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A Few Subtle Differences Between Aperture 2 & Aperture 3

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March 8, 2010 - 12:39am

In updating my eBook “In-Depth Getting Started with Aperture 3”, updating screenshots and the like, I noticed a few subtle changes that don’t necessarily deserver a full “tip” post, but are worth sharing here.

When I started this list I thought I’d have more… I guess towards the end I kinda forgot to keep documenting them. Owell, here’s a few for ya…

  • Folders no longer come in two flavors; yellow and blue. There never was a reason as far as I could tell, and now that’s gone away. All folders are blue.
  • New versions are no longer stacked automatically by default, but there is a preference to turn that back on. Not sure why the decision was made to turn it off, but I’d guess it’s for simplicity. If people don’t understand stacks, not having them at all is easier than trying to figure them out. I turned mine back on.
  • When you’re zoomed into an image and panned to a particular spot, and then left/right arrow to load different images, the pan position now stays put. That’s a fantastic improvement as it makes toggling between multiple images to compare them not only easier and faster, but frankly possible if you’re looking for subtle differences. Bravo.

Obviously there’s a lot more than that, but better to share these three than to delete the post ;-)

Apple Aperture

>> the pan position now stays put.

That might be the single best improvement in my workflow that came out of Aperture 3. That affected me almost every day.

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