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Perspective Correction on OS X and iOS

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January 22, 2016 - 9:00pm

Perspective Correction on OS X and iOS

(This was another middle-of-the-night broadcast test… each one another step towards perfection!).

I like my lines to be straight. If I've shot a building, and it's leaning a little one way or another, that just doesn't sit right with me. In this video we'll take a look at my favorite iOS perspective correction app, SKRWT, and my favorite one on OS X, DxO ViewPoint.

​For the curious… this test replaced the desktop mic with my (very very nice) lav mic, and I seem to finally have the levels where they should be. Unfortunately since I'm facing down for much of this demo — facing straight into the mic — it overdrives and therefore pops a number of times. If I add a boom mic that problem will reverse for demos like this, so there's yet another challenge!

Click the app icon to learn more about it…
DxO ViewPoint SKRWT
macOS iOS

Joseph - can you comment on how the Mac Appstore DxO Perspective compares with DxO Viewpoint?


It looks like the MAS version is lacking the advanced eight point correction tool, but I have requested a copy of it to look at and will verify that asap.

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Lightroom has some perspective tools built into the “lens correction” panel.   I’ve been more interested (so far) getting everything imported and organized in LR, so I have not started editing photos.

How does LR standard features compare to DxO?

/Jim Pappas

Lightroom does very well for automated perspective correction on things like interior architectural photos. There are a couple of options and I find if I click through them, usually one of them will be sufficient. But DxO ViewPoint gives you more control, and if you have something really wonky, then DxO's eight point correction can't be beat. 

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Thanks… that is in like with my expectations.


/Jim Pappas


I am wondering how LR’s built in “auto” perspective correction would perform on the food picture you used in your video.  Can you give it a test?


/Jim Pappas

Hi Joseph,

you should check out this iOS app that can really help out when you need more control when SKRWT fails to do the job.

it’s called SKEW and has anchor points somewhat similar to DXO viewpoint.

app store link here.

Ooh, awesome, thank you!

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Unfortunately it does't work quite like I want… you don't distort a box to match the object, then let the app correct as needed; you have to distort the image until it becomes square. In some ways better, in others more frustrating. But I'll do a video on it; it's a good alternative. Thanks!

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I tend to use SKRWT most of the time but sometimes SKEW comes in handy for some shots where the angle is really distorted and i want to quicly flatten.. If SKRWT adds anchor point editing options, it would make it the defacto perspective correction app!

Well that was fast.. SKRWT have just released 4 point anchor editing to their latest Android release.. Developer have promised an iOS update to include this in the near future.. note that like MRRW extension, the 4PNTS extension will be an in app purchase.. but free trial will be available just like MRRW.

here is a video walkthrough by the developer of 4PNTS extension in action.

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