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ATEM Streaming Bridge LIVE Demonstration (LIVE Replay)

Photo Moment - December 01, 2020

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This is a replay of the LIVE show! I go live (new schedule!) every Tuesday 10am Pacific or Wednesday 9pm Pacific for a show of random chattering and meandering tech. It's a great place to get any lingering questions you have, answered!

(actual show starts around 9:00 — we inadvertently went live early! Ooooops)

In this episode, Aaron Parecki joined me LIVE via a Blackmagic ATEM Streaming Bridge, and we discussed in detail how it works!


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After watching different Tutorials and DIY's on how to use the
Streaming bridge to stream over the internet I have noticed one common
thread. None are streaming over the internet. Everyone stops the video
the minute they hit OnAir. Why? ... Because I suspect we are all getting
the same results when trying to stream over the internet. Numbers don't move the
buffer fills up and we have no stream over the internet. It works fine
over the LAN, just as described. You seem to be getting good results. Any chance you could direct me to a good tutorial or offer some advice? Are you streaming to the ATEM bridge or using you tube as the bridge?
I’ve now done this twice — this show and another (now a members only show) where I brought in two callers with two Bridges. Not sure what you mean by using youtube as a bridge but this works perfectly. It’s really fantastic.
Just also to say, the way Joseph says ‘interesting’ sounds exactly like Spock from Star Trek, which I have to say is a good thing!
Hi gents
Great show, Joseph mentioned at some point that you could stream to multiple places via Reastream whilst also recording all 5 ISO’s on the BM atem iso. Is this only possible if you also have the `streaming bridge?
Not at all… from the ATEM Mini Pro (or Pro ISO if you want to record ISOs), you would stream to instead of to youtube or facebook or anywhere else, and let restream distribute it to the other platforms. You used to have to modify a settings file to stream to restream, but now it's built into the ATEM like any other platform!
As a professional TV engineer of 16 years I can explain the reference input. The reference input will sync the Streaming Bridge to a switcher that does not have frame syncs built in, like the ATEMs do. The ATEMs are designed to internally sync any source you plug in because they are designed for home or "lower end" productions. Professional switchers designed for broadcast TV have 64 or 96 inputs and they don't usually have frame syncs on the inputs because that adds delay and cost, especially with 96 inputs. Also Zixi is a proprietary streaming algorithm built into some cameras and devices. It hasn't really taken off but we tried it at work and it didn't work well because it doesn't use multiple feeds for redundancy. If you want, I would love to join one of your streams as a guest.
That's awesome Jay, thanks for the information! Sure, I'd love to have you as our third guest when we do that show… email me via my website — thanks!
Bravo, that was awesome guys! Thank you. I’m glad you mentioned the Gh4 and YAGH. Your picture looked great. I also have a question about the sdi out of the YAGH that I’ve been struggling with. I don’t know much about sdi, but I’m wondering if there’s a converter that will take sdi out of the yagh, for an input into the computer. 1080p, 25fps here in Australia. Would it be an sdi to USB converter? Hoping to reclaim my Magewell capture card and provide a more secure sdi connection hopefully. Thanks for your time and any advice. Really Really appreciate what you do. Cheers mate- Andrew
Thanks Andrew and that's exactly right. The SDI to USB that I'm using is the Inogeni SDI2USB3 — according to amazon I bought mine in 2016 and while it's expensive, it was, at the time at least, one of the ONLY converters I could find that was compatible with every video chat platform I tried. Definitely shop around for a cheaper one, but I can definitely recommend this model.
Beautiful, thanks. Love your work
Wow. It is pricey 😳. Might leave my Magewell where it is for now 🤷‍♂️🙏
Great show guys! The audio and video quality was fantastic! I thoroughly enjoy both of your channels and I’m learning so much. 👍🏻👍🏻
Awesome! Thank you!
It's hard to tell any difference in quality from the cameras between Aaron's feed and Joseph.
However, there is a noticeable degradation in quality when viewing Aaron's chat overlay which is not as sharp.
Oh that's interesting… thanks!
That makes a lot of sense, generally video compression for YouTube is going to prioritize photos rather than sharp like art like text overlays so because I was sending my chat messages in my video feed it's going through the first stage of compression there. I probably could have cranked my stream up to 70mbit/s since my upload can handle that and Joseph's download can too and that would have helped
No more Echo
Lol...I have been watching you
My two Favorite people on YouTube in their respective fields
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