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  • Released: 2018/08/25
    0:34 hr

    ON1 Photo RAW: Overview

    Live Training Session 1800

    This is an overview of ON1 Photo RAW (2018). This video is FREE for all to see, and provides a high level overview of the entire app. 

  • Released: 2018/08/17
    1:26 hr

    Caleb Pike, YouTuber "DSLR Video Shooter"

    Business of the Business Interview

    This is our inaugural interview for the new “Business of the Business” interview series, talking with Caleb Pike of the DSLR Video Shooter YouTube channel

  • Released: 2018/08/11
    0:20 hr

    LumaFusion: Green Screen Keying

    Live Training Session 1707

    It's green! It's blue! It's gone! Learn how LumaFusion handles green or any color keying in iOS video production (spoiler alert: it's good… but not perfect)

  • Released: 2018/08/04
    0:46 hr

    LumaFusion: Filters & Effects

    Live Training Session 1706

    Vignettes, blurs, abstracts, color tints, hatch patterns, zooms, sharpening, and twists… all that and a whole lot more lives under Effects in LumaFusion! 

  • Released: 2018/07/29

    This photography tour is sure to be one of the most incredible travel and photography experiences you've ever had, or likely will. Eight guests maximum for nine days and nights will tour vibrant, colorful India on an adventure that saddles the single largest gathering of human beings on the...

  • Released: 2018/07/28
    0:37 hr

    LumaFusion: Color Grading

    Live Training Session 1705

    Explore the Color grading (correction) controls, and learn how to install and use a LUT in LumaFusion in this training video!

  • Released: 2018/07/21
    0:31 hr

    LumaFusion: Reframe & Retime

    Live Training Session 1704

    Learn how to scale, position, crop, and rotate (all with keyframes!), plus speed up or slow down your video in LumaFusion for iOS.

  • Released: 2018/07/14
    0:43 hr

    LumaFusion: Audio

    Live Training Session 1703

    Video is only half of your video… the other half is audio! Learn how to use the tools available in LumaFusion in this chapter of the training series.

  • Released: 2018/06/30
    0:47 hr

    LumaFusion: Timeline & Editing

    Live Training Session 1702

    There are many ways to add and edit clips on your timeline in LumaFusion, and in this video we explore them all — trim, slip, clone, link, and more!

  • Released: 2018/06/23
    0:49 hr

    LumaFusion: Tour & Setup

    Live Training Session 1701

    This tour takes us through just about every menu and option in the app, including showing how to set up a project. Framerate, aspect ratio, and wait… where's resolution?!

  • Released: 2018/06/16
    0:00 hr

    LumaFusion: Overview

    Live Training Session 1700

    This is our first look overview of the LumaFusion iOS video editing app. Yes, this is the first video app we're doing on the site… with more to come! As always the overview is a FREE high level look at the app.

  • Released: 2018/06/09
    0:00 hr

    Pixelmator Pro: Monsoon Update

    Live Training Session 1608

    Just before ending the Pixelmator training, version 1.1 “Monsoon” was released. So this is a quick look at the new features in this update!



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