

  • Released: 2019/03/16
    0:32 hr

    RAW Power: RAW Processing

    Live Training Session 2102

    You know what RAW Power is really good at? RAW Decoding! (Bet you're surprised). This session covers all the RAW Processing capabilities.

  • Released: 2019/03/09
    0:23 hr

    RAW Power: Asset Management

    Live Training Session 2101

    Did you know you can use RAW Power as a standalone app, independent of Apple Photos? Learn all about its own asset management capabilities!

  • Released: 2019/03/02
    0:28 hr

    RAW Power: Overview

    Live Training Session 2100

    RAW Power is a RAW processor for macOS and iOS that works seamlessly with Apple Photos (or stand-alone), providing much more capability and power.

  • Released: 2019/02/16
    0:36 hr

    Luminar 3 with Libraries: Layers

    Live Training Session 2007

    Layers are a curious feature in Luminar, where they are very rarely needed. But let's see how you can use them, and where you probably shouldn't bother.

  • Released: 2019/01/26
    0:33 hr

    Luminar 3 with Libraries: Masking

    Live Training Session 2006

    Masking is a powerful way to control just where your adjustments are applied. And how they're handled is in many way a major advantage of Luminar 3.

  • Released: 2019/01/12
    0:49 hr

    We're finally wrapping up the Filters in Luminar 3! There are a bunch more, getting into the Professional and Utility categories.

  • Released: 2019/01/05
    0:57 hr

    Let's have some fun, and explore the Creative filters Luminar 3 with Libraries, including filters like Cross Processing, Golden Hour and Sunrays.

  • Released: 2018/12/29
    0:36 hr

    This session continues on with the many Filters in Luminar 3 with Libraries, focusing mostly on corrective filters today.



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