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It’s Throwback Thurs… Friday! Most Popular Posts of All Time

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August 9, 2013 - 7:00pm

OK really this is just an excuse… I had no time to do a post for today so I thought I’d pull up the ol’ google analytics and see what soem of the most popular posts ever were and throw those back at you. Hey, maybe one of you missed it, right? Hm, maybe “least popular posts” would be a more clever thing to do… owell, next time!

In no particular order, and skipping the Aperture 3.3 reviews which blew everything else out of the water, here we go…

Reducing Library Size—Dramatically — Many users find themselves with massive Aperture libraries and don’t know why. This post explains how to get rid of preview files and many users have reported massive space savings as a result (just check the comments). That said, I’ve now gone the other way and have re-enabled previews for my entire library. But hey, it’s good information ;-)

Ten Tips to a Clean Aperture Library (7 of 10) — Repair Your Library — This was one a ten part post (d’uh) on cleaning up your Aperture library (double d’uh), and has turned into a very popular post. It explains everything you need to know about the repair options you have, and of course how to access them.

Aperture 3 Vaults; What’s Backed Up, and What Isn’t? — Backup is one of those critical things, and Aperture does have it’s own built in backup system. But if you don’t know what it is and isn’t doing, you could end up not backing up everything you need. This popular post explains the whole process, bottom to top!

Apple Aperture

Joseph … I think this is a great post … maybe because I am “Old School” … but I appreciate a “Greatest Hits Album” concept … because, as we go through our day-to-day lives … we don’t always have the time to track great posts as they appear … or we lose track and forget to look out for such information when it is presented … Perhaps you should consider a regular posting of such lists to remind us of what we may have missed along the way … it may be redundant for some, though, very helpful for others who may have skipped a few days to see the offerings available … plus …. I’m sure there may be more than a few new users of Aperture who have become so long before they discovered this site as an asset …. I for one, can show a little tolerance for receptiveness in this aspect … Especially considering that this site isn’t your only concern you have to deal with on a daily basis …

Minor nit: the “Aperture 3 Vaults…” tip seems to be linked to the “Ten Tips…” article.

Ken — thanks, fixed!

Butch — I appreciate that. And yes, I’ve been thinking of ways to get some attention on older posts, of which there are many. Even many from Aperture 2 are still valid. On the new site, my engineer is working out an automated “more like this” list at the end of every post, which will hook back to some older content and bring that to the top automatically. The new site, while moving slowly, is definitely coming together, and is going to be wicked cool when it’s done. The important changes are all about discovery — making it easy for readers new and old to find relevant content new and old, for example.


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