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Vault Behaving Better in Aperture 3.3.2

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September 4, 2012 - 4:57am

I’ve noted before that since the 3.3 upgrade, I’d been unable to create a new Vault (starting from scratch). I’m happy to report that since the 3.3.2 update, I’ve been able to successfully create a new Vault again, and run updates on it. My library is larger than most and I know many people had no problems creating Vaults, but I wanted to share that it now worked for me — so if you’ve had Vault issues, it’s time to try again.

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Is it ok to delete the Old Aperture Vault that gets created on the drive Aperture uses for the Vault?

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Dudley Warner
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If it’s outdated, and you have a newer one that’s complete, then yes I’d say it’s safe to delete the old one.


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If I have time capsule and use an online backup service (backblaze). Other than having a third backup, what would be the benefit of using the vault in Aperture?

Thank you.

Because you can never be too careful ;-)

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