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LUMIX S1 and S1R Announcement Wrap-up!

Photo Moment - September 25, 2018

The rumors were true. Panasonic is developing a full frame LUMIX series, the LUMIX S1 & LUMIX S1R. Learn about them, and other announcements from Photokina!

Photokina 2018 Panasonic Press Releases

  1. Panasonic Announces the Full Frame LUMIX S Series, S1R and S1
  2. Panasonic, Leica and Sigma Announce the L-Mount Alliance
  3. Panasonic LEICA 10-25mm f/1.7 Lens in Development
  4. Panasonic Launches LUMIX PRO Support and Services
  5. LUMIX GH5, GH5S, G9 & GX9 Firmware Updates October 2018
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all.great.. but: would you also prefer a Flip Screen? thx.4.answer from a Lumix.Lover
Yes 🤷🏼‍♂️
S1R is 47 megapixel but the s1 is 24 megapixels
Is the opposite
@PhotoJoseph would love you to address the no articulated screen that has the community split
There isn’t much to discuss. I’ve made my opinion known to the powers that be.
They aren't being released in early 2019 that when they have a more complete media release.
Do you think Pany will ditch that crazy version of a flip screen? Just give us a regular flippy screen.
When you say “crazy version”, do you mean the fully articulating screen that’s on the GH series today? The 3-axis one that is being touted for the S series is a different type. It’s interesting to see the polarization on this online. Personally I love the GH screen. Most seem to agree, but others are quite vocal that they like the 3-axis type better.
PhotoJoseph - The three axis on the S series. I think it would be awesome if you could flip it out / around like you can on a regular GH5 / G9 type flip screen, but it looks like it tilts at some very odd angles and then to the right, but not to the left. I'd love someone to do a video on just the 3 axis screen.
Ben Fox got some footage from Photokina
L mount is a bad move , should of designed there own because the flange distance i believe is only 0.75mm different from the mft cameras making virtually impossible to make an adapter to use mft lenses in crop mode . So you will need a whole new set and heavy and large full frame lenses !no thanks!. Sigma partnership is a good move . They should have made there own flange mount though . Basically the future of mft development is in olympuses hands now!
I fail to understand why anyone would want to adapt a micro 4/3 lens to a full frame camera. It just doesn’t make sense. Why spend all that money on a full frame camera to only use the center of the sensor? If that was your desire, then just buy a Canon EOS R! 😂😂😂 but seriously, why would you do that? If you already own micro 4/3 glass, then you already own a micro 4/3 body. Also, Panasonic simultaneously announced the 10-25 mm zoom lens. This is no toy, this is a very serious piece of glass. Why would you think they are going to discontinue development? Your argument makes no sense, sorry. This is a phenomenal partnership between the three companies, meaning that you have three company is known for making superb lenses all simultaneously creating lenses for this new camera light up. I wager you will see the lens lineup grow significantly faster for this full frame body then you saw when Sony came out with their full frame mirrorless.
what is it that you fail to understand Joseph? using a 47 mp sensor using my lenses on an adapter will still give you 23 mp images and the convenience of only carrying one body ,one adapter and say a nice portrait or zoom lens with a bunch of my lenses to compliment .I can see loads of advantages to this including use of the pixel shift it's a win win situation. I realise you are only defending Panasonic because they are paying you but you are wrong my friend
sigh I’m not defending Panasonic in any way. I’m saying I don’t see the point in adapting a small lens to a big camera. Hey maybe I’m wrong and this is what everyone will want. But I just don’t see it.
whoops wrong way round... 😂
s1r is 47 mp and s1 24mm 😊
The Leica 10-25 sounds very good, but me thinks it will be too expensive for me. But good to see it coming.
As for the pro service, I hope they also introduce a repair service for their Leica lenses instead of the current replacement policy, in Australia at least. It's one thing holding me back from getting the 100-400.
As far as I know that’s a unique issue with that lens. Supposedly very hard to repair (no idea why).
