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  • Released: 2018/05/04
    0:33 hr

    Pixelmator Pro: Type, Styles & Shapes

    Live Training Session 1602

    Styles are a versatile way to add unique looks to shapes and text (and even photos) in your composition. Today we explored the capabilities in depth, including the impressive gradient tool.

  • Released: 2018/04/25
    1:05 hr

    Pixelmator Pro: Adjust Colors

    Live Training Session 1601

    Pixelmator Pro has a robust set of color adjustment tools, including a very cool color replacement! We also cover the basics of exposure adjustment here, making this video a really good primer for anyone new to image adjustments.

  • Released: 2018/04/17
    0:45 hr

    Pixelmator Pro: Overview

    Live Training Session 1600

    We're starting an all-new app, Pixelmator Pro! It's an exciting, dynamic photo and graphic editor that's sure to please most users in need of comprehensive editing tool. Check out this FREE high-level overview!

  • Released: 2018/04/04
    0:39 hr

    Apple Photos: iOS Catchup

    Live Training Session 1511

    It's time to wrap up the Photos sessions, and see what we may have missed on the iOS side of things, and compare a few things on macOS.

  • Released: 2018/03/09
    0:30 hr

    Apple Photos: Memories

    Live Training Session 1510

    Ah, the memories. Your pictures are all about your memories, and Apple Photos wants to help you remember them! It does a pretty sweet job of it, too.

  • Released: 2018/02/28
    0:41 hr

    Apple Photos: Places

    Live Training Session 1509

    When you can see all your photos on a map, it makes exploring your photo history so much fun… and, it helps Apple Photos to build better Memories for you.

  • Released: 2018/02/23
    0:31 hr

    Apple Photos: People

    Live Training Session 1508

    Have you named all the people in your pictures? It's easy, and the more you do it, the smarter Photos gets, making it easier to find your favorite shots!

  • Released: 2018/02/14
    0:45 hr

    Apple Photos: Live Edit

    Live Training Session 1507

    This is a LIVE edit session! That's where I take some of youphotos and edit them live for all to see… it was really fun and educational!

  • Released: 2018/02/09
    0:33 hr

    Apple Photos: Adjustments in iOS

    Live Training Session 1506

    In this session we explore the (somewhat limited) adjustments in the iOS version of Photos, as well as explore several third party apps, and discuss what they do — and don't — offer when running as Extensions. 

  • Released: 2018/01/31
    0:52 hr

    Apple Photos: Curves

    Live Training Session 1505

    Have you ever wondered just how Curves work? Wonder no more… in this session we explore Curves in Photos — while not the most expansive Curves tool in the industry, it certainly can get the job done.

  • Released: 2018/01/25
    0:46 hr

    Apple Photos: Extensions

    Live Training Session 1504

    Extensions are like plug-ins for Photos — but they are a little bit different. Plus, we look at the new Edit With function in Photos 3!

  • Released: 2018/01/17
    0:52 hr

    Apple Photos: Adjustments 2

    Live Training Session 1503

    Moving on in adjustments, in this session we finish all the built-in adjustments and are next ready to head into extensions!



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