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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

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ATEM Mini Extreme (ISO) — Blackmagic Keynote LIVE post-game show!

Photo Moment - February 18, 2021

(Scrub to 14:37 for show start)

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This is a replay of the LIVE show! I go live (new schedule!) every Tuesday 10am Pacific or Wednesday 9pm Pacific for a show of random chattering and meandering tech. It's a great place to get any lingering questions you have, answered!

Blackmagic has done it again! They announced a pair of all-new ATEM Mini switchers, the ATEM Mini Extreme and ATEM Mini Extreme ISO, along with a software update for the ATEM Mini Pro and ATEM Mini Pro ISO to add tethering from your mobile phone, and a new Blackmagic Web Presenter HD, plus a new camera, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro! It was a great series of announcements… join me and Aaron Parecki as we broke it down LIVE immediately after the show.

Blackmagic ATEM Mini lineup:


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Sir I’ve got a question about ATEM MINI…I’ve tried to use an Apple USBC to thunderbolt 2 square type adapter to connect to my Mac. For some reason I got NO PICTURE from camera through ATEM. Will this not work? Thank you!
Thunderbolt and USB are totally different interfaces. If you have the square Thunderbolt ports on your Mac, then you also have USB-A ports (rectangle USB). You need a USB-A to USB-C cable.
@PhotoJoseph so this is the best to use. I thought by using the Apple adapter USB-C male to thunderbolt 2 female and then a thunderbolt male x2 cable to my Mac it would be “better” quality. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been using the Atem usb cable to Mac and it’s good. So, does it not work with Atem USB’s output?
Hey I'm using ATEM mini extreme iso and the audio input's not working, what's the problem with my device?
Hey @PhotoJoseph

We recently moved away from the original Mini so we're weighing our options with variable factors (being nimble for a quick breakdown and setups, as well as future-proofing ourselves to change needs in live streaming production/ on-site filming) :) The work we do is remote production, and on-site recording (conferences/conventions) as well as live stream our own content.

1) If we were to save up and went big, we were wondering if you thought the Extreme/ISO com was better than the ATEM TV Studio HD switcher?

2) .... Or to fill our immediate need for a second capture card. to opt for the mini PRO or mini Pro ISO, especially the price went down by $100. AS you could get more bang for the $ out of the min pro/mini pro ISO than an AJA Utap (extra inputs and second HDMI output is pretty handy than to use extra splitters)

