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Aperture 3 White Balance Hidden Shortcut

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March 4, 2010 - 12:33am

Here’s a little gem hidden in Aperture 3 that’s quite handy… a keyboard shortcut that’s not listed in the keyboard shortcut list, for setting White Balance.

To set White Balance on a photo, normally you’d click on the eyedropper in the White Balance Adjustment tool, then click on a neutral gray area of the photo. But now, just tap Command-Shift-W and that will call up the same tool. (The Adjustments tab does have to be active, however.)

Nice, quick, easy.

Apple Aperture

Aperture is giving me the following message : “not enough disk space” … I do have an external hard drive with more than 250 gb of free space and all of my original pictures are stored in that external hard drive.
What should I do to transfer / store or export some projects / folders from Aperture to clean memory or disk space in it ? I did read in the net that transferring files / projects or folders to iPhoto will clean Aperture, is this true ?
Would you please help with step by step procedures and details ?

Best regards,

Mauricio, please post this in the forum, thanks. Comments aren’t the place for support questions.

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