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Control your cameras over the network (for VIDEO) — LUMIX Tether

Photo Moment - July 09, 2022

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LUMIX Tether is a Panasonic app for controlling cameras over USB or for some cameras, a network. In this LIVE show we'll explore its capabilities on a network environment with a focus on VIDEO production. The app also works with USB connected cameras, and also has features for still photography, so if you want to see those let me know and I'll cover that in another live show!

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I have a S5IIX set to ethernet tether and connected via ethernet cable to my Mac. Can I transfer media from the card to the Mac this way? Or do I have to connect the camera to my router in order to transfer media?
@MattJewell yeah but it’s slow, TBH. It’s not ideal. Really designed for still shooting.
@@photojoseph Thanks! I’ve noticed if you’re live shooting and end the recording, it will ask you if you want to export to the PC, so that’s nice at least.
You can shoot tethered but you can’t access the SD card like a remote drive unfortunately
Anybody know how he threw the chat write in onto frame at 9:17 and all the following chat comments? I run some live streams for a guy with an atem mini extreme, would love to figure this out! Thanks ahead
@danielepperson2391 thanks for watching!
@@photojoseph wow! Man. Thank you so much for the reply! You’re a good man, thanks for all you do 👊🏼
It’s called Live Chat Overlay. Aaron Parecki made it:
Is there any run length distance on the USB ? I have an application where i need the cameras to be 100+ feet away.
@@photojoseph but will tether recognize them through the network?
Yeah USB can’t go that long with special cables (and even then I don’t think they go THAT long). You need Ethernet for this. Set up a network and wire those cameras at virtually any distance.
When I use the Lumix teather on my pc via ethernet and I transfer files, the transferrate is SOO slow it takes ~9 min for a 3gb file, larger files just time out sometimes very fustrating.
@@photojoseph Hi Joseph.. Yeah I've set it to memory card + pc as storage location, so when I record something it offers to transfer the file just generated, but its more like 10mbps but I suspect it was "designed" only with photo transfer in mind. I really wish you could access the files on the card via ethernet
Are you shooting video then transferring the files? To be honest I didn’t know that was even possible. It’ll do photos but even that’s slow. The spec isn’t published but I suspect the Ethernet connection is only 100mbps, so the math works out. It wasn’t designed for file transfer (much to my chagrin; if you watch my “5x BGH1” video that’s one thing I wish it did differently). Did you set it to transfer a file after every “photo”, and you’re waiting for a transfer after that?
Im looking at buying three S52Xs & love your Tether video! If I choose record to PC+Memory card with All Intra 800mbps to the computer, is there a way to choose a much lower rate file for the sd card? Or is it a default setting I have no control over? If so, what is that default?
I'd love to choose the lowest file size just to have reference audio off the SD card to sync with my Zoom F6 audio track. Please advise. Thanks!
@@photojoseph Thanks so much for the response!
I am trying to sort this out as I contemplate the cost of my switch from Sony's echo system.
It didnt occur to me that the PC+memory would be photo only.
The only reason I wanted a 2nd file to SD was to sync audio on the presumption I can record video through the computer to SSD.
HDMI recording solves that. But also costs an extra $1000 per camera for a Ninja V+ with a 2tb drive.

I am also wondering what ethernet switch you are using with your multi boxcam tether set up?
Thanks for everything!
Hey man. I’m a little confused. You can’t record video to the computer tethered over USB. The “PC + Memory Card” setting is for still photos. If you want to record dual copies of video, then you’d use the HDMI out, and record to whatever the recorder is capable of (usually ProRes or DnXHD), and record internally however you like. If you record to SSD over USB, then you can NOT simultaneously record internally. Likewise if you set HDMI to RAW output, then again you can NOT simultaneously record internally. Does that make sense?
I would really love to know what lenses you use on each camera.
Answered in another comment
Appreciate these videos!
@@LunchBoxLazers could be a bad cable or bad usb port. Other than that, no idea, sorry.
@@photojoseph Question. I always have issues with my PC recognizing my G9 when plugged in. I have to unplug it, take the battery out, several times then it all of a sudden recognizes it. It's on the tether mode in the camera. Is there any way to fix this issue?
Glad you like them!
I just bought an ATEM mini extreme ISO a few weeks ago and trying to decide on camera system to go with it. Just seeing your LUMIX demos just made me go nuts. Blackmagic cameras were in the running because the ATEM can control their color, iso, shutter, etc. Looks like these lumix cameras have that beat by an order of magnitude except it all has to be controlled by the PC.

Is there any chance that Blackmagic would make it so that the ATEM could control lumix cameras over HDMI with the hardware/software buttons? Or is that all proprietary communication API's in BMD's ecosystem?

I'm looking to setup a youtube shop for my mom who wants to do a sewing channel. I want to have the workflow as easy as possible with the option for more advanced producing (live) via the ATEM hardware/software buttons if my dad is willing to play producer from the corner or from another room.

My concern is that if he's in another room, he'd have to run a long HDMI run from one of the ATEM's two HDMI out's and switch what he sees through the software. Then if he's using black magic cameras, he could move the focus if needed. This setup with the lumix cameras looks like it'd be a tad more expensive but much more fleshed out.

