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Importing and Organizing Photos in Aperture 3 at Manfrotto School of Xcellence

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November 16, 2013 - 4:27pm

I wrote a rather lengthy post for the Manfrotto School of Xcellence a while back, and it's now online. This is a great article for those who don't think that categorizing, organizing, naming, adding metadata, and so-on to their photos on import holds much value.

Check it out and please share the article!

Apple Aperture

Nice review, Joseph.  Even though I have been a follower of your nameing and organizing system since I first started using Aperture, I still managed to pick up a few new tips that I either forgot or never new.  thanks!

Florian Cortese

Nice review thanks a lot,

question why do you choose to place project in folder instead of 

Projects> Folders> Album

They way apple structured the drop down menu would suggest that this is the preferred method.

Thanks again.

The beauty of Aperture is that there is not preferred working order. In My library, some of the projects are even organised as Projects->Folder->Folder->Project->(Folders&Albums)->Albums

Given your screenname I assume you’re Dutch, meaning you should be able to read my folder structure in the screenshot below. But even to the non-dutch it should make sense.

Project and folder structure of my LibraryProject and folder structure of my Library, showing structure of summer holiday pictures.

Yes its a gift and a curse. Its really good to have the flexibility with folders, album. Would be nice to have a certain “best practice” setup. So that new users can setup aperture in the best way. I am some of my friends are struggling with the best way to sort pictures.

By Date, Location, Activity, Subject, and in what order. i still have not found the beste solution.


p.s. yes i am dutch, seems to me that you have a nice holiday’s ;) 

There’s no single “best practice” because it really does depend on how you use it. As long as it makes seems to you, then it’s a valid workflow. As previously commented, folders can show up anywhere. I also use them inside of projects as well as outside of them. It just depends on what you need for that project! I’d suggest that the more you understand it, the more likely you are to adapt the layout to your current project’s needs.

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Well going for the following hierarchy.

  • YYYY (Folder)
    • YYYY-MM (Folder)
      • YYYY-MM-DD (Project) 

Then use Smart/Album to create albums by event.

  • Birthday / Holliday


  • Speed seems to be up.


  • Very unstable, crashes when pasting YYY-MM tekst value for new project a lot.
  • Double keystroke when typing tekst, only in aperture needs to restart aperture.
  • No picture count with folders. As they do not hold images, projects hold images.


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