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Access Your Aperture Library from Your iPad?

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June 18, 2013 - 4:00am

This article comes from Derrick Story on, and talks about an interesting iOS app and accompanying Mac “server” app that lets you access our iPad library anywhere.

Pretty clever stuff… read all about here: Aperture on an iPad - Anywhere

Apple Aperture

I read the headline and thought, this is cool… Wait! I could just use plex for that… ;-)
Plex and the whole community are amazing, even if I usually don’t use it to access my Aperture library.

ibooks store dont seem to have the book of Derrick Story ….any hints ?

iPad for Digital Photographers

Next we need an iPad Aperture App … at least for rudimentary processing in the field … then merge with desktop library …

Bummer !
Not available in non-US itunes shop

@Kenny: i found Plex in the Dutch Apps store for €4,49. But indeed the plex mediaserver is not in the imac apps store. According to you have to downlaod it from

Greetz, Martin

From the article describing Plex: “It taps the preview files in your Aperture library…”. Is it, therefore, safe to assume that, if one follows Joseph’s advice re disabling previews to save disk space, then Plex won’t work?

Tom Thomson

I know this thread is quite old but I just released PhotoScope to the App Store which lets you view Aperture and iPhoto libraries from your iPad (or iPhone) over the WiFi network. It gives you an easy way to browse your whole library and (with Aperture) to rate and reject photos. It also shows you all the photo meta data.
-- view Aperture and iPhoto library from iPad and iPhone

Has anyone tried PhotoScope?  I guess I should just go ahead and try it, it’s only $5.  I’d love to be able to rate apps using my iPad. 

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I haven’t yet but it’s on my list of apps to write about here!

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I went to the App Store to check out Photoscope today and almost bought it.. then I read the 2 reviews (only 2 ) that have only negative comments.. Also the fact that the app is still on version 1.0 and has never been updated to fix issues mentioned in those reviews just did not jive well with me.. It does not say if the app is compatible with iOS 8 (I have many apps that stopped working after iOS 8 update).. 5$ is not a lot for an app but for this app, it seems risky for lack of updates..

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