3) Also, pardon if this question has been already asked, has a video been posted of your thoughts/reviews of either ATEM Mini Extreme and/or Mini Extreme ISO?
Just bought the ATEM ISO extreme, and I'm impressed looking at the Davinci Resolve File it creates. Would you be open to doing a video showing a good workflow, how to edit a live event that's been recorded and switched live? Seems very clunky to switch out one camera angle for another in post. Thanks!
have you seen this video?
but what about the hdmi OUT ? 8b or 10b color space on atem extrem ? Because when I'm recording with atem mini pro iso via a streaming bridge to an external recorder, I have only 8b color space. any idea ?
hm, I seriously doubt that the ATEM is reducing the color space, but I could be wrong. What 10-bit sources are you feeding in that are getting reduced to 8-bit? How are you measuring that it's 8 and not 10 on the output?
@PhotoJoseph - Hey brother - hope you have been doing well. I am looking to slowly work my way to building a studio with 4 Blackmagic 4k Studio Cameras and a Mini Extreme ISO. However, no one has ever done a setup and workflow walkthrough of the MINI and the Studio Camaeras. Is this something you could do? As in, From scratch, what are the minimum components you would need to set up a studio with the cameras and the Extreme ISO (since that's the top of the range).
Would appreciate something like that.
It is — from the big ATEMs!
Hey Dice, I just learned something. The Blackmagic Design Micro Converter BiDirectional SDI/HDMI 3G (has to be the 3G version!) will allow BMPCC cameras to be controlled from SDI-based ATEMs, and allow the SDI Studio Cameras to be controlled from an ATEM Mini! I've just ordered one to check it out and do a video on it. That's super exciting!
@PhotoJoseph Hey Joseph.... That's amazing man. There HAD to be a way to do it. Not having compatibility seemed odd, but i just thought that that'd be the only way they'd segment their product lines. Can't wait for your Video on the Micro Converter.
This is new — when the Mini Pro first came out this didn’t exist. So it’s quite exciting!
@PhotoJoseph Doug just posted this:
Did you know the brand or model of HDMI cables that Blackmagic (Grant Petty) uses in their live updates and in web brochures photos?
They look good quality, flexibles, and must be good to take the risk of connecting and patching with ATEM on live show, and always work!!
The only ones I know and use that look like that are from MonoPrice
About the phone tethering, how long can you stream on a full charged phone (ios), does it drain phone juice quickly, is there an adapter that has 2 lightning ports for charging and Data, or will the extreem keep the phone charged as with some Drone remotes?
how long it lasts will depend on far too many factors to estimate. Every phone is different… how old is the phone's battery… how solid is your signal to the tower (poor reception eats more battery life)… is it 4G or 5G and which flavor… literally impossible to estimate. As to your question about charging the phone… I don't know! I haven't even tried this myself. Drop a question on Aaron's channel… I'm quite sure he's tried it out by now. Sorry!
Does it really make the TVS obsolete? I just started looking into things, but I haven't seen a solid answer about one of the hdmi ports to be program output (transitions, etc). I've seen lots of references to an aux out. That's why i like tvs, because you essentially have 3 outputs (mv, pgm, aux). I use aux a lot for showing a secondary/extended screen of a laptop.
It has two programmable HDMI outputs. They can be program, multi view, or a single input.
Hey Guys, love the videos. We made some pretty cool animated Super Source transitions that we normally use on only our bigger atem switchers but now with the atem mini pro extreme, its even easier for us to take the super source on the road. We also made a companion file for quick setup and ease of use. Happy to share them with you if you would like. Keep it up!
I’d love to see them! I never played with supersource animations. Reach out through my website and we can engage there.
@PhotoJoseph Your backdrop looks great. You mind telling what materials were used for it?
Feel free to come on a live show and ask, but basically it’s foam core and paint.
Don't forget that you can still do mix-minus on the TVS HD, and sadly that's still missing from the Mini Extreme. The top-of-the-line mini just needs some aux buses for audio and a few assignable aux video outs!
It seems like there's a lot of audio customization on the Extreme that we don't know about yet… maybe it's in there!
Hello, I have a question if you can help me, is it possible to use the two USB ports to connect to two computers and use as a webcam on both?
No, sorry
What about tethering and recording at the same time with mini pro? can this be done?
If you mean USB tethering, no. That’s why the Extreme has two USB ports, so you can! But you can stream over Ethernet and record over USB at the same time.
@Aaron Parecki. Question. The three of you can now stream to the 3 streaming bridges of PhotoJoseph and he can daisy chain 3 Web Presenter HD’s and stream to the 3 of you???
That would be very inefficient as it'd require me to have bandwidth to stream publicly plus to each of them. Better to use a single upstream backchannel like zoom.
Rats missed it live. Was wondering if you and Aaron heard of the extreme.
haha oh yeah… we were watching it together before we went live!
And not surprisingly they have an ISO version too!

ATEM Mini Extreme ISO has all the features available in ATEM Mini Extreme, but adds recording of up to nine separate real-time H.264 streams, as well as your live-mixed video signal - all at the same time! The recording is prepared for DaVinci Resolve, so you can adjust and improve the editing of a live recording afterwards. Atem Mini Extreme ISO provides a compact video mixer with the features most often available in much more advanced switches.


Eight HDMI inputs + 1 master
Two separate HMDI outputs
Dual USB connections
Four chroma keyers
Six picture-in-picture DVEs
Multiview with up to 16 views simultaneously
Yep! This is an amazing device!
Always fun. Thank you!
Thanks for watching!
Vmix is awesome. I use it with two atems. A regular and pro.
Ah now I remember why I’ve never played with VMIX… it’s windows only!
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