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GH6 and SmallRig — Rigging up your LUMIX GH6 with ALL the toys!

Photo Moment - April 06, 2022

GH6 and SmallRig — Rigging up your LUMIX GH6 with ALL the toys!

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Just a small question: Can S5 users expect SSD recording through USB in the near future? what's your view... Thanks
No. It’s a unique hardware chip. Not software upgradable.
Okay ... thanks for the clarification ☺️
Does the GH6 run on V-Mount over USB-C without the original GH6 Battery plugged in?
Does anyone know where to get that hdmi cable? Thanks!
It’s Kondor Blue; the Gerald Undone purple edition. Sorry I don’t have a link handy
@PhotoJoseph thank you lysm
be careful with the M2.5 screw... If you screw and unscrew it too often it does not fit properly anymore. thats what happened to me... The material quality of the screw hole is kinda bad. :/
Good to know, thanks… I'll be gentle!
Thank you very much for your assistance in proving the link to the Panasonic external battery compatible list. Needless to say to nailed it to my "favorites" list When you sent it to me the first-time, I ordered it from Amazon and thought I followed the instructions carefully. but it didn't work for me; so I returned it. i think I have a clearer understanding of what to do now, by activating the USB feature in the GH-6. Thanks again very much.
Hi, i bought a dummy battery and the rolux handle battery to power the camera. Video recording works fine but I can’t seem to take photos with it. However, when i changed back to the original gh6 battery it works just fine. Do you know why that is?
Hi Joseph, Great video as always. If I were to get that set-up with the Small Rig cage and the universal handle, how would I stack the Atomos Ninja V?
There’s a cold shoe on the handle and NATO mounts, too
@PhotoJoseph Thanks Dude. Lumix are lending me a GH6 for my film!
@We can be better than this. sweet!
Is the Tilta cage for GH6 any good, do any of these play well with each other. I like Tilta left side battery handle would like to use that on the small rigcage. also love the show
I have been recording on an ANGELBIRD 4tb CF EXPRESS w no prob for weeks now until the 2.0 firmware . Now all i get is error cf express exceeds 2tb !! Why throttle a perfectly sufficient card after the fact? I have contacted lumix and not received an answer. Love your Show!
@PhotoJoseph angelbird is going to work w me thank you
@PhotoJoseph update! Angelbird says because Panisonic doesnt support higher capacity then they cannot i guess that means in text. They pretty much is trading my card in for what i specifically requested. And it is 4tb. They are not the culprits anywho but helping! Still have not been contacted by multiple media from panisonic or lumix although the Lumix Pro services are really good. Not on this matter. Im assuming the did not know that the firmware they sent the GH6 was actually supporting the ANGELBIRD 4tb CF EXPRESS or that anyone would try it before the update. Especially when the card was for Z9. Looks like strappin back on the NINJA V+ wich means i am going to be shooting w 3 GH CAMERAS w no media card in them because ther just not big enough ,sync modules ALL BECAUSE OF Your help! Thank you SIR . Thats the skinny with a pretty penny
Interesting… and you're saying that the 4TB card worked in the GH6 before it got the 2.0 firmware update?
@PhotoJoseph it broke my heart. I shot 3 videos and tested full recording of 5.7 k prores 30p little over 2hr non stop recording and format the day i got the card to see if i would be sending it back and then shot all the way to the 4th of july and was bummed because i wanted to test the new pro res framerates on fireworks and couldnt cuz firmware 2.0 didnt come out till the 5th.i ordered it on the 14 of june. So yes Sir
Hello, I thank you to share this interesting video. Out of curiosity: with thsi cage and its handle, is it possible to put the eye on the viewfinder? Or does the handle move the eye away or disturb the view? This is an important thing for me. Thank you
The handle gets in the way of the eyepiece, yes. But you don't have to use the handle.
Someone mentions that the Canon off-Camera Shoe Cord 2 (an extension cable for TTL flash) can be used to relocate the DMW XLR1... I'm confused... A Canon extension cable working on Panasonic? Can anyone confirm this?
I’m 99% sure that works. It’s just pin configuration. As long as they all line up it should work.
Hi there. Great video so helpful. Subscribed. I was having problems importing videos into my ipad from the gh6. Anything I'm missing? Photos are doing just fine. Thanks.
If memory services. iPadOS still doesn’t support 10-bit video. Could they be it?
So to answer your question of the SmallHD v-mount plate not working properly with the Fxlion batteries. It’s actually the plastic V-lock wedges that Fxlion uses, if you swap them out to proper metal wedges you won’t have this locking issue and the batteries will also fit on better to any plate.
Really! SmallRig told me they modified the mount but they haven’t sent me one yet. You can buy replacement V mounts for the batteries? Odd that these would be cheap plastic; they are otherwise great batteries, from what I understand.
Sadly I definitely agree they forgot about the XLR1 and their cludged solution with the handle replacement isnt a replacement. I agree with Michel in chat and that handle is far to thin for a solid non-flexing rig!
Why can i not record 4k120 powered by a bebob vmount 45?30 fps prores hq and 4k60 fps works but not 120
It's power output. If you don't supply sufficient power to the GH6, certain functions (like 4K120) are not available. The battery appears to have plenty of power (the GH6 native battery is 7.2V 2.2Ah, and your bebob battery is 14.4V/3.0Ah), so it must have to do with the V-mount itself. Are you using this Smallrig one? I just tested on mine and it's fine. I'm powering the GH6 via USB-C, which is outputting 9V from the FXLION battery. The GH6 does need its native internal battery in as well. Let me know what's different about your setup!
@PhotoJoseph Fantastic news! Seems i didnt do my homework well enough. Gh5s dummy dc converted to dtap. Its my dummy setup because im pluggin direct to battery. Is there a cable usb-c to dtap i can plug direct from vmount ptap to the gh6? Thank You so much for your response and knowelege on matters.
I’m not aware of a Dtap to USB-C. This is why I chose the FXLION, as it has the USB-C port built into it. And you’re right its’ the dummy batter that’s the problem. I don’t know if anyone has made a dummy batter for the GH6 yet? That would be the other way to go.
@PhotoJoseph Thank You Sir
@PhotoJoseph Kondor Blue DMW-BLK22 Dummy Battery to DC 1.35/3.5mm Coiled Cable (16 to 36") gonna try this as i believe is same as gh6 battery
Really loved this live stream.

