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aperture not responding in RED text #1
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by katy
May 26, 2013 - 10:49pm

Im trying to make a vault of 100,000 images and videos. The vast majority of the images/videos are referenced (stored on an EHD).I bought a 1TB gdrive for the sole purpose of storing vaults. I created the vault, selected where I wanted it, and then ran the vault. All seemed well. Progress bar came up and it said it was updating my vault. Now I am 60 hours into this and the beach ball is spinning, aperture is unresponsive and in the activity monitor it says aperture not responding in red. it says it is using around 3% CPU. What is going on? Ugh, anyone have any thoughts?? Thank you

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by Craig Andrews
May 26, 2013 - 11:27pm

Katy, I read your post on the original Aperture Vault post that Joseph made. I just wanted to let you know that your post is being seen. Unfortunately I’m not very techie so really can’t make many suggestions. I operate similar to you in that I use a 2tb EHD for my vault and all my images are going on a 3tb EHD but as a managed library. How many GB of data is going to your vault drive? I checked an older HD which I was using for my Aperture Library and it had 32,550 original images on it and it had used all but 7 GB of the 750 GB capacity. I will get a warning when my vault no longer has enough room to handle an update from my Library HD. I presume you would get the same warning even if updating referenced images. This might sound like a stupid question but any chance your 1TB isn’t large enough for the 100,000 images you want it to store? No doubt Joseph or some of the other knowledgeable members will be able to give you some sound advice on this when they read your post.

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by katy
May 26, 2013 - 11:35pm

Craig, thank you. I think the 1TB EHD i bought exclusively for the vault should be fine since most of my images are stored on a different ehd so the vault is NOT backing the actual images up. Also, up until about a month or so ago I was storing the vault on the same EHD that I have all my original images and videos on. And that EHD is a 2TB so I would think 1 TB would be plenty for a referenced vault; maybe I am wrong? Anyway, thank you for responding. I am not very “techie” so this is intimidating….

I just ordered the drobo 5d, ouch its expensive, but I plan to move everything over to it and be done with it. thanks

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