The other option was to go with Canon DSLR or mirrorless cameras, set them to auto-focus, get the settings right for color, exposure, etc and never change them.

I'm not sure how much I'm gear geeking over these features and convincing myself to pitch BMD/these Lumix cameras because I think they're awesome vs that my parents would use these features. Am I better off pitching a few Canon Rp's if I'm content with HDMI to the ATEM and recording to external disk with the ATEM mini extreme ISO? I don't even care to record in camera since the ATEM recording seems sufficient.
Great video (and I’m now a new subscriber). I’m new to the BGH1 and I have a question. Is there a way to have the camera power up in a custom mode (in this case C4)? My BGH1 is used in venues where the power is switched off every day and at the moment, when the camera powers-up it defaults to P mode and I have to use the tether app to select C4 every day. It would be very helpful if the camera could be set to power-up in a custom mode. Is this possible?
Fascinating! That’s very cool. How many BGH1 cameras set up like this?
@@photojoseph It's the theatrical environment I use the camera in. The Mac Mini runs two specialised programs for documenting theatrical lighting, and it uses the lighting console ethernet network to trigger the applications. Those apps use the SDI feed from the BGH1. It's really quite simple and versatile. I only need a power outlet and an ethernet cable from the theatre or lighting team and I can hook up my BGH1/Mac Mini system.
Interesting! But why the Mac; wouldn’t it be a lot more affordable (and less prone to error) to just run SDI from the camera to a HyperDeck that you can keep within reach? Then run Ethernet to a switch and control all the cameras from a single computer?
@@photojoseph Thanks for the tip. I'll try and implement it tomorrow. My camera is set up in a theatrical environment where it was hung during the load-in and draws its power from the lighting system, which is switched off after the performance. It is quite difficult to access the camera so it gets hung once, and then removed at the end of the season, ready for the next venue. My setup includes a Mac Mini that I hang next to the camera. I take an SDI feed into the Mac Mini and the recording is done on software in the Mac. The BGH1 is also connected to the Mac Mini via USB-C and I remote into the Mac Mini to use the Panasonic tether software. The recorded footage is accessed via an ethernet network, or via VNC on the internet. It's a sweet setup!
Thanks, and welcome! Set up the camera how you want it (C4), then power off the camera with the power button. This will cause it to store the state in memory. Then when you power it back up, it’ll come up in C4. This should maintain even through a power reset, however why cut the power that way? It’s better the sleep the cameras through the Tether app and leave it getting constant power.
Hi. Enabling 'All Cameras' in LUMIX Tether, does that mean that if you control iso/exposure/aputure it will work on all cameras simultaneously?
Yes, at least for some of them. I don't know offhand exactly which commands you can execute across all cameras, but shutter speed/angle definitely works, so I think it's safe to say aperture and ISO do, too. And of course you can start/stop recording simultaneously.
This is the Tether app remote control over the network is good,
but when will the developers think that 3 potentiometers would be enough for us
1, focus
2. iris
3. iso
it could be some kind of USB gadget

it would be a great help for field work
or at least there would be a key shortcut for the Tether app
but there is none
why do we need mice?

and here I mention that the WIFI control is an elementary disaster, useless
it would be nice if these reached the developers
THX Dani from Hungary
I have a question as how to activate recording on a Ninja V using the record button a Lumix GH6. It works on my BGH1 but I can't seem to figure it out on the GH6. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
@@photojoseph Thanks!
You need to enable timecode out over hdmi. That has the start/stop signal. Makes no sense, I know!
Thank you for the effort, but there's too much babbling, please try and be more to the point and informative next time. Can't waste so much time on nothing...
wow gee thanks. You do know this was a live show right? Slightly different flow than a recorded and edited one.
Thanks for the video! Interesting "features" of youtube: for some reason it does not allow me to watch it on 4K on my TV (still it allows me to watch other youtube channels on 4K). I wonder, why.
I just checked Apple TV YouTube app and it’s 4K there 🤷
@@photojoseph yes, what is strange, I can also see 4K on my phone, but not on TV :) My TV is made by Samsung, OS is based on Android. I will try to sort out if they are not allowing 4K of all live broadcasts (and their records), maybe this is the case...
Odd; I see it in 4K on my phone. What TV platform?
Another great video. Thank you. If you would use USB and the tether software are there any limitations compared to using ethernet? Would be nice to have a YT live with USB connected cameras like GH5, GH52, GH6 to the tether software. I think a lot of people have those cameras instead of the BHG1… Would also be interesting to know how many cameras would work through a USB C hub or if there would be a bandwidth limitation.
Thanks for sharing!
Got a question:
When you enable “all cameras” in the app and press record, Will it be in sync? Wondering if they will share same timecode or be genlocked?
If not, would be nice to see also how to work with Atomos ultrasync one with multiple bgh1 only scenario on the set!
Many Thanks!!
No. The start/stop triggers them at the same time but it’s not designed to be frame accurate, and timecode is not distributed through Ethernet. It wouldn’t be possible to keep it in sync, due to the nature of networks. If you want timecode sync, yes using ATOMOS UltraSync is a great way to do it. If you haven’t already, check out my timecode video:
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