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Black Friday Sale: MacPhun Snapheal Pro & Intensify Pro

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November 27, 2013 - 3:00pm

Snapheal Pro and Intensify Pro are two awesome products from MacPhun that work both as stand-alone apps and plug-ins to Aperture (and those other photo editing apps, too). We did a big in-depth look at Snapheal Pro when it was first launched, and Intensify, while unfortunately I haven't done a write-up on it yet, is another awesome tool. MacPhun is actually working on a video featuring me (not quite sure how I conned 'em into that one!) around Intensify, which with any luck I'll get to post online soon.

You also get some pretty sweet extras with any purchase, including…

  • Every purchase gets 3 months premium free online photography site from Zenfolio – show and sell images online
  • Every purchase gets a free 4GB SD memory card shipped anywhere in the world! (folks who buy the Creative Kit get an 8GB memory card!)
  • One lucky buyer will receive a fabulous “Golden Ticket” good for a new MacBook Air (a $1000 value!).

Here are the deals and links to what MacPhun is running. Needless to say, the biggest saving is in the bundle deal.

And finally, here's a screenshot of Intensify Pro at work. It's really good at extracting details from your scene, and one of it's charms is the ability to paint masks between layers, using not only brushes, but also a gradient tool. Here's a breakdown of what you're looking at below. The layers are in the top right of the screenshot, and these are numbered from bottom up.

  1. The base layer, “base B&W”, is a simple B&W conversion, maybe with a touch of extra contrast added in.
  2. The “Grill” layer is expressly about the front grill of the car. I was able to pull out a ton of detail, but it was way too much for the rest of the shot. So I just brushed it in there.
  3. The “Sky” layer is nothing more than an overexposure, but it was drawn in with a gradient mask tool, then brush-erased from the brick wall.
  4. Finally the “bottom” layer is to darken the bottom of the car, under the main grill. It was too light, so I pulled the exposure back, then again used the gradient mask tool to draw a grad from the bottom up. Very cool capability.

Check it out! You will love either tool, but adding both to your arsenal is a Roland of Gilead worthy six-shooter.

Skylum (Macphun) Intensify Skylum (Macphun) Snapheal
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