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  • Released: 2014/04/10
    0:53 hr

    Rating, Flagging & Labeling Strategies

    Live Training Session 105

    Aperture offers a variety of way to tag your images, including ratings (one through five, plus 'reject'), flagging, and color labels. This session explores these options and suggests where and when you might use each of them. This is one of those “you can do it your way” features, and...

  • Released: 2014/03/28
    0:46 hr

    Smart Albums & Search

    Live Training Session 104

    One of Aperture’s greatest advantages is it’s ability to quickly search by nearly any parameter. Not only can you search, but you can create “Smart Albums” that are essentially saved searches, allowing you to search all or any part of your library with a single click. In...

  • Released: 2014/03/24
    0:58 hr

    Folders & Projects & Albums, Oh My!

    Live Training Session 103

    Folders, Projects, Albums and more all play integral roles in ensuring a well-managed Aperture library. In this session, learn what each one is, how they're different, how they work, what they're meant for.

  • Released: 2014/03/11
    0:54 hr

    Importing Your Photos (part 2)

    Live Training Session 102

    Picking up where we left off last session, in Session 102 we completed the import dialog and learned everything you need to know about importing your photos!

  • Released: 2014/02/26
    0:35 hr

    Importing Your Photos (part 1)

    Live Training Session 101

    We're starting from the beginning, using Aperture 3.5… a new UI and a slew of new features since we started the Live Training series, it's time to get back to basics!

  • Released: 2014/02/19
    21:44 hr

    Live Training Complete (Sessions 001-025)

    001 collection… 21+ hours of video, 33% off

    This is the complete *original* Aperture Live Training series, which started with Session 001 “Importing your Photos” in 2011 and concluded with Session 025 “SmugMug” in 2014!
  • Released: 2013/12/19
    0:17 hr

    SmugMug Integration

    Live Training Session 025

    SmugMug integration with Aperture came with the 3.5 release. This video goes through all the options, including many not-so-obvious things you need to know!

  • Released: 2013/02/09
    0:34 hr

    Understanding Image Resolution

    Live Training Session 024

    What’s a pixel, a megapixel, a DPI or a PPI? Learn that and a lot more in this very educational and technical video.

  • Released: 2012/10/17
    0:37 hr

    Multiple Mac Workflow

    Live Training Session 023

    If you have multiple Macs that you use for Aperture, you won't want to miss this session, full of tips on how to make that Mac-to-Mac workflow as seamless as possible!

  • Released: 2012/08/25
    0:35 hr

    Live Adjustments

    Live Training Session 022

    In this session I edited a series of real world user-submitted images to demonstrate a live workflow.

  • Released: 2012/06/12
    1:30 hr

    This was a special Q&A session, where I responded to requests of “What’s your approach to creative image processing”, “Can you show all aspects of printing and soft proofing”, as well as “How do you move from Managed to ...

  • Released: 2012/06/12
    2:08 hr

    Aperture 3.3 Explored

    Live Training Session 021

    This is a different session than normal, as we took on a live panel to discuss and explore Aperture 3.3 together. It’s over two hours long, and is the first deep look at the new features in Aperture 3.3.



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