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Mountain Lion… Get Ready to Purrrr

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July 24, 2012 - 9:57pm

(Thanks for the head’s up, Butch)

Mountain Lion will be released tomorrow (25th July, 2012) according to the Apple, as announced in their quarterly earnings call.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion has been released!

There’s already a discussion on Butch’s forum post on what to expect and what people are hoping for, so I won’t hijack that, but it’s always worth talking about “how to prepare” for an OS upgrade.

I’ve also created a Mountain Lion page, to share Mountain Lion + Aperture specific issues and tips (just like the old Lion page). If you require support, please post in the standard support forum. To download Mountain Lion, please use this affiliate link.

General Upgrade Tips

Those of you with patience and wisdom will wait a few days (or longer) before upgrading, because there will inevitably be issues that were missed by the testers at Apple (it’s impossible to test every possible scenario). However those of us who throw caution to the wind and live by the mantra “what’s the worst that could happen?!” will be upgrading immediately! So, for those of you like me, here are some tips on preparing for the upgrade.

If you have additional tips and resources to share, post ‘em in the comments please. My tips are mostly specific to Aperture, so if you’re looking for general upgrade help, check these out, and I’ll add more as people post others to check out in the comments.

ApertureExpert Upgrade Tips

  1. Back up. This should be obvious, but I’ll say it anyway. If you run Time Machine, make sure it runs tonight. If you run Backblaze or another cloud backup, make sure it runs as well. If you are a bit more techie and really want to have a complete mirror of your system that you can easily switch back to, consider mirroring your system hard drive using Carbon Copy Cloner — that’s the de facto standard for a simple, bootable backup.
  2. Clean install, or upgrade? This is a question that always comes up. For those of us who’ve been using a Mac since they were beige and boxy, we know that OS upgrades were notoriously finicky and the only way to ensure a clean install was to do, well, a completely clean install. This was an option in the installer, and it was great. However now it’s a lot harder to do that, and a lot easier to just click the upgrade button and lean back and watch. For my money, just let the installer do its thing. I did that with Lion and had no problems (some did, of course, but AFAIK the vast majority of upgrades were painless). You will have a backup should you need to step backwards and try again.
  3. Upgrade one Mac at a time. If you have multiple Macs, don’t update them all at once, or at minimum leave one working machine running while the update goes on the others. Should the unthinkable happen, you don’t want both or all your Macs out of commission at the same time.
  4. Update your Aperture Vault. If you run the Vault in Aperture, run an update before upgrading. Why? Because if all hell breaks loose, you’ll have an easy way to get your Aperture library back up and running, even on another system, while waiting to recover your main system. I’m not trying to be dramatic here, but you know… sh** happens. And if you rely on Aperture for your daily business, you’ll want to get that back online as quickly as possible in the event of a water landing.
  5. If you really wanna play it safe… then copy your entire Library to another system and ensure you can access all your files there before you upgrade your main system. This would allow you to continue working as well while the upgrade happens. After all, it’ll probably take a couple of hours to download and install Mountain Lion.

Buy it here

If you don’t mind, use this affiliate link to buy your $19.99 Mountain Lion upgrade. It puts a few more pennies into the ApertureExpert coffers, thanks.

And go!

That’s really all I can think of. This should be a much easier upgrade than the Lion upgrade was, but that’s no reason to throw caution to the wind.

Good luck, everyone!

Apple Aperture

Joseph- Congrats on entering wedded bliss and for allowing us to “celebrate” with your discount offer. I took full advantage of that.

RoaringApss has a list of a vast majority of apps and their compatibility or lack there of with Mountain Lion. They did this for Lion when it came out.

Here’s the link”


Florian Cortese

Hi Joseph, I downloaded Mountain Lion last night and this morning I went to post on my blog, I adjusted a photo using snapseed, then saved it, it appeared in aperture as normal and then i tired to drag it into my blog (as normal) this didn’t work, nothing happened, did the normal things like closing aperture and snapseed, opening up again and trying again but no, the only way i could post it was to save it to my desktop and then drag it into my post.
Just though i would let you know.

Congrats on your wedding.


Thanks! :-)

It sounds to me like a preview wasn’t generated for that file. Ensure that preview generation is enabled for that project, or if you’re like me, leave it off and just do it manually.


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Remember me, the guy with the shortcut key problem in Aperture on my Macbook Air? You spent a lot of time with me trying to help me solve it (which I appreciated!). But nothing seemed to work. Well, I upgraded to Mountain Lion (ML) and also upgraded Aperture for ML and voila! No more problems with key strokes! I am back using Aperture and have put LR4 on the back burner. Congrats on your wedding by the way.

Hi Joseph, I’m still having snapseed problems, some photo’s work and im able to drag them onto my blog, others don’t, any idea’s, have you tried this? I’ll send an email to Nik software just incase its a problem their end.

Many Thanks

Mark Rupp — Glad to hear it! Yeah I remember that problem, definitely weird.

Mark Johnson — Please start a thread in the forum and provide more details on what’s happening, thanks.


— Have you signed up for the mailing list?

Decided to upgrade to Mountain Lion from Snow Leopard 10.6.8 soley to keep up with the upgrades in Aperture. Download time: 15hrs and 22mins. Yes I have a slow internet connection, somewhere just above dial up :(

Backing up now and creating a bootable thumb drive, then a clean install and then…………….fingers crossed.

P.S. purchased through this site :)


Other than two total system freezes today which I’m blaming on a T-mobile webpage I had open, ML has been great. Unfortunately that freeze smacked my Aperture library hard, and it’s currently rebuilding the database. So much for getting any photo work done toady… sigh


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