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Aperture 3.5.1 Released

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November 14, 2013 - 11:31pm

Aperture 3.5.1 has just dropped. It's not a big update, but does address a few niggling issues.

  • Temperature & Tint White Balance now works correctly
  • Fixes an issue related to face detection overlays
  • Addresses an issue with metadata field entry when arrowing between photos
  • Includes stability improvements

As always if you find that this does wonderful things for you, or quite the opposite, let's hear about it here!

Apple Aperture

If Joseph is a Beginner, what am I?


Glad they got this WB dropper fixed.  Embarrassing for them, I should think!
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Yes … very embarrassing …


It will be good to have proper WB functionality back … will have to wait until tomorrow to update as I am in the middle of a big project now and don’t want to risk a catastrophe if the download and install would cause an issue …

Aperture must be the most stable App these days… 3 years with recurrent “stability improvements” updates :)

Lets hope we won’t see 3.5.2 anytime soon, but rather 4.x!


Yea same here mate. It be the only PROish App that hasn’t had a MAJOR update in quite a while. My LR friends, say ” Im so sorry for you that your locked into Aperture now” and i just laugh, tell them Im Happy, and at least i have my iPad Mini, iPhone and iCloud photo’s all appear in my browser window without Importing anything :D

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Aside from lens corrections, there isn’t really that much that LR can do that Aperture can’t. And you can do that with DXO’s latest plugin which works quite well. Sure you end up with a TIF file at the end, but it’s a small problem if at all.

I have been using LR since rev 1 and have over 50K images managed there. I have just switched to Aperture. I’ll keep LR for legacy, but new work goes to Aperture. No need to wait for rev 4, Aperture for Mac users is already a better solution IMHO. Visibly faster with my D800E files and _much_ better image quality with my Fujifilm system. Should have made that decision years back :-)

Tks for the heads-up

May give it a test tonight

I have a photographic memory but never got it developed

Like many, I’m still trying to remain patient for a real major update.  I have the feeling that Apple is working on a ground up re-build of Aperture to match what they did with iWorks, etc to fit in with Mavericks X’s system.  If you go to any of Apple’s pages on their site for their new computers Aperture is invariably highlighted on them as part of the rich retina display.  
So to me it only makes sense that Apple has not forgotten or pushed aside Aperture and the Pro community out there.

Florian Cortese

After the long wait, Aperture 4 will be very welcomed!!!!!!

Seems to be a problem with the update, can´t see some raw files… people is driven crazy

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