An adapter from Leica L to MFT will be physically impossible as it would have to be -0.25mm in thickness - at least not if you don't want any crappy optics to ruin the image quality...
I don't know much about Full Frame cameras so I hope this even makes sense, but will the dynamic range be the same on the Full Frame as on the G9 or will it be greater? Also, I don't know how color profiles work but will it have its own color profile or does Panasonic have just one profile that is in all of its cameras?
Color profiles will likely be the same. We’ve seen the same ones on nearly every LUMIX made. As for the DR, sensor size isn’t relevant here so we can assume as good of DR as the G series but can hope for even better.
Why is the XQD card? Instead of CFast2.0?
LUMIX cameras have always had the SD form factor, and XQD is close to that. They still want to be as small as possible. Also XQD can be (theoretically) updated to CFexpress, which is faster yet again:
The XQD is the only card system(it IS a system) that is pro-grade, much more reliable than SD or CF. It is also faster allowing for higher speed buffer clearing. It is a very good and preferred choice on a pro-camera. The cost is higher but its Mean Time Between Failure is far far better than other systems. This indicated Panasonic is serious about the pro market. The tilt screen instead of flip out screen is another nod to pros who prefer to have less fragile cameras. Those who want video selfies for youtube are actually well served now and going full frame is a waste of money. They, and all pro oriented camera makers, are not designing cameras for that have all possible features but are focusing on the ones that the targetted market prefers. There are already lots of high-performance general purpose cameras and all under $3000. I would be less willing to trust a flip out screen, it does not belong on a tool that needs above all else, reliable.
I agree with everything you’ve said except the fully articulating screen. I’m a pro, use my GH cameras daily and don’t vlog (well, rarely). I’ve never broken an articulating screen; they tend to just fold back / move when bumped. But I do love it for studio work. Being able to face the LCD forward while adjusting the set is huge for me.
Boring presentation
Loss of fully articulating screen really makes me pause.
Hey Joseph! I've been watching about the aperture differences that we really see from m43 versus ff cameras. Basically, for a lens like 20mm at 1.7 mft, we have the calculation is follows: 20/1.7 = 11.764 and knowing that 20mm on a mft is like seeing a cropped version of a ff lens, then 40mm/11.764 = f3.4. Is that correct?
I’m going to do a show on this topic soon. Be sure you’re subbed so you know when it is. (And your math, while possibly correct, is confusing me so I’m a avoiding answering!) 😁
Definitely am subbed for awhile! I've never been able to watch your vids live though lol. To put the math simply, MFT is about half from FF. 25mm MFT = FOV of 50mmFF. Because of that field of view, you divide the focal length to the diameter of the aperture. Hope this helps some!
Processing would have match or best Sony’s price.
So this still has Contrast AF... same old tech.. usless to have dual IS if the camera can´t lock focus... usless. for video.
The purpose of full frame mirrorless is to ween people off of mirrors. The next phase will be to ween everyone off of full frame. MFT is superior for most applications. Who wants to carry around extra mass if they don't have to?
WarmWeatherGuy I’m a M43 shooter and lover but you’re wrong lol. M43 is inferior and also has a lower ceiling in terms of performance and we are already pretty close to it. M43 is cool but it’s technically inferior
When it comes to weight MFT is superior. You are right that it is not superior for many applications. Yet most of the time you can't tell the difference.
WarmWeatherGuy Weight is pretty small factor when most people consider what camera they are choosing. Even if the differences aren’t as easy to tell, there are things you simply can’t do on a M43 camera that you can on a FF and not the other way around. Don’t try to fool yourself into thinking that the differences aren’t there. M43 will never elapse APS-C or FF cameras.
