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A New Aperture Workflow to Blow Away Photo Mechanic

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March 26, 2014 - 8:00pm

I spent several hours last night with Olympic photographer Jeff Cable comparing his Photo Mechanic workflow to a new Aperture one. The results… will blow you away. Just wait until you see the video!

We shot for several hours so I have some editing to do, but the results are incredible. Hopefully I'll get this up next week.


Apple Aperture Photo Mechanic

That’s “Old News” Joseph ;-)  … I’ve always thought Aperture was as fast if not much faster than PM … with the addition of TextExpander, you have Code Replacement not only in Aperture … but EVERY OS X app you use  … additionally,  considering I can almost always complete my entire task in Aperture 3 … for 99% of my images I don’t need to access Ps or plugins to get the job done thereby reducing time and effort … there are many tasks PM can’t complete on it’s own.

I eagerly await the video to compare notes  …

PS – What lighting fixtures are you using in the sample photo … I’m seeking a constant light setup for video, so I am intrigued with what you are using …

Hey Butch. Just wait :-) The lights are RPS Studio. It was a relatively cheap kit I got on Amazon a few years ago; a pair of stands, octa soft box, and daylight CFL bulbs. I have since added a 4x adapter into each and can put up to four bulbs in each for extra light. If money were no object, I'd look at the ICE light They are really nice, great quality of light and no setup (unlike these which take a while to put together). But they are $500 each, so (!!!).

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Really looking forward to seeing the video, Joseph. Always enjoy tips that speed up the Aperture workflow :)


Hi Joseph!,

Really looking forward to this video.  With Adobe’s Photography Program cloud service (for $9.99/month) that includes Lightroom, Photoshop CC, Web site, cloud storage option…and the promise of a tight integration with the iPad and iPhone to the cloud-based storage…you have to wonder what Apple has planned for Aperture in the future.  I’m hoping that Jeff Cable’s willingness to do this comparison (and YOUR commitment to this site) means that “someone” knows/has heard that Apple will not jettison Aperture, but come out with a similar, tightly integrated cloud-based offering as Adobe.  Can’t imagine building a work flow comparison with a product that is on its last leg!!

Any updated target date for the release of the video?

Thanks for all your efforts!!


Yeah, that's what we're all hoping!

Videos are uploading now, and will be published today.

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