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Work-around for duplicate calendar bug in Aperture

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May 23, 2014 - 12:00pm

For Aperture 3.5 (and maybe earlier versions) users who switch to iPhoto to create calendars, take note…

Duplicating iPhoto calendars in Aperture causes a problem which results in both calendars being ‘linked’. The result is that changes to one calendar (in iPhoto) appear in the other as if they are linked somehow.

Don’t do this! It’s a bug… if you’re going to duplicate calendars, do it in iPhoto

The work-around

Only duplicate calendars in iPhoto. This results in separate calendars that can be independently edited.

If you do fall victim to this bug and ruin a calendar that took hours to create, you might be able to recover the original from a backup (assuming a backup got created between the creation of the first calendar and the modification of an improperly created duplicate.) One nice feature in Aperture that does work with iPhoto calendars is that you can export a calendar as a separate library, then import it into another Aperture library. I used this method to recover the Calendar from my backup.

I've reported this problem to Apple. Hopefully they will fix this in a future release by properly creating duplicate calendars in Aperture or preventing duplication of calendars in Aperture.

About the author, Mark Altenberg:

I am a freelance photographer and filmmaker in Berkeley California. I grew up in a household where the walls were covered with my dad’s large black and white prints, with a darkroom and shelves of Leicas, Rolleis and Nikons. I’m a long time Mac user (starting with the Lisa in 1983) and I have been using Mac OS and various Apple photography products since the earliest days of digital photography (I still have my QuickTake 100!) These days I am a heavy user of Aperture and Final Cut Pro X and I love the polished user experience of both apps. 

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