If you search YouTube for "switch to mft" you will see quite a few videos where people say that weight is a factor for them to switch but there are also other reasons. Over the past 10 years the sales of DSLR-like cameras has tanked because cell phone cameras are good enough for most people. To get people interested again companies like Panasonic are giving away cameras like the G7 at near cost. It is like when you buy an ink-jet printer for peanuts but then they make money selling you ink cartridges. Panasonic is getting people interested in a $500 camera and then they make money selling lenses and when people get the camera bug and upgrade to more expensive gear. There are times when FF is worth it and even medium format but many photographers can do well with smaller sensors. Some things are hard to predict, especially the future. We can wait and see. :-)
The m43 Film to Flange distance is 19.25mm; the L-mount is 19mm.. (Says 19mm on wiki; but the dude from Leica said 20mm) but either way; that's pretty close so I don't think it's going to be doable.. well; the throat is smaller on the m43 so it might be doable; but there's almost no distance... I think it's going to be tough; because the lugs will be in the way with no room.
Yeah it won't be possible to adapt either way, in any meaningful sense. Connectors are also placed differently, and you want focus and aperture control in an adapter.
Another great video. Thanks for the info. Haven't been able to watch you live for a while as I've been out shooting during that time. Hopefully I'll be able to catch some as things slow down.
20-50 mm in full frame is the perfect travel range, Im baffled that noone else has ever thought about this..
give me a 20-50 f4/f2.8 and a 85 f1.8 as a perfect compact travel setup!
It’s 47mp for the S1R and 24mp for the S1
So Joseph, is it alright to ask you my 'Live Moment' question now, about...would you change from M43 to FF if a suitable system was available (LOL). I appreciate you've answered the question now in your video. When I posed the question to you it wasn't meant to sound like a trick question based on rumours. Yesterday I traded in my last Nikon D3 FF camera for a new LUMIX 12-35mm f/2.8 Mk2 lens and was thinking about what my answer would be. Thanks for this video and early morning commitment. See you Friday.
Hehe yeah sorry, I have been deflecting those questions since the rumors started. I put that in the FAQ at the end because you asked it though 😁
@PhotoJoseph I did chuckle when I saw it come up in your list and wondered whether I'd prompted it. Take care and thanks again.
S1R(esolution) = 47mp 😉
Great job @photojoseph - I’m excited about this announcement of a FF with no compromises. I have no plans of getting rid of my GH5 or G9 - Panasonic continues to over deliver on features and value.
How can we trust that Panasonic's crappy contrast video AF finally will be usable just because of some supposed AI? Why have they removed the flip out display?
I hope they will have V-Log profile.
I dont understand why it's so hard for them to put a fully articulated screen on all new cameras lol screw the tilting nonsense its 2018
The main reason actually is because it’s not as easy to break and it’s more practical in most professional situations. The only people who really use articulated screens are YouTubers lol
The main reason actually is because it’s not as easy to break and it’s more practical in most professional situations. The only people who really use articulated screens are YouTubers lol
Alec Galicia don’t YouTube i just like to flip it over so its protected
Actually I use it in the studio all the time for setting up shots.
PhotoJoseph so photo Joseph , have a word with Panasonic its not too late to change the screen
Video professionals should not waste their time getting excited about the S1. I predict that it will be 8-bit, low bitrate codec, no dual-recording (direct backup, not proxy), and I wouldn't be surprised if they even left out the headphone jack and went with a mini HDMI output.
What a wonderful day! Thank you Panasonic (and Photo Joseph for breaking this down for us) 10-25 1.7 + FULL FRAME CAMERA :) Wow.
@photojoseph thank you
What will be the frames per second for stills on each camera? I’m a sports Photographer and I am interested in the frames per second and tracking ability of these cameras. @photojoseph
Don’t know yet
What do you guys think the price would be?
Rumors said the Pro version will be around 4.000 $ and the entry level camera around 2.000 $.
I read before the announcement that the 24MP S will be around $3000, which makes sense because that’s what the Sony is right now.
But the Z6 and the EOS-R are below 3.000.
But it was also only a rumor. We will see how much they charge in the end.
Dieter Knüttel True. So far the rumors were accurate, but there’s still a long way to go before price is settled. Looking forward to finding out more.
