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All Aperture 3 eBooks Now Just $9.97!

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January 29, 2011 - 4:24pm

As I hinted at when Aperture 3 dropped to just $79 in the App Store (discussed here and here), I felt that a matching price drop might be due for my eBooks, formerly priced at $19.97 and $24.97.

I’m thrilled to announce that it’s time.

Price Drop

Both eBook titles, In-Depth Getting Started with Aperture 3 and 15 Tips on File Management in Aperture 3 are now in the Store for just $9.97! My What’s New in Aperture 3 Training Video, available exclusively on MacCreate, had already dropped to just $39.99 as well. Oh, and I went ahead and dropped the Adjustment Presets to $9.97 too. Why not!

I feel that this new price for the eBooks aligns with the new price of the application itself, and with so many more users coming to Aperture from iPhoto and Lightroom, spending over 50% of the price of the program on training for it somehow didn’t jive. I hope this new price makes the books, and the Aperture “lifestyle”, accessible to even more users.

Hey, I Just Bought This…

Did you buy some of my training in the last 30 days and are now thinking “hey wait a minute…”. Don’t worry, I’ve got ya covered. If you bought either eBook since the start of 2011, forward me your receipt (the one from PayPal) and change the subject of the email to “ApertureExpert Credit, Please!” and I’ll send you back a store credit worth $10 or $15 (or $25 if you bought both!). You can use that towards presets, scripts, or future eBooks. The code will never expire.

Again, just forward me your PayPal receipt and be SURE to set the subject to “ApertureExpert Credit, Please”, and I’ll get a credit code out to you within a few days.

What’s Next?

The next eBook I’ll be working on will be for transitioning from iPhoto to Aperture. I’d been thinking about that one for a while, and now with so many new users coming over, it’s time. So that’s next!

I’ve also been talking about the online live training sessions and that’s definitely going to happen. It’ll probably be next week before I can get the technical logistics all in order, but it’s a go. I’ve decided to do 45 minute sessions, broken into 30 minutes of training and 15 minutes of Q&A. At least that’s the launch plan and we’ll go from there. Yep, still planning on inviting you to watch live for free, or download the video later for just two bucks!

One More Thing…

Last but far from least… I’m putting the finishing touches on a new eBook, my first non-Aperture one, titled “Killer Tips for Getting the Most from Your Canon Camera”. It’s turned into a thing of beauty, without question my best work yet! I’m very proud of it, if you can’t tell :) Oh and if you’re not a Canon user? Don’t tell anyone, but you can certainly translate 95% of the learning in there to any other camera platform. It’s written for new dSLR owners, or dSLR users who’ve never gotten their camera out of the fully-auto mode.

Because it’s not an Aperture book it won’t be sold here. Of course I’ll tell you where to find it just as soon as it’s released though ;)

Now, if you haven’t already, go get your learnin’ on!

Apple Aperture

Great thing about your new eBook- one suggestion… If like you say one can translate 95% of it if they aren’t a Canon shooter, another option would be to market the book to all dSLR owners and then probably capture more Nikon users. Another would be to just add “5%” more and give Nikon specific translations to your Canon examples, and again probably capture more Nikon shooters.

It’s unfortunate that a lot of people I know become quite defensive about their camera brand (normally Nikon or Canon), and a book with either Canon or Nikon will tend to ward off the other camp of folks looking for a good new book. If the ebook really is mostly generic information like you said, then why not try to grab both Nikon and Canon shooters. Since I don’t know anything more about your book from your above post my comments may not be relevant, but just a though…



Thanks for the comment. The book is written very specifically for Canon (because that’s what I use and know), with photographs of Canon cameras, explanations of Canon buttons, menu commands, and so-on. Any clever reader could take the information and “translate” that to Nikon (or Sony, or anything else), but I couldn’t market the book directly to Nikon or any other users for that specific reason.

I’ll be offering the first chapter for free however so people can see for themselves!

-Joseph @ApertureExpert

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