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Aperture 3 Labels as Bookmarks

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March 9, 2010 - 9:23am

One of the new features in Aperture 3 are colored labels. Personally I wasn’t so sure what I’d do with them, but of course it’s always nice to see more options.

A feature I’ve always wanted was a way to bookmark an edit. Say I’m going through a 1,000 image shoot, and need to stop to do something else; maybe look at another project, or just shut down for the night. In Aperture 2, there was no way to know where I’d left off when I came back to the album. Sure, if it was the first pass I could just look for the unrated photos (assuming I was rating all of them… which I don’t). If it was a subsequent pass, there was simply no way to tell where I’d left off.

Until now.

Labels just became my bookmarks. Blue for Bookmark (why not, right?). So now when I need to pause an edit, I simply select the image I last looked at, and mark it Blue.

Then it’s easy to scan through my project and find that one Blue image…

Or of course if you don’t want to scan through the library, then just search for it.

Select the Blue one, then reset the search, and your image will still be selected (if it’s not in view, just tap the left then right arrow and the Browser will slide to it).

Plan on doing this often? Why not make keyboard shortcuts for it!

I set Command-B to Set Color Label to Blue (so that’s now my “Bookmark” command), and since Control-something is for all the other search criteria, Control-B made sense for Filter By Blue Color Label!

Of course if you’re going to all this trouble, you may as well change the label in the Preferences from Blue to Bookmark.

Now that’s just cool…


Problem solved. Never will I lose my place in an edit again.

Apple Aperture

Simple & elegant. Thank you!

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