@Dieter Knüttel I think it's funny that the higher megapixel camera would be considered "Pro". I'd take the 24MP version every time for better low light capability. The only reason I want to get a full frame camera is for much better low light. I don't want to deal with massive file sizes just to have the convenience of being able to do major crops to photos.
Did they say anything about a native m43 adapter for the new Lumix S series?
No. This should not be physically possible. Remember, the lens size of micro four thirds is considerably smaller. Which means that the light projected on the sensor would not cover the entire sensor. The only way to do it would be to use a crop of the full frame sensor, which while not impossible, I don’t see as very likely. That would reduce the 4K quality to that of the EOS-R and you’ve seen how well received that was :-)
That new 10-25 m4/3 lens sounds awesome and very, very expensive, at least for those of us with limited means. But, cool!
Excited because it will have a filter thread and can be used as a general purpose lens too!
Thankyou Joseph! It was an amazing morning waking up to Photo Joseph presenting the Lumix photokina release (we've all been waiting for).
Thorn between if i should upgrade from g7 to gh5 or this camera
Yak Almighty as a G7 owner , i would gladly switch to the new S1
yeah it sounds good so far but im just afraid of the price, but i guess it gives me more time to save up
but I also heard that the 3 way LCD actually tilts the other way , kind of a bummer but no deal breaker ... also looking into the BMPCC 4K but then again the sensor size on the S1 means I wont have to spend too much to go wide angle and worry much about ISO .......
Will those MFT Lens be compatible with S Series ? Just like Sony has APSC crop mode ?
Well informed guy 🙃 XQD is a new format .... welcome to 2015
As a Nikon FF shooter I have been using XQD for 3 years. Good choice and it makes some of using other brands consider Panasonic for the first time, it is the only pro-grade card system available, designed from scratch to answer the problems of the consumer grade unreliable SD cards and sockets.
Tom ?
Just watched the full press conference...exciting news. About a quarter of the way into the conference I decided to turn on "closed captions" and there were some funny translations. For instance. Leica was translated to "liker". I guess that makes sense. But, the funniest was when the moderator was discussing the new Venus engine for the S-1/R and translated to a "penis" engine.

I'm also glad to see that Panasonic is continuing to support m43 with the announcement of a new 10 - 25mm 1.7 lens. Good stuff.
Will they make an adapter for non L-mount lenses?
That is discussed in the Q&A at the end. Nothing announced but some Leica ones already available, from what it seems.
PhotoJoseph sigma has announced a EF-L-Mount adapter
Dieter Knüttel sweet
it is totally a response to Canon and Nikon's line up. These companies are not oblivious to what their competitors are working on. This happens in almost every tech industry from smart phones to consoles and most definitely cameras. You think they'd work on the marketing of the "worlds first full frame 4k60 DSLM camera" if they didn't know what the others were releasing? Why would they even release a full frame mirrorless camera if not to compete with other manufacturers if their MFT line was already doing well? It's not like full frame mirrorless was invented the other day. This is a terrible assumption. There is no way to compete in these multinational markets if you don't know what your competitors are pushing. All this leads me to believe that YES, this is a response to the other full frame DSLMs
Or maybe Canikon was responding to Panasonic assumptions, but managed to release first? 🤔
Also, companies do not KNOW what others are doing. Assume, yes. Know? No. It’s not like trade secrets are open secrets between competitors.
Gatman lol Canon made the first FF 4K60 DSLR years ago with the 1DX MII
lol you know there's a difference between DSLR and DSLM right? xD
Okay that I agree with (the assumptions part)
My Nikon D500 has dual XQD and UHS-II SD slots. XQD is super fast. I wonder if they will give it a firmware update to support CfExpress. Thats what Nikon is doing with the Z6/Z7. They will support XQD now but CfExpress with a firmware update.
Oh ok so the slots are backwards compatible? Isn’t the XQD a different size?
Also is that the same as the Z?
Oh I see now; it is two different slots. Thanks.