Quick question: I usually run dummy battery to my v-mount batteries to plug into d-tap. Has panasonic mentioned whether or not you can fry the camera doing that? I plug into the smallrig v-mount plate adapter (the bigger version). I also run the monitor off of the v-mount as well.

The dummy battery I bought was the BLK-22 from Kondor Blue (so not a sketchy third party one).
@Caio Fernandes and the Kondor Blue one is regulated. So it's a regulated dummy battery
Yeah if it’s regulated you should be fine. Cables can be regulated too.
@PhotoJoseph thank you!
@Jeremy Pope-Levison hi there. Did you try the dummy battery out? Any luck? Thanks so much
@psysword yes I did. It worked great. I can power the monitor and the camera off of one v-mount
Hi PhotoJoseph,
Two small questions: I have a Tilta battery plate with 8V, 12V and 5V sockets with the same FXLion v-mount as you and which I connect by an 8V cable for my GH6. What dummy battery do you use on the GH6, (being able to close the hatch of the GH6), because when I put the one on my GH5 I can only access certain recording CODECS but not all?
2°: What is the brand of your small Video fluid head in your demonstration?
Thank you for this video full of instructions. Excuse my English, I'm French.
Actually you don’t need a dummy battery. Use USB-C! The GH6 can be powered over USB from the FXLION. And that little tripod head is also from SmallRig. If I didnt include it in the description I’m sorry
@PhotoJoseph Thank you very much for your quick response, but the usb-c cable is connected directly to the FXLion which is 12V? Or do you need a special cable?
@Air Cinetik the FXLion has a USB-C port that delivers enough power. Just a USB-C to -C cable is all that’s needed!
@PhotoJoseph Thank you so much for all.
Great live stream, I needed some of those answers for my rig!I

I have a question about powering the camera and monitor with the FX Lion battery. Do you feel there is any danger of frying the HDMI port in this set up?

A lot of people have had this problem with the BMPCC and other cameras. Have you run it this way without issues?

