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AI does not report data #1
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by jk3805
June 8, 2014 - 7:33pm

Aperture inspector loaded and will read the Aperture library … will give some data about which cameras are included on the “preferences” window.  These data however are not displayed on the “camera” data window nor are any lens data displayed on the corresponding window — I assume it is something I am doing incorrectly.  Aperture is Aperture 3, AI is 1.5.2 (latest download), Acrobat Air has been updated and is current. I tried the tips re elimination of preferences for Acrobat Air and AI in the Library folder but none were there.

Any help would really be appreciated….

Trying to decide if this program is worthwhile … so far it seems to promise a lot but not deliver… where is my error?




Gartenrosenzuechter's picture
by Gartenrosenzuechter
June 12, 2014 - 10:42am

Same Problem here … 

Thanks in advance 

Ralph Mawyer Photography's picture
by Ralph Mawyer Photography
August 23, 2014 - 9:49am

UPDATE:  Was able to see data on another screen, so maybe it’s just the UI I have trouble with.  user error…


Just another data point…


Launched v1.2?, saw cameras listed, saw updated available…updated to 1.5.  Now nothing appears in Camera or Lens list.

Ralph Mawyer

San Antonio, Tx

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