PhotoJoseph  I have been using XQD for 3 years, definitely the pro's choice, very solid, rugged, fast and reliable. Sony reports, as one of the developers and makers, that of the millions sold only 1 single card has failed. Sony does not put it into the consumer grade cameras because of cost(a7III and a9 etc) but us it in their high even pro gear for video production and control systems, that cost 10-15 times as much. From these features it appears Panasonic is serious about competing in the pro market as the weather sealing, flange size, XQD, and service network. This latter one is important and will have a lot of people migrate from Sony due to poor support and the worst part of their service policies is their dropping parts availability soon after a model goes out of production. Nikon and Canon supply parts for years. For example a a7, the original only 3.5 years old is no longer supported, if it fails, it is a door stop. That is something Panasonic was good about in the field I was in, pro audio. They competed directly with Sony for example with DAT digital 2 track recorders and Panasonic did not change models often and parts and service(I had a major studio plus own the largest pro audio service center in the US) was available for years. Sony churned the market, replacing models every 12-15 months and dropping parts so a used Sony had no resale value. We were the largest service center for all digital tape decks (Sony, Tascam, Panasonic, Studer, Fostex, Alesis) and every studio in the world had at least one workhorse SV3700 or SV3800 Panasonic because they just worked could be repaired. Due to that history, I am very interested in the S1R and will be following news as it fleshes out.
Wow! Such detailed video! This is awesome!
My #1 fan 😍
Glad mft will live on. Excited about the Leica 10-25mm f1.7
If you were actually paying attention during the presentation they said one slot for XQD and one slot for SD
You’re in a mood aren’t you? I was watching that, taking notes and it was 3am. Be nice. Sheesh. And if that’s what they said, thank you for clarifying.
But also good on you to be one of the first people with a video on this. 3am is a bit crazy though. Get some sleep man xD
It’s only a couple of hours earlier than normal… but yeah, yesterday was a LONG day.
S1R is 47MP and S1 is 24MP...
I was thinking the same :D
Yep, I had the numbers swapped. It gets corrected later. Don’t know how I made that mistake. So annoying. 😡
These things happen :D
For me the real highlight is the Leica 10-25mm f/1.7 MFT. That's going to be the holy grail go-to lens.
People love to adapt the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 (adapter or focal reducer)... and I've thought about getting/adapting the FT Olympus Zuiko Digital ED 14-35mm f/2 SWD...
But to have this native puppy is pretty awesome.
Too bad it's probably going to launch at a similar price to say the Leica 200mm f/2.8 or GH5S. Meaning... you might want to sell a kidney.
There is a zoom lens Leica make it is a 16-18-21mm lens. How likely do you think it is that in a system that has never had a zoom faster than 2.8 they are making a 1.7 zoom. Didn't you think it was interesting they were saying "it's like 5 primes in 1", have you ever heard a lens described that way? why wouldn't they say "its like 16 primes in 1"? why don't they describe the 2.8 as "24 primes in 1"?
Never heard of such thing, I guess it is a thing after all. But it's not a well-established one however. No current MFT lens does this.

I've heard people refering to the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 as having multiple prime lenses in one lens. That's because the optical quality and sensitivity at each focal length is so impressive, it rivals primes. The all-in-one concept of course refers to the zoomlens being more convenient than having multiple lenses you'd have to swap.
THey also had the specific focal length displayed in the official release presentation, it had 20mm, 24mm 28mm, 36mm, 50mm. That corresponds to markings on the lens. If you put it all together I'd bet a lot of money that it is a multi focal length zoom. The thing I want to know is why no one put the question to a rep, it seems like an obvious question to ask.
Yeh its the first lens I had heard of, but it is Leica and they're pretty tight these days. I also heard a reporter get pretty close comparing all zooms to replacing primes and the representative said it is intended to be a "prime shooter"
FYI still want one for street shooting/landscape/cityscape.
Damn this is amazing. I can't even explain how happy I am.
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