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Sharing Movies from Aperture 3 to YouTube & iTunes

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March 29, 2010 - 1:12am

Many have noted that Aperture 3 is lacking the YouTube and iTunes share features that you find even in QuickTime Player. Curious for sure, but here’s two (not exactly ideal but better than nothing) solutions.

For Managed Libraries

If you are working Managed, meaning your master files live inside the Aperture 3 library, you can take advantage of the “Open in Editor” function. However this also means you’ll have a duplicated movie that you’ll likely want to delete when you’re done.

First, set your preferences to Export > External Video Editor: QuickTime Player.

Now select any movie in your Aperture 3 library, and right-click Edit with QuickTime Player… (or hit the keyboard shortcut, Command-Option-O)

That will duplicate the file, then open it in QuickTime Player. From there you can further trim if you want to, then publish to YouTube or to iTunes from the Share icon on the play bar.

Once you’ve shared it, close and return to Aperture. Here’s the bummer part though… you’ll now have two copies of that movie file (and movies can take up quite a bit of space). So, delete the new version before you forget about it (right-click Delete Version or Command-Delete). Remember, deleting only moves to the Aperture trash—so the file will still be taking up disk space until you empty the trash.

For Referenced Libraries

It’s a bit cleaner from Referenced libraries, as you’ll have no file to delete, since it’s not using the “Open in Editor” function.

Select the movie file you want to share, and right-click Show in Finder. Notice on mine, I’ve added the keyboard shortcut Command-R to that function.

Once you’re in the Finder, simply double-click to open like any other movie file, and that will open in QuickTime Player. Share, close, and you’re done. No duplicated file. Just be sure if you trim the file or alter it in any way, you don’t save over the original since that is your Master file!

There’s probably a way to do this through Applescript/Automator as well. If anyone writes a script for that, please do share it here!

Apple Aperture

Hi Joseph,

I hope you had a wonderful and fruitful time in HK , and thanks for the top tip above and if you can help me with my question I may even have a reason to use it :-)

I am using a Canon 5D MkII, but only for static images, which is what I purchased it for, but I know it has a movie feature, but I haven’t a clue how to use or even access it? Dumb, I know, but I’m still traveling and don’t have the manual with me. Can you give me a clue?

Many thanks

Peter Richardson

Or, open iMovie. In there, you’ll find all your Aperture Videos (and iPhoto Videos) already listed in the Event Library (although you may need to wait while it generates thumbnails). Make a new Project, editing in any way you wish, and then Share to YouTube, or MobileMe, or iTunes………

You’ll have a new copy of your video in the iMovie Library, but you can remove this if you wish once you’ve uploaded.

Peter—I sent you an email privately, I hope you got it sorted out and are able to play with vide on this trip!

Malcolm—you’re absolutely right, I hadn’t mentioned iMove as I was trying to keep it “simple” but I suppose that’s just as easy as what I proposed ;-)

— Have you signed up for the mailing list?

I have a post describing how to export video to a watch folder from Aperture 3, have Compressor convert the video using a preset Compressor setting, and saving the new version in a second folder. You have to have Compressor for this (as the post is aimed at video professionals using Final Cut Pro), but you could probably do a bit more scripting and use QuickTime instead. You can find it over at the Indianapolis Final Cut Pro User Group site:

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