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PLŌTAGRAPH + Aurora HDR Bundle

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June 2, 2017 - 9:00pm

Aurora HDR makes sweet HDR images, and PLŌTAGRAPH turns still photos into insanely cool animations — and now they're available together!

Macphun and Plotagraph have teamed up to offer a fun bundle at a great price. I'm sorry to say I didn't tell you about this sooner, as the offer is only good though June 04, 2017 but if you're reading this soon enough, grab it while you can!

Aurora HDR with Lightroom for iPhone HDR captures!

Last night I pulled over to shoot a lovely sunset of backlit wheat-like things (hey, I'm no botanist) but only had my iPhone with me. I fired up Lightroom Mobile and entered HDR mode, which shoots a multi-image DNG that Lightroom knows what to do with. To my pleasant surprise, Aurora HDR knew what to do with it too, and I was able to (back on the desktop of course) treat the DNG file shot on my iPhone in Aurora HDR, and output a JPEG, which I then brought into PLŌTAGRAPH, and made this!


If this sort of thing intrigues  you, check out the bundle below… and remember, this is only good through June 04!

Learn more about the bundle here

Also if you simply want to learn more about either app, to see all the posts on the site about Macphun Aurora HDR click here, and to see all of 'em on PLŌTAGRAPHclick here

The progression

The colors shift quite a bit in the screenshots below because the first image is the way I treated it in Lightroom Mobile, which I then completely changed in Aurora HDR, and finally there's a mask overlay making it look different again in PLŌTAGRAPH — but  you can see the final result in the animation above!

As shot on the iPhone using Lightroom Mobile, HDR mode on an iPhone 7 PlusAs shot on the iPhone using Lightroom Mobile, HDR mode on an iPhone 7 Plus
The DNG from Lightroom Mobile now being (re)treated in Aurora HDR 2017The DNG from Lightroom Mobile now being (re)treated in Aurora HDR 2017
And finally, the image being animated in PLŌTAGRAPH!And finally, the image being animated in PLŌTAGRAPH!

Remember this bundle is only available until June 04, 2017

Skylum (Macphun) Aurora HDR Pro PLŌTAGRAPH Pro

This Plotagraph offer is a complete con. Your website implies that you are buying both pieces of software for £91 but in fact you are buying Aurora only with an option to sign up for a £28 per month subscription (on 4th July) for Plotagraph. OK you get one month for free but so what!

I believe this is a complete misrepresentation!!

OK I apologise and eat humble pie. I didn’t look properly and in fact there is a 3-month “free” period before the £28 pm kicks in. It’s still pretty expensive though.

Plotagarph is a subscription service. I know it's expensive but commercially can easily pay for itself. I think the three month trial gives you a good chance to find out if it's worth it to you. 

— Have you signed up for the mailing list?

OK, but I’m an amateur hobbiest so it’s unlikely that I’ll keep it beyond the free period. Could I have purchased Aurora any cheaper on its own?

I don't recall the regular pricing; I'm sure that's listed on the Macphun website though. 

— Have you signed up for the mailing list?

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