I’ve spoken at length with Panasonic about this. They haven’t had a single report in their Service center of this happening. I can only assume other manufacturers are using cheap parry’s? I’d always use regulated cables though. Unregulated are cheaper but you’re at risk.
@PhotoJoseph can you reply please with what a regulated cable is, and maybe an example?
I find it crazy that small rig has not paper work, instructions or mounting information what comes with the camera. I struggled my first night in a world of frustration. One would not know he must remove the camera straps and not even the master Joseph knew about the little mounting screw. It was a bummer my first night because of this. Why would a company do that?
It’s a great question. Thanks for the reminder, I’m going to ask my contact there now!!
I have a Smallrig cage for the Sony FX3 and ran into the same issue.. Had to look for youtube tutorial to understand how to mount it properly
The handle, that you were using is the SmallRig 3082 Top Handle for use with the Panasonic and Sony audio adapters. Might want to put that in your description.
Thanks… took me three weeks but I finally added the link!
You know it's live when the delivery arrives and PhotoJoseph H-A-S to receive it.
haha TRUTH!
@PhotoJoseph Having said that, also the SPEED and effiency with which those deliveries are handled on air. That is a good studio/work environment design. I would likely be "downstairs" and have to race around like a madman to get back to the show. You're doing something right.
heh, thanks… years and years of refinement!
There is definitely something weird going on with your visibility - I've been searching for GH6 topics several times (and trawling through many results), and only just saw one of your videos listed in the results. Might be to do with Sony or Canon investing in YT or something, who knows.
Oh great. Thanks for letting me know. I’m convinced youtube is trolling me. Hopefully you liked and subscribed to show that algorithm who’s boss!! 😁
Oh and did you see this one, too? GH6 and SmallRig — Rigging up your LUMIX GH6 with ALL the toys!
I agree with @fellowcitizen - i've been searching GH6 and smallrig for a few weeks and finally just saw this. Answered many, many of my questions, not least about the small screw stopping the frame from twisting, plus lots about add-ons. Glad I found you, subscribed :)
On the BGH1 for stream/studio use: Why not use BMPCC4k's ? I know the BGH1 has a great form factor, but there is better control with the Atem infrastructure for the BMPCC's.
There's better control on the BMPCC from the ATEM, but you can't control everything. With the BGH1, you can control every aspect of the camera via software. I go into great detail on this video
@PhotoJoseph Thanks. I'll have a watch of that.
Can the BGH1 also control the electric zoom lenses remotely ? The DJI and the BMPCC cameras can (as you know) and I find that a very useful feature.
They can, although if you’re constantly zooming in production it’s easier to do that in the BMPCC with the ATEM as it’s all in one interface. But if you want full PTZ control… well, make sure you’re subscribed because in about two weeks I’m releasing a video you’ll want to see!
I have the Smallrig V-mount plate and the PROtastic V-mount to NP-F battery adapter (so an adapter, that converts 2 NP-F batteries to a V-mount battery) and I can assure you, it locks in correctly. So that's most certainly an issue with the FXLion battery.
Or perhaps with my copy of the plate. SmallRig says they've tested with FXLION and it works fine. We are investigating, but it's great to hear that yours lock in fine! That little release button… is it meant to twist or anything? Or should the battery simply lock in, and that's it?
@PhotoJoseph no. It just needs a push. Nothing special. And I've had my Smallrig V-mount plate since January. Model 3497.
@PhotoJoseph Little follow up, since I got a HedBox V-mount battery today and that also clicks in perfectly and securely into the SmallRig V-mount adapter. It's really either a faulty adapter you have or something specific with your battery.
they are sending me a different version of the plate, and getting an FXLION battery to test. Either way the good news is that they’re on top of it!
Great live stream! And glad that we’ve figured out the HDMI cable issue.
Yeah, it’s still weird. The specs on blue kondor page don’t line up.
I haven’t seen provision for the audio adapter on the Black Mamba.
We talk about this multiple times in the show. What’s the question?
I didn’t realize I was watching a replay and thought I was entering a question into chat during the preshow.
ah 😊
Jo the second screw in camera is in wrong direction the head of screw must be inside
Yep, we figured that out later in the show!
You're talking about the top left little screw, that was in the cage before, right ? Came on here to state the same. That should probably be screwed in from behind.
it should and it is now… we figured that out later in the show
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