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macOS High Sierra & Aperture Reportedly Playing Nicely Together

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October 12, 2017 - 8:46am

For anyone out there still using Aperture, we have a report from reader Jordi Ferrando that Aperture is working just fine for him under macOS High Sierra.

Jordi said…

I'm a professional photographer that still uses Aperture (version 3.6). Now it's running under High Sierra (macOS 10.13) without issues or bugs. Hardware is MacBookPro 15” early 2013 (16Gb RAM, 500 Gb SSD hard disk, Intel Core i7 2.7 GHz). 

So far I’ve not encountered any problems. I work with Aperture libraries as usual, and external editors (Photoshop CS6) and plugins too (Nik software). All seems to work fine!

He did go on to report a problem he'd heard of, but says that it hasn't affected him.

I heard that somebody has had some problem with full screen view, but not in my case.

This is great news! I personally have not yet upgraded to macOS High Sierra (although I really need to), so unfortunately I don't have firsthand experience to report.

Have you upgraded? Let us know in the comments if you have, and your experience with Aperture — good or bad!

Apple Aperture

While not yet running High Sierra (other non photo apps I use don’t yet play well with High Sierra) but I have been successfully running Aperture 3.6 + the full Nik Suite on Sierra 10.12.6 on a new maxed out 27” i7 iMac for 2 months. The only misbehavior I have experienced so far is that zoom function (using the Z key) doesn’t always give a full 100% zoom. The Nik suite runs fine, is noticeably faster and does not exhibit any periodic hangs on startup that I had experienced under Yosemite.

architect & photographer

As a test I have installed High Sierra on an external disk together with Aperture. It runs like a charm. Or better: two former issues disappeared! The crazy bug of the upside down thumbnails in the list view of the browser, and the less important phenomenon of the half transparent bye-by-window-without-text at the top during quitting Aperture. So Aperture gets better and better. Who could have guessed that before?


I’m running High Sierra with Aperture 3.6 (I did so even with the beta versions of High Sierra) on my MacBook Pro en it even runs beter as when I run Aperture 3.6 on my MacPro with 10.11. Data is on a separate LaCie disk.


I have been having import issues since updating to High Sierra.  Aperture will no longer allow me to pair RAW and JPG together (they are actually listed separately on the import page) and the check box to hide already imported photos is greyed out (also, even though it is checked, all images on my memory card are displayed).

Is anyone seeing this for import or is it something going on with just my setup? If it is just me, any ideas on a solve? I am connecting a Nikon D800 directly to the Mac via USB 3.0, Type A.


I’ve actually found Aperture to be running now better than ever with High Sierra. Used to have a lot of problems shutting down with Aperture running, but that problem seems gone. Import seems more stable than ever also


Anyone still using Aperture these days… You are the one playing the violin while the Titanic sinks… Is inevitable… Get out while you can.

Diego G Diego G

I have been part of the Apple Beta Software program and installed Version 10.13.4 a couple of days ago. With Aperture I am unable to view a photo in the larger view. I get a blank screen. I was able to view in the previous beta version. I quiet the beta program and hope with the next version of High Sierra all views will work.

Still using Aperature,  on a Mac desktop with  OS 10.7.5

Great program.

Would love to upgrade to High Sierra, but afraid that I’ll lose Aperature and my thousands of files.

Will I loose everything?  How can I avoid this?


James Siegel

Hello Jim,

Based on my reported experience (see first post above) and others that followed you should be OK upgrading to High Sierra. However, there are some caveats:

1. Make sure your iMac is compatible with High Sierra. It should be, but check with the Apple website first to be sure since some are not.…

2. IMPORTANT: Back up you iMac hard drive as a bootable copy to a separate hard drive before upgrading to High Sierra. If your Aperture library is referenced on a separate hard drive, unmount it (as well as any other connected drives) before upgrading.

I am now using both Aperture 3.6 and Capture One Pro 11. I have already tested and confirmed that my NIK Suite (DoX’s paid resurrection of Google’s abandoned free version) plays well with CO Pro 11 as do test files imported into CO Pro 11 from Aperture. I have not yet done a full import of all my Aperture libraries (30+K images) but will start doing it incrementally in the coming month. My intent is to be assured of full access to all images even with the next OS Mojave and beyond. At least that’s my plan.

Others please pipe in if I have anything wrong or missed anything!



architect & photographer

I’m also using Aperture with no problems on 10.13.6 (High Sierra IIRC). Works fine, full screen display still works, everything I need as a film/JPEG user.

However at the moment I’m resisting upgrading to Mojave as I did hear hints of issues, and even more rumours that there may be a problem with the version after that…

So I’m currently looking for an alternative for non-destructive editing. I don’t like Adobe or subscription pricing (at least, subscription pricing where the software might stop working after ending the subscription). I’ve been thinking of Capture One Pro, but it’s expensive, and I’m now wondering about Luminar, particularly with Libraries coming…


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