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Are You an ApertureExpert? Want to Write and Get Paid?

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April 25, 2014 - 9:00pm

Hello ApertureExpert community!

You may have noticed a real attempt to post regularly on here. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon PST is the goal. Doesn't always happen, but hey… I try!

However it's not always feasible. Many of you contribute tips using the Tips > Submit a Tip page, which is awesome, but I'd love to have one or two or three or four regular contributors that I can rely on to author tips. And if you're able to contribute consistently and on demand, then you'll be compensated for your time.

I'm looking for… 

  • Users with an intermediate to advanced level of experience with Aperture (no beginners please, sorry).
  • Users with experience in creative technical writing. Please be sure to share links to samples.
  • A link to your photo portfolio. To really know Aperture, you have to use it for your own photos, and I'd like to see that. Plus you'd be using your own photography in the posts, and pretty pictures area Good Thing™ on any site.

That's about it! Interested? Let me know.

Now, go look at a pretty picture and prepare for your weekend… ahhhhhh

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