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The Fabulous Aperture 3 Curves Tool

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January 15, 2014 - 12:00pm

I don't talk about messing about in post much. Probably because I despise it so much. Truth is that's one of the things I really miss from the days when we all shot film. Ubiquitous, cheap, out-sourced post processing. Well that and I've spent far too much time in photoshop than I would wish in two lifetimes. Every once in a blue moon when I actually am going to print something, or when I do the occasional job here or there, I do actually futz around a bit on my own images. Oh yea - and I mess with other photographer's images a lot too. Almost forgot about that. Here and there I've mentioned how wonderful I think the Aperture 3 curves tool is but never really mentioned why.

Read the rest on my site at, and don't miss the follow-up here. I'll likely be posting another follow-up soon as well.

Apple Aperture
Robert Boyer

Funny how this photo is used in an article about the curves tool!

You cannot explain curves using an image with no curves can you?



haha… true!

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That was indeed a very nice tutorial. I was hoping to see more advanced discussions on Aperture tools. I bounce back and forth between using Camera Raw and Aperture more than I would like. Aperture has some of these lesser known techniques that match Camera Raw quite well. But unfortunately they are hard to find.  

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