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PACKED! ▶︎ What’s in My Bag for an India Photo Adventure

Photo Moment - November 19, 2018

I'm packed for India. But what am I bringing? As you'll see, not very much. I'll show you all of, and it's all listed here, too.

What I forgot to mention in the show…

I left out a few things, oops! Namely…

  • The Grayl — a purifying water bottle that removes 99.9999% of the stuff you don't want in your water. Very handy for destinations like India, Mexico, or anywhere else where people say “don't drink the water!”
  • Efferdent cleaning tablets — yes, the ones for dentures. The nice fellow at REI advised them as a great way to clean clothes on the road instead of soap! 

Gear List

There's a lot here. The [watch videos] tag next to many of them will take you to videos I've done on those products. Click the name itself to buy it.

Camera Gear

Computing & Other Technical Accessories

Critical Apps

Camera Bag & Other Travel Accessories


Personal Care

The Q&A Video


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Comments from YouTube

I'm packed for India. But what am I bringing? As you'll see, not very much… 👉🏻Here's a list of everything I showed in the video:
How many clothes are you bringing with you? Do you have a list somewhere?
In the description there is a link to a list of everything I packed.
@PhotoJoseph And this all you have in ThinkTank MindShift rotation 180˚ Horizon 24L Backpack? No other baggage?
Roman Rogner that is correct
Heloo i try to find out small tripod ( dont understand name of it ) plz 'd u write it here - also brand of nd filters 'd like to try it out
Love you channel, great packing tips. However, after seeing this I feel like the need to spend more money on a few things you showed :) Enjoy India - I visited 3 cities back in Feb and loved it, unfortunately did not bring a camera. Very interesting backpack with the swivel camera portion. I recently purchased the Boundary Prima System, which is a smaller than yours, but also has a removable camera compartment. It does not swivel, but camera compartment is accessible without removal. Haven't used it yet, but will soon on a trip to Thailand.
Thanks! Be sure to use my links please :-) And how could you go to India without a camera?! Ouch! Glad you’ll bring one to Thailand. And cool on the Boundary Prima. Looks interesting!
Thanks! Be sure to use my links please :-) And how could you go to India without a camera?! Ouch! Glad you’ll bring one to Thailand. And cool on the Boundary Prima. Looks interesting!
@PhotoJoseph - Yeah it was a big "ouch" - last minute work trip that included a weekend layover in Korea. Captured as much as I could from the cell phone, but of course, not the same. BTW - your GH5 tutorial was a god-send....Thanks for putting that together!
Thank you, I appreciate that!
GX85 can charge over USB. No need for a charger for that body. In fact it doesn’t even come with one.
Oh snap! You’re right; I totally forgot!! Oh well, too late now.
PhotoJoseph you have too many cameras! Me too - not a bad problem to have. Have a great and safe trip - look forward to seeing some images and footage.
hehe true. First vlog was just uploaded. Hope you enjoy!
Great vid! Can't wait to watch your footage from India. Have an awesome trip and stay safe.
love your channel. cool backpack thanks. will look into it. And love all your GH5 tips.
@photojoseph. I use the Movo DSE4 adjustable shoe extension Bar 4” to extend my Rode Pro+ to move it away from your forehead
That makes it 4” bigger… it’s already too big!
I am assuming the bag is carry on size? ...oops literally answered as I pressed post!?!
Hehe yeah and in case you missed it later… worst case I can take the camera bag “Fanny pack” portion out, and make the main bag smaller.
For a backup camera, I would take the GH5 over the GH5S, because of the IBIS. If your G9 breaks, you will need it for vlogging and stills.
True, but the odds are much higher that I’ll find myself in a low light situation where I want to shoot video than they are that the G9 will die. It’s an odds game to me.
Welcome to India . Hope you are touching my home town kolkata too .
That’s my first stop! I’ll be there in about 36 hours.
@PhotoJoseph have a safe and memorable trip .
take the rain cover ! the "dry" seasons now can have rain....I've been in SE Asia for quite a while and over here the last 2 dry seasons every month had rain...ohh once your there buy some hydration powders to put in drinking water have one a day in hot areas
So far very dry here. I would love some rain to clear some smog, actually.
No time for that this trip. I like rain, and also I like clean air. There isn’t much clean air here unfortunately.
@hanselxy I have friends who still winter in Goa... they tell me of rain now and then so the climate is not just 2 seasons one off wet on off dry anymore ...I do not know PJ's route but he decided to leave out a rain cover for his bag which probably is less than 0.5kg... hope he does not need it
I’ll keep my fingers crossed. And the truth is these bags are very water resistant as they are. If it were monsoon season then I’d definitely need the cover :-)
Broadband at the hotels is unreliable. First hotel in Kolkata was useless. I uploaded the vlog with cellular. Hotel in Varanasi is pretty good but I’m not ready to upload yet (but my photos are all backed up to Adobe CC so that’s awesome). I got a Verizon SIM which has been OK. If it fails me I’ll look for Jio.
In case I forget, very best wishes on your journey!
An interesting pack. I have thought about one of these rotation packs, but on the forum I usually visit a few people have indicated getting the bag out with the pack off is a lot harder than when it is on, leading to them not using it. Be very interested in you thoughts about after the trip.

Currently for Christmas I am looking at these two
Mind Shift UltraLight Dual 36L Backpack [similar access to my Lowe pack]
Mind Shift Rotation 180 Horizon Backpack (34L)

This one is just too expensive for me
Mind Shift Gear rotation180 Professional (too expensive)
Hm, I wouldn’t call it hard to get the camera pack out. Yes it requires two hands and the main bag will fall over without the bottom weight, but it’s not difficult.
Take some diarrhoea pills.
They’re in the bag!
I don’t know why- but I LOVE seeing what people take on their trips. I did a makeup bag one- and I mostly did it because I really enjoy packing.
It’s a long video but I hope you enjoy it!
PhotoJoseph I appreciate that you included a list of everything- I am taking a look at those Lumix’s... might be something I can put on my Christmas list. Yeah, also: It is long, but so was mine- and all I was packing was makeup!!

Whenever I go on trips I also put bags in bags. I put outfits together and pack each one in their own bag. It is very convenient

I definitely am going to take nasal spray next time I go to Vegas. That’s a good idea! It’s soooo dry!
If you think of buying a LUMIX let me know. Don’t know if I told you when we met at VidSummit but I’m an Ambassador for them. I can answer any questions you might have.
hanselxy But did you make a video about it?
hanselxy either way :-) Glad you carry a mirror :-)
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