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Aperture 3.4.1 Released

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September 28, 2012 - 7:01pm

A tiny little update, but sometimes that’s just what the doctor ordered…

Per the installer screen: 

  • Addresses an installer issue that could cause the application to quite unexpectedly on launch [Curious, because this was addressed before, but I guess this’ll make people feel about about upgrading now]
  • Improves the reliability of syncing photos to iOS devices via iTunes
  • Resolves an issue with downloading and viewing photos synced from Facebook albums
  • Addresses other stability issues

I think these are all issues we’ve heard about here, so… yay!

Run Software Update / Mac App Store to get it, or if for any reason that isn’t working for you, you can also download it directly.

Apple Aperture

I’ve been an Apple Fan Boy forever and a Day, but every time I see that theres an Aperture update I say “O’ Lord”

I normally never run into problems, but I tend to think my luck will run out soon. Well, I have to go make sure iHave current backups & export presets from plugins ~ hmm what about plist again!

There’s one thing to be said for Apple that can’t be said for Adobe - Apple addresses issues quickly.

Adobe on the other hand….took three months to release LR 4.1 (to fix the plugin issue they broke). It’ll be another couple of months before LR 4.2 is finished.

It’s encouraging that Apple still takes Aperture and its users seriously, and seems to indicate that they’ll continue supporting/updating it. Makes me think that they’re listening to all of the feature requests and will come out with a worthwhile competitor to LR4.

Updates coming thick and fast. Oh yes. That means there is a team on it full time. Ap4 soon? :) :)

And still no support for the Fuji X-Pro 1 or the shortly to be released Fuji XE-1 that uses the same sensor….9 months and counting.

Maybe they already did it but the courier delivering the update is using Maps on iOS and has been lost for 6 months….!!

If this fixes just 4 issues, why is it such a huuuuuge update? My painfully slow internet in Indonesia where i pay by the kilobyte makes these giant updates a real challenge. They usually come in waves too, with a huge iTunes update, a huge OSX update, etc. Apple, we don’t all work in a fancy HQ with fast internet like you guys do…

My Tips and Advice on Travel:

Folks, I do not know if this happens to me only or it’s a common issue.

I just installed Aperture 3.4.1 and I can’t use Portrait Professional Studio, whenever I try to edit a picture with that plug-in, Aperture hangs in a very interesting way. It brings up a message saying that Aperture quitted and asks if I want to reopen it or not. However, Aperture doesn’t appear to have quitted, it’s still on the screen, and you can just click OK and continue working. It also creates a tiff file for PP to use, but PP never starts.

If your workflow depends on Portrait Professional, do not upgrade just yet.

The update fix my issues with Nik Efex Pro 2. Evertime I completed and saved a project the image would look distorted. My only solution was to quit and relaunch Aperture. At that point I could view the final image distortion free. I contacted Nik’s support. They informed me that it was a known issue and Apple was work on a solution. It looks like Apple has fixed the issue.

Gary Reed Photomedia

Can someone please expand upon what the Facebook related update is? I hate how its currently linked into Aperture (ie If I post a photo on FB from Aperture, I can no longer move the photo from the album). I’d just like to be able to post pics from Aperture and be done with it, I don’t need FB syncing with it and updating ALL the time!

3.4 broke crop/straighten completely for me. 3.4.1 fixed it, but wasn’t mentioned in release notes

And the issue with with highlihgt tone priority keeps unresolved. We’ll have to wait, again

Since updating I have had more crashes than ever. I believe I’m up to 3 today and this last one has to repair the library before restarting. grrr.

Since upgrading I appear to have lost the ability to make adjustments on my secondary monitor. Any ideas on how to turn this back on if possible?

Please ignore my previous question. I figured it out (all settings had gone to default)

After reading your comment on Portrait Professional Studio I did a test and this crashed my aperture app but I only had the window with the crash but aperture was still running.
I reinstalled Portrait Professional Studio without success has I still get the crash :-(

So no luck with AP at the moment….
this start to be really annoying. Dont know who to blame but someone should be responsible for this mess.

Frederic B

Frederic, yes, Anthropics (the company making PP) has confirmed that they have a problem. It appears they have a problem with Mountain Lion in general, not just with Aperture 3.4.1. They gave me no date for fixing the issue. At least, you can still use PP (I am using Studio64, so that’s all I can talk about) as a stand-alone program, it’s just that you can’t use it as an Aperture plug-in.

I am wondering if anyone can help me. I just installed Aperture v. 3.4.1 and would like to install some purchased presets. In the install of the presets, the instructions tell me to look for the presets pop up window in the Adjustment pane. In v 3.4.1 the only 2 popups at the top of the Adjustment pane are “Add Adjustment” and “Effects.” Can someone help me to find instructions for installing presets on this version of Aperture? Thanks so much.

KM, the Presets menu was renamed to Effects. From there it’s all the same!


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The most recent version should resolve many issues.
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