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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

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The BEST way to make your ATEM portable?

Photo Moment - May 06, 2022

If you've ever had to take your ATEM Mini on the road, then you know what a hassle it can be. This line of custom ATEM cases not only carry your ATEM, a monitor, and so much more, but make connecting and powering it a breeze!

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You do great and very helpful videos, but are there cheaper/simpler ways After spending $ 2KCAD for an ATEM Mini Pro ISO and (mainly Optical fiber) cables, monitor, router/switcher etc.) on top of $4k invested in pro mics/sound, we can't spend another 1K+ on portability. Also can't manage a plethora of ancillary gadgets and aps in necessarily temporary concert live-stream setups,
OK, so this doesn't work for you and your situation, but there are clearly plenty of customers for the creator of this product as he's selling them like crazy. Not every product is for every customer!
@PhotoJoseph Good for them, and justifiable for frequent portable use. But at a time when the average US family can't come up with $400 in an emergency, you might find a wide audience that could benefit from more frequent application of your excellent teaching skills to more affordable solutions that still allow the production of decent video.
how bright is the monitor in real life use and does it work in 1080 30
I don’t see the links for the case?
It’s there… “Learn more at
Just started the restream and I agree with the others, the audio is pretty low. However, while the audio sounds low (Stats For Nerds says -15) it does sound like it's clipping. A conundrum! BTW, nice meeting you at the NAB Get Together.
Yep all resolved (hopefully) for the next stream! And thanks for coming to our NAB meetup!
I know Freddy he cool
I concur!
Dang, I have tried to build a case like this in the past. This thing is beautiful! The price is kinda silly though. But, supply and demand 🤷🏽‍♂️.
I'm sure the price is justified by the amount of time it takes to hand craft each one!
@photojoseph I normally love your production values…. Yet, today I noticed your audio seemed less than full range and slightly distorted…. Listen to the MichaelKnowles show for an example of a rich audio experience. If you figure out the issue please let us know. Thanks!
yep, you are 100% correct. I noticed it listening to the recording. My audio interface was set too high, and that little clipping was getting amplified somewhere in the pipe. I've just finished adjusting and testing again, so hopefully this will be better next week. I also tweaked the colors. This is a relatively new use of this set (for live) and I'm making tweaks as we go. I just looked at MichaelKnowles channel — OK very different audio. First, he's not live, and my non-live shows have better audio than my live shows because you can sweeten in post. But also he's using a "radio" mic. That big, in-your-face mic. Not appropriate for my kind of show where I'm moving around. I am on a wireless lav and that's the only way to fly for my kind of content!
Great show. Your audio are always low down in volume compared to other streams.
is it? I just realized this was still clipping… turns out I was overdriving from the audio interface, so I've taken that down and others up. That said my levels out of the ATEM are spot on. This is definitely a challenge with youtube — there's no standard!!
@PhotoJoseph True
I wonder if he can build a case that has a Rodecaster and an Atem extreme
big case, but maybe? Ask him! Visit his site and ask!
Beautiful cases and equally beautiful presentation. Ideal time regarding the EU, Netherlands in this case (around 6pm) Thank you very much for all this. Greetings from a small channel, the interest was all the greater ;-)
Thank you sir! And if you're a new viewer, I hope you'll be back!
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