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Aurora HDR 2017 Live Training Episodes 401 & 402

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October 31, 2016 - 3:30pm

Many of you saw Episode 401 on Aurora HDR 2017 already, and have been waiting for 402. For those who saw it live a couple of weeks ago, did you know that I managed to delete the entire recording and then it took forever to re-record it, and then it took forever again to edit and release it? Yeah, it's been like that lately.

Anyway, here we go! Both 401 and 402 are available. Head to the store or click below to jump right into it.

Aurora HDR 2017 Live Training session 402 ADJUSTMENTS

Aurora HDR 2017 Live Training session 401 OVERVIEW

Skylum (Macphun) Aurora HDR Pro

I only use HDR occasionally. When I do I usually save the HDR image as a tiff file, but I always save the merged photos as an OpenEXR file. OpenEXR is a generic format that most HDR processors support. 

I think it would be good if reviewers of HDR software would note if OpenEXR is available for reading and saving as that means that you can use one HDR program for merging the images and another HDR program for the tone mapping. It makes trying new HDR software easy as you can use previously merged images as input to the tone mapping.


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