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Who’s Got an App?

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November 3, 2014 - 3:38pm

Got an app you want talked about on the site? The age of sponsored posts is upon us. Three tiers, starting with free, are available to developers. They are:

  • Tier 1: Free App announcement and summary overview
  • Tier 2: Sponsored in-depth analysis of your app
  • Tier 3: Sponsored video tutorial of your app

Click through to read the details and submit your app.

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I like this idea a lot, as I’ll be very interested in learning in-depth about what looks to be a bumper crop of new photo-related iOS apps, and hopefully OS X apps as well. Having this site as a go-to source for not only discovering new apps but also learning how they work is a very appealing prospect. Advertising from relevant vendors welcome.

Any rumors about the possibility of a simple photobook-publishing app for iOS? Hello, Blurb, I’m lookin’ atcha.

…Oops, spoke too soon: there’s already at least one - ZoomBook. Better check it out…

While we’re on the topic, I’ll just toss in a request for a photo-related app: a packing list for photographers. As a working pro who’s always taking way too much gear on location, I’m always at risk of leaving some bit of kit somewhere. Left behind a tripod last year, and some miserable @$^# took it. So, I like the idea of having a packing list for each job, but it’s always too much hassle to type one up. What I need is an app that stores a database of my gear and lets me generate a custom list just by tapping on the items I’m taking. Tried some general-purpose travel apps, but they were too much work and not sufficiently customizable. Could use B&H’s shopping app to make a wish list, but it’s pretty awkward. Would be great, too, if it would store prices and serial numbers so I could use it to update my insured equipment list or file a claim.

So, what do you say, devs? You write the code, I’ll consult on design.

I use the iOS “Reminder” app. Not for the full inventory (that's really a separate thing I think, and for that I use an app called Home Inventory. Not great but it does the job). Anyway of the packing list, I have a reminder list called “packing list”, and everything is in there. The first time, type it in as you think of it, then tap if off when you pack. When it's time for the next trip, show completed tasks, and uncheck the ones you'll want for the next trip. Works great for me. I have separate lists for camera gear, general travel stuff, and one for camping, too.

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It’s easier than you think to roll your own; here’s what I did.

Make a list of everything you have AFTER you’ve departed. Do it on the plane or train or wherever. Easy to do with a phone and I suppose you could even take pix of the gear.

When you get home, start crossing out stuff or adding stuff.

Or use a ToDo list; I like Evernote. 

Your list has to be fluid; best just use your own experience, modify over time.

I’ve used Notes on my Mac/iPhone to make packing lists. Easy to copy & paste. What I’d really like is a master list where I can just tap on the items I’m taking to compile a new list. All the typing, copying and pasting just puts me off, especially on a small screen.

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