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How to Use X-Rite ColorChecker Passport in Lightroom CC

Photo Moment - May 24, 2019

Step 6 — Copying the Profile and WB Settings to Other Photos

Now that you have totally accurate colors on the photo of the test chart, you need to copy those settings to the rest of your photos. 

In Lightroom, to copy all the edits you've applied to a photo, from the three dots menu on the right side of the window (while in editing mode), select Copy Edit Settings [⌘C]. However if you want to selectively copy the settings, (i.e. only copy the Color Profile and White Balance), select Choose Edit Settings to Copy [⇧⌘C]

Copy Edit Settings or Choose Edit Settings to CopyCopy Edit Settings or Choose Edit Settings to Copy

The later command will bring up a dialog where you can choose what you want copied. In this case, that's Profile and Color > White Balance. Select those (you can disable all first under the Select drop-down), then click Copy.

The Choose Edit Settings to Copy dialog in LightroomThe Choose Edit Settings to Copy dialog in Lightroom

To paste these settings onto multiple images at once, return to the Photo Grid view by tapping the key, select all of the photos, and choose the menu Edit > Paste [⌘V].

Note: As of this writing, there's no way to delete a color profile once it's been imported! You should be able to right-click on a profile and delete it, but you can't yet. It'll come to a future version of Lightroom; hopefully soon.

Before & After

Here's what the real-world difference is, applied to this shoot. Our little friend Simeon as originally shot on the left, and calibrated on the right!



That seems like a lot of steps, but once you've gone through it you'll realize it's actually quite quick. And it's a great way to ensure that your colors are accurate!

Don't forget the importance of color calibrating your screen as well. I've worked with a hardware calibration tool called the Spyder5Pro before, and quite liked it. Here are some videos I've done on it, too.

Oh and if you want an EarthMonkey, you can get one here